Full Cast & Crew - The Joneses (2011)
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The Joneses (2011)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Taglines: How Far Will You Go To Keep Up?

Director: Chris Tyrrell


Stars: James Shalkoski Jr., Stacey Cruwys, Amy Ulrich, Tony Wright, ...

For two couples - Ally and Mitch, and Paul and Suzanne - life seems to have turned out pretty well. They are neighbors with a deep friendship who engage in a bit of friendly competition. But anything goes in suburbia, and a healthy game of oneupmanship is soon overtaken by deliberate sabotage. Careers are targeted, marriages attacked. Even the furniture isn't safe