Full Cast & Crew - Furious 7 (2015)
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Furious 7 (2015)

Country: USA, Japan

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

Taglines: Vengeance hits home

Director: James Wan

Writers: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson

Stars: Jason Statham, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, ...

Dominic and his crew thought they'd left the criminal mercenary life behind. They'd defeated international terrorist Owen Shaw and went their separate ways. But now, Shaw's brother, Deckard Shaw, is out killing the crew one by one for revenge. Worse, a Somalian terrorist called Jakarde and a shady government official called "Mr. Nobody" are both competing to steal a computer terrorism program called "God's Eye," that can turn any technological device into a weapon. Torretto must reconvene with his team to stop Shaw and retrieve the God's Eye program while caught in a power struggle between the terrorist and the United States government.


James Wan


Chris Morgan (written by)
Gary Scott Thompson (characters)


Vin Diesel producer
F. Valentino Morales associate producer
Neal H. Moritz producer
Samantha Vincent executive producer
Brandon Birtell co-producer
Michael Fottrell producer
Adam McCarthy co-producer
Amanda Lewis executive producer
Chris Morgan executive producer
Hiram Garcia consulting producer


Jason Statham Ian Shaw
Paul Walker Brian O'Conner
Dwayne Johnson Luke Hobbs
Vin Diesel Dominic Toretto
Lucas Black Sean Boswell
Michelle Rodriguez Letty Ortiz
Kurt Russell
Nathalie Emmanuel Megan
Jordana Brewster Mia Toretto
Djimon Hounsou Slim
Nathalie Kelley Neela
Ronda Rousey
Tyrese Gibson Roman Pearce
Tony Jaa Louie Tran
King East LA Thug
Bow Wow Twinkie (rumored)
Ludacris Tej Parker
Johnny Strong Leon (rumored)
Brittney Alger Jasmine
Anna Colwell Hot Teacher
Cody Walker
Caleb Walker
John Brotherton Sheppard
Janell Islas Nurse
Susan Santiago Nurse Santos
Roman Mitichyan Khalid
John Cenatiempo Korpi
Robert Pralgo 'Gods Eye' Tech
Andrea Torres Upscale Billionaire Party Patron
Ali Fazal
Bradley Bowen Business Man
Benjamin Blankenship Merc Driver #1
Ashley James Jessica
Andrew Ayala Anton Toretto
J.J. Phillips The Billionaire
Alan Boell Duncan
Euseph Messiah Operator #1
Claire Callaway Go-Go Dancer
Taylor McPherson LA Street Pedestrian
Sara Sohn Hana
Viktor Hernandez Doctor
Abigail Gamache Billionaire Party Guest
Kieran Rosevear Keith Johnson
James Bundy Jacob Peterson
Reece Purdy Simon Turner
Micky Francis Billionaire (uncredited)
Taylor Hall LA Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Roger Herrera LA Street Pedrestrian (uncredited)
Scott Oakley DSS Agent (uncredited)
Alyssa Veniece Upscale Billionaire Party Patron (uncredited)
Elsa Pataky Elena
Gal Gadot Gisele
Luke Evans Owen Shaw
Noel Gugliemi Hector
Sung Kang Han
Iggy Azalea Female Racer
Miller Kimsey Jack
Charlie Kimsey Jack
Eden Estrella Samantha Hobbs
Gentry White Letty's Fan
Jon Lee Brody Male Racer
Levy Tran Race Starter
Steve Coulter Priest
Antwan Mills Weapons Tech
Jorge Ferragut Dominican Priest
D.J. Hapa DJ
Faheem Najm DJ
Brian Mahoney Drone Tech
Romeo Santos Mando
Jocelin Donahue Advisor
Stephanie Langston Field Reporter
Jorge Luis Pallo Cop
Daniel McGraw Dubai Party Guest
Tatiana Bukhanova
Jose Abril Hector's Crew (uncredited)
John T. Belmont III Prison Guard (uncredited)
Dante Briggins Military Police (uncredited)
Sasha Casares Car Wash Bikini Model (uncredited)
Bryan Casserly Race Wars Attendee (uncredited)
Sandhya Chandel L.A. Nurse (uncredited)
Paul Chappell Japanese Art Dealer (uncredited)
Viviana Chavez Rosy (uncredited)
Catherine Chen Race Model (uncredited)
Dior C. Choi Han Lue Brother (uncredited)
Daniel Collins Funeral Attendee (uncredited)
Charles William Cook L.A. Street Guy (uncredited)
Scott Dale Door Gunner (uncredited)
Caitlin Dechelle Billionaire Bodyguard (uncredited)
Elena Diaz Foam Girl (uncredited)
Garrett H. Dumas Mercenary (uncredited)
Alfonso Flores Jr. Hector's Crew Thug (uncredited)
