Full Cast & Crew - Stealth Edge (2017)
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Stealth Edge (2017)

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Taglines: Trained For Death... ...On Edge To Survive

Director: Derek Klanfer

Writers: Derek Klanfer, Chris Re

Stars: Aurora Grabill, Derek Klanfer, Rich Crowley, Chris Re, ...

Agent Evelyn Gretel is brought in to investigate the disappearance of Director Vincent Capello. But the only help she can get is through Agent Nick Random, whom worked for Vincent many years before. Yet more chaos is to arise when Nick learns that Vincent was in association with a rogue agent. This rogue agent is a national threat, given the experimental weapon he carries. This is the Sequel to OPERATION: FRIGGEN CROWE. Taking place 7 years later from that story.


Derek Klanfer (attached)


Derek Klanfer (written by)
Chris Re (additional material)


Derek Klanfer executive producer / producer


Aurora Grabill Evelyn Gretel
Derek Klanfer Nick Random
Rich Crowley Russell Graves
Chris Re Vincent Capello
Jason Best Harold Craver
Alexa Teebo Henrietta Thorne
Mark Cohen Conrad Arctic
Jason Best Harold Craver
Matt Smith Gerard LeFarve
Matt Smith Gerard LeFavre
Christopher Ouimet Dmitri Gorinsky
Justin Strazdas President Warren Washington
Justin Strazdas President Warren Washington
Chris J. Faria TV Host Alex Curran (as Chris Faria)
Kris Salvi Sean Petros
Dustin Teuber Agent Conan O'Brien