The Singer, MC and Veteran (2018)
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Country: USA

Genres: Drama

Director: Rafael Mercedes


Stars: Rafael Mercedes, To be Determined

One aspiring singer, Timothy Dallas, grows up wishing to one day find out who murdered his Father the day he was born. One aspiring MC, Mike Christopher Marquez, also known as MC M Grand, grows up wishing to one day find out who his father is. While Tim and Mike are fully unaware of each others existence. A U.S. Marine Veteran, Rafael Marquez, who is the Uncle of Mike and was best friends with Timothy's father, Jonathon Dallas. Returns home after serving nearly 30 years. Rafael joined the Marines as his way to escape the drug cartel he and Jonathon regret joining in the first place. He convinced Jon to do the same, but Jon didn't want to leave his wife, his unborn son, nor the city behind. While Rafael battles through Post traumatic stress disorder. He later convinces himself to stop hiding from the gang who's been after him for so many years, and start finding those responsible for the murder of Jonathon, and also searching the father of Mike. While doing so he reconnects with ...