Full Cast & Crew - A Day Like a Week (0)
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A Day Like a Week (0)

Country: UK

Genres: Thriller

Taglines: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...

Director: Kader Ayd


Stars: Armand Assante, Richard Sammel, Tom Sizemore, Tim Seyfi, ...

The film follows the interrogation of Stan Truman. He tells an interrogator a convoluted story about events that led him and his family to experience a mysterious night.


Kader Ayd


Charles Bietry associate producer
Veronique Bordier associate producer
Christian Fischele producer
Rachel Kelita Hirsh associate producer
Alexandre Piot producer
Jennifer Kennedy los angeles unit


Armand Assante Stan Truman
Richard Sammel Thomas Pressman
Tom Sizemore Philippe Duret
Tim Seyfi Arne Meyer
Jennifer Ann Massey Liz Butteron
Steven Bauer Alexander Santiago
Jimmy Jean-Louis Dimitri Fisher
Lauriane Gilliéron Emma Butteron
Karim Lasmi Abel Guerra
Miguel Maïa Flic
Bibi Naceri Ouvrier Cern
Joëlle Séchaud Marthe
Aksel Ustun Joe
Shari Watson Monica Summerset
Lee Delong Judge Berenger