Full Cast & Crew - In the Woods: A Red Riding Tale (2016)
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In the Woods: A Red Riding Tale (2016)

Country: USA

Genres: Fantasy

Director: Michael A. Isaacs


Stars: Katarina Leigh Waters, Aaron Hammond, Tyler Gallant, Mickey Faerch, ...

You know the story, You know the girl. Now; find out what happened once the fairy tale ended. In a land of fantasy and fables; The village of Crescenmoor is in disarray as mauled Bodies begin piling up as a Blood Moon approaches. A sheltered young woman named Lily lives in fear after surviving a horrific tragedy 10 years prior, a tragedy which would later be rewritten as the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. The arrival of a stranger changes everything and Lily soon finds herself in a tangled web of love and fear while being pursued by a vicious Killer. In the woods is more than a horror film, its a refreshing original twist on a classic tale which deals with the coming of age trials of a young woman. A horror film with Gore, Romance, and complex character development In the woods is the brain child of ambitious director Michael A. Isaacs, Based off an original concept conceived in childhood years. In the Woods is the first of a trilogy which spans decades, giving this twist on a ...


Michael A. Isaacs


Michael A. Isaacs producer
Kelci C. Magel line producer


Katarina Leigh Waters Claudine
Aaron Hammond Cabot
Tyler Gallant Tobar
Mickey Faerch Grandmother
Trevor Dow Emeric
Matt Holbrook Villager
Michael Kunselman Rylan
Bruce Van Patten Villager
Lucas Paz Pack Member
Denise Woelpern Lily / Red Riding Hood
Skye Daniels Villager
John Telfer Pack Member
Julie Raelyn Villager
Maia Knibb Arabelle
Schno Mozingo Aldous / The Woodsman
Calvin Blinkenberg Pack Member
Anthony Kiyoshi LePage Pack Member
KC Marie Pandell Elphie
Chase McGuire Villager
Natasha Landes Mirella
Nicholas Escasany Christian
Andrew Burnell Galeron
Tricia Brooks Tierney
Nicole Moorea Sherman Young Lily / Little Red Riding Hood
Gina Lee Seraphyn
William "Will" Daubert Baudryk
Evan Clements Conall / The Big Bad Wolf