Full Cast & Crew - Siren City (2017)
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Siren City (2017)

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller

Director: Randy D. Shoemake


Stars: Randy D. Shoemake, Peter Calvin, Brian L. Parker, Randall J. Stephens, ...

Ethan, a man with a modern executive look, a mysterious history, but not all he appears to be, lands in a city for a contract job resulting in a journey of extraordinary exigent circumstances.


Randy D. Shoemake (attached)


Randy D. Shoemake producer
Tina Shoemake co-executive producer


Randy D. Shoemake Ethan / Vincent
Peter Calvin Doorkeeper Two
Brian L. Parker B.P.
Randall J. Stephens Randy Stephens
Daniel M. Knox Doorkeeper One
Buster Woodham Buster Stokely
Mallory Bryant-Gawne Jacqueline Gates
Prajwal Ramamurthy Cartagena Lugartenientes
Kara Rainer Jude
Daniel B. Davis Doctor White
Michael Crowe Special Agent 'Baxster'
Grey Acuna DPD Detective 'Grey'
Malique Webb DPD Detective 'Webb'
Matthew Hanahan The Youngster Hanahan
Anthony Whitehead Special Agent 'Holiday'
Gustavo Hernandez Chaparro The Kid Gustavo
Nicholis Spring Noah
Abigail Webb Special Agent 'West'
Hanna Hardy Anna
Aaron Maynard Special Agent 'Rossdale'
Elisabeth Page Special Agent 'West'
Mila McCoy Russian Spy
Peter J. Calvin Ferris (as Peter Calvin)
Shannon Houk Airport Pedestrian
Aaron Maynard Special Agent 'Rossdale'
JoAnn Talkington Airport Traveler