Full Cast & Crew - Sunny Side Up (0)
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Sunny Side Up (0)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Director: Mike Melo


Stars: Hunter Davis, Samantha Marie Creed, Alexander Cook, Gail Sullivan, ...

While battling social anxiety disorder, a young funeral director takes refuge in a month-long self-imposed house arrest. His comfort is challenged by the curiosity of the girl next door.


Mike Melo


Luis Carvalho producer
Mike Melo producer
Cesar Pereira associate producer
Nelson Reis producer
Carlyne Fournier associate producer


Hunter Davis Gregory Samuel
Samantha Marie Creed Emma Poesy
Alexander Cook Harold Clancy
Gail Sullivan Mrs. Sullivan
Denise Lawrence Mary Glancy
Lance A. Williams Cashier
Alan Pelz-Sharpe Nathan Hendricks
William Galatis John Ferreira
Sheila Light Rhonda Frost
Cesar Rego Eugene Kindle
Mike Melo Ricky
Mary Wright Gregory's mom
Lin Hultgren Abigail Reece
Jack Shipley Keith Bailey
Paula Lauzon Neighbour #2
Leslie Trentalange Newscaster
Terrance McFadden Jr. Sydney
Alaina Gianci Pedestrian lady
Christopher J. Long Funeral attendee #1
Charles Quinn III Neighborgh #1
Mary Ann Hall Mrs. Kennedy
Joseph Oliveira Dude in the Bus
Paul Taft Funeral guest
Carlyne Fournier Bus Passenger
Monica Saviolakis Gloria
Jan Waldman Funeral attendee #2
Lisa Wynn Funeral attendee
Joseph Oliveria Dude In the Bus
Sissy O'Hara Hat Lady on the Bus
Kirsten Grimes Friend of deceased
Ron G. Young Bus Passenger
William Cheverie Bus Passenger
Kyle Viveiros Shopper #1
Chyna Pfeva Foster Bus Passenger
Wendi Elle Flanders Funeral Guest
Zafir Latessa Jogger
Amy Whalen Funeral attendee #3
Anthony Demings Bus Passenger
Richard Parrella Reporter (voice)
Marty Smith Funeral guest
Hannah Kate Perlberg Deceased's daughter
Harry Toole Bus Passenger
Peter Baribault Bus Driver
Abel Perez Bus Passenger
Heather Petro Widow
Richard Candido Store Employee #2
Stacey Oliver Store employee
Susan Waletkus Bus Passenger
Michelle Beresnitzky Shopper #2
Tanya M. Lynch Bus Passenger
Nicole Arruda Shopper #3
Philip F. Conway Funeral Home Employee
Maurice Andrew Toole Bus Passenger
Samantha Creed Emma Poesy (as Samantha Marie Creed)
Cesar Rego Eugene Kindle