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Outlander (2008)

Country: USA, Germany, France

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Taglines: It destroyed his world. He won't let it destroy ours.

Director: Howard McCain

Writers: Dirk Blackman, Howard McCain

Stars: Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, John Hurt, ...

In 709 AD, in the Iron Age, a spacecraft crashes in the Viking kingdom of Herot, Norway, and the pilot Kainan survives. He turns the beacon on; learns the language and culture of the planet using a machine; and finds that the predator, Moorwen, that he was transporting, had escaped. While chasing the alien monster, he finds a village completely destroyed and is arrested by the warrior Wulfric, believing that he killed the locals - Kainan is brought to Herot as a prisoner.

70 | Ray Bennett

It's entertaining nonsense with major league special effects, larger-than-life characters and inventive monsters that draw on the "Aliens" and "Predator" models, being terrifying but also vaguely sympathetic.
Read More: The Hollywood Reporter

67 | Tasha Robinson

Surprise number one: It's smarter than it looks. Surprise number two: That doesn't entirely ruin it as an action film.
Read More: The A.V. Club

63 | Steven Rea

An enjoyably goofy hybrid of extraterrestrial sci-fi and Iron Age action, Outlander boasts a super-serious Jim Caviezel in the title role
Read More: Philadelphia Inquirer

50 | Derek Elley

Not helped by a wooden perf from Jim Caviezel as a humanoid alien who accidentally imports a real alien to eighth-century Earth.
Read More: Variety

50 | Roger Ebert

Outlander is interesting as a collision of genres: the monster movie meets the Viking saga. You have to give it credit for carrying that premise to its ultimate (if not logical) conclusion.
Read More: Chicago Sun-Times

50 | Michael Phillips

The nuttiest hunk of junk in many months.
Read More: Chicago Tribune

50 | Wesley Morris

By taking nonsense seriously Outlander never achieves camp. It's a comic book that's mistaken itself for scripture.
Read More: Boston Globe

50 | Sean Axmaker

If only Outlander was as fun as the premise makes it sound on paper.
Read More: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

25 | Rene Rodriguez

There isn't a single scene in this story about a traveler from another planet (Jim Caviezel) who crash-lands on Earth during the Iron Age that doesn't remind you of another, better movie.
Read More: Miami Herald

25 | Mick LaSalle

In its second half, Outlander falls apart completely, becoming nothing but a violent, mindless monster movie along the lines of "Alien vs. Predator."
Read More: San Francisco Chronicle

20 | Cliff Doerksen

Writer-director Howard McCain bids fair to dethrone Uwe Boll as the king of crap action flicks, and every second feels like time on the cross.
Read More: Chicago Reader