Icky (2019)
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Country: USA

Genres: Horror

Director: Reniel Bell

Writers: Genevieve Sipperley


A young family moves to a new home in a strange new town, upon their arrival they realize their impressionable daughter Bella, has created an imaginary friend in order to help her cope with the change of towns, and school. Her imaginary friend has an unusual name, Icky. While settling into their new place, Bella makes fast friends with three local kids. With very little coaxing, Bella convinces them that Icky is real. Her friends all begin to believe in Icky, almost as much as Bella does if not more. One night Bella's mother has what she believes is an interaction with Icky. Shocked by the strange paranormal occurrence, Bella's mother immediately demands Bella stop all interaction, and activities with Icky. Icky however has other ideas..