Goofs - Outlander (2008)
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Outlander (2008)

Country: USA, Germany, France

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Taglines: It destroyed his world. He won't let it destroy ours.

Director: Howard McCain

Writers: Dirk Blackman, Howard McCain

Stars: Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, John Hurt, ...

In 709 AD, in the Iron Age, a spacecraft crashes in the Viking kingdom of Herot, Norway, and the pilot Kainan survives. He turns the beacon on; learns the language and culture of the planet using a machine; and finds that the predator, Moorwen, that he was transporting, had escaped. While chasing the alien monster, he finds a village completely destroyed and is arrested by the warrior Wulfric, believing that he killed the locals - Kainan is brought to Herot as a prisoner.
While in the caves an area of partly exposed lava and steam is encountered. There has been no volcanic activity in mainland Norway for at least a few thousand years.
After the trap fails to kill the monster and the appearance of the baby one from the well, Kainan is seen pulling a bucket of blood red water from the well and pouring it on the side. When he then enters the well the water has no blood in it whatsoever.
After interrogating Kainan, Wulfric goes to a water trough to wash his face. In the background, a man is seen walking up to a campfire. When the camera angle changes, the man is not there and we see him walk towards the fire again.
When Freya comes face to face with the creature in the cave, saliva from the creature's mouth drops on her cheek. On the next shot we see her face is clear. Then on the next shot the creature's saliva is on her face again.
Boromir's tattoo when offering Kainan the mead is of a bears face, every other scene it is kind of like a bears paw.
When Kainan and co return back to the village after recovering the items Boromir inspects the horse cargo, which has no cloth covering it and taps the metal twice. As if by magic cloth appears and he lifts it to get a better look.
In the final credits roll, they have listed Gros Morne as a Provincial Park. This is incorrect, it is a National Park.
After only forging and short quenching the sword using the space metal it is both sharp and cold enough to be touched immediately after.
When surfacing in the Moorven's cave, Kainen can be seen lighting a torch with a flint, while he (and the torch) is still soaking wet. A wet torch cannot be lit, especially not with a flint.
The Christian missionary is a few centuries too early.
Boromir makes a reference to being stabbed with a fork. Forks weren't introduced to Northern Europe until at least the 18th century.
Andy Serkis appears at 23:14 as a Stable Hand, is killed at 23:23 but appears again in Shield Hall at 44:07 holding a shield for Wulfric.
Shield Hall is shown at the beginning of the movie built around a tree. During the shields competition the tree is shown in full leaf. This part of the tree wouldn't have leaves since there's no natural light.