Soundtracks - The Joneses (2011)
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The Joneses (2011)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Taglines: How Far Will You Go To Keep Up?

Director: Chris Tyrrell


Stars: James Shalkoski Jr., Stacey Cruwys, Amy Ulrich, Tony Wright, ...

For two couples - Ally and Mitch, and Paul and Suzanne - life seems to have turned out pretty well. They are neighbors with a deep friendship who engage in a bit of friendly competition. But anything goes in suburbia, and a healthy game of oneupmanship is soon overtaken by deliberate sabotage. Careers are targeted, marriages attacked. Even the furniture isn't safe. In the aftermath of neighborly rivalry, the players are left to pick up the pieces. Is there still a game to be won? Or can redemption be found? One thing is for certain: in a world where loving thy neighbor feels good, but being the best feels better, there are secrets to be uncovered... and indeed, keeping up with the Joneses can be hazardous to your health.
Vicious Times
by Tom Geiger
Next Train Outta Town
by Patrick Tyrrell
Can One Day Change Your Life?
by Tom Geiger
Dropping Out of School
by Brad Sucks
by Grimmski
When You're In Love
by Oh, That Patrick
Melancholy Song
by Oh, That Patrick
Wings of an Angel
by Vicky Ratcliff and Vivid Soul
Please, Icarus
by Matt Dahan
by DovEporTar
Open Your Heart
by Lsamusic
Won't Back Down
by Matt Dahan
by Grimmski
New Trend
by Matt Dahan
Familiar Sounds of a Night Alone
by Casey Pukl
Can You Feel Love?
by Matt Dahan
Would You Turn Away
by Premora
by A. Bird
by Matt Dahan
Feels Like Rain
by Josh Schicker
by 400 Hotels
by Matt Dahan
By Your Side
by Jack Shenker