Dva muzi hlásí príchod (1975)
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Genres: Comedy

Director: Václav Vorlícek


Stars: Jaromír Hanzlík, Jorga Kotrbová, Cestmír Randa, Dagmar Neblechová, ...

An only son, Jirí Valenta (Jaromír Hanzlík), has been drafted to the army. At the barracks he acquires the nickname Seamstress because he sews rugs in his spare time. One day, his friend introduces him to Julka Vávrová (Jorga Kotrbová), a girl he is desperate to get rid of. The naive Jirí falls in love with the girl and accepts her invitation to spend Easter together in the country. There he learns that the girl is the single mother of the young boy Martínek, whose father is the married tractor driver.