Alessandro Folchitto Special Forces Soldier (uncredited)
Frankie Fronk Frank LA Street Racer (uncredited)
Jaron Marquis Garrett L.A. Street Racer (uncredited)
Erick Garza Race Wars Extra (uncredited)
Jeff Matthew Glover Orderly (uncredited)
Marcus Goldfinch Barman - Abu Dhabi (uncredited)
Curtis Gordon SWAT (uncredited)
Alonso Grandío L.A. Street Racer (uncredited)
Danny M. Gray Business Man (uncredited)
Jermaine Salute Green British Special Forces Soldier (uncredited)
Ben Guppy Race Wars Patron (uncredited)
Brandon Michael Hale Security Guard (uncredited)
Yarett Harper Race War Fighter (uncredited)
Michelle Farrah Huang Dancer (uncredited)
Nelly Imame Race Wars Attendee (uncredited)
Kalon Jackson Prisoner Escort (uncredited)
Stephanie Tyler Jones Emirati Woman (uncredited)
Heather M. Kayal Race Car Girl (uncredited)
Patrick Kearns Race Car Driver (uncredited)
John Koyama Audi R8 Racer (uncredited)
Inder kumar Upscale Billionaire Party Patron (uncredited)
Dana Langshaw Twin Supermodel (uncredited)
Grace Langshaw Twin Supermodel (uncredited)
Jude Lanston Military Police (uncredited)
Vivian Yoon Lee Abu Dhabi Art Gallery Curator (uncredited)
LeJon Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
James Lewis Armed Guard (uncredited)
Adrian Lockett SWAT Team (uncredited)
Andrea Torres Lopez Upscale Billionaire Party Patron (uncredited)
Jazlynn Love Foam Girl (uncredited)
Tara Macken Bedroom Body Guard (uncredited)
Anthony R. McClara EMS Worker (uncredited)
Carla McCullough Administrator (uncredited)
Alex McGee Young Dominic Toretto (uncredited)
Rohain Mirza Middle Eastern Billionaire at Billionaire Party (uncred
Toneata Morgan Race Model (uncredited)
Shad Moss Twinkie (uncredited)
Karim Abu Naba'a Prince Karim (uncredited)
Carmelo Oquendo Mercenary (uncredited)
Chelsea Pereira Hot Car Washer (uncredited)
Zane Pittman Tuner Guy Funeral (uncredited)
Elizabeth Pollard Sexy Car Show Girl (uncredited)
David G. Robinson Specialist Firearms Officer (uncredited)
Vince Romo Hector's Crew (uncredited)
Zinnia Sayegh Race War (uncredited)
Jon Komp Shin Military Police (uncredited)
Cori Sims Turner (uncredited)
Mike Stevens Millionaire Party Guest (uncredited)
Callen David Stilphen Military Police (uncredited)
Joel Thayakaran Race Wars Racer (uncredited)
Klement Tinaj Race Wars Racer (uncredited)
Marina Voruz Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)
Terrence V. Walker Rouge Mercenary (uncredited)
Derrick Whitney Race Wars Racer (uncredited)
Shawn Wilson Race Driver (uncredited)
Denise Woelpern Cheerleader (uncredited)
Mitchell Yee Police Officer (uncredited)
Dior Choi Han Lue Brother (uncredited)
Bailey Pearson Modster (uncredited)
Shaker Sangam Prince Security
Eddie Briseño 'Thug' Hector's Crew (uncredited)
Lucky Harmon Soldier (uncredited)
Jasmine Hester Foam Girl (uncredited)
Marie Louise Smith Race Model (uncredited)
Andrea K. Torres Upscale Billionaire Party Patron (uncredited)
Miller Kimsey Jack
Jorge-Luis Pallo Cop (as Jorge Luis Pallo)
Shawn Alli Billionaire Prince (uncredited)
Alina Andrei Upscale Billionaire Bodyguard (uncredited)
Lindsay Croucher L.A. Club VIP (uncredited)
Lateef Crowder Upscale Billionaire Party Patron (uncredited)
Callen David Military Police (uncredited)
Brandon Dawson Race Wars racer (uncredited)
Jeff Glover Orderly (uncredited)
Marie Louise Race Model (uncredited)
Priscilla Quintana Foam Girl (uncredited)
Malerie Stanley Race Wars Fan (uncredited)
Sara Terho Car Wash Girl (uncredited)
Travis Wong Upscale Billionaire Party Patron (uncredited)
Tom Redd LA Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Samantha Miller Racing Flag Girl (uncredited)
Josh Turner East LA Thug (uncredited)
Brooklyn Murphy Homeless Lady (uncredited)
Melissa Verdugo Hot girl (uncredited)
Hélène Cardona French and British voices (voice) (uncredited)
Styles Taylor LA Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Johnny All-Day LA Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Sara Twin Feature Extra (uncredited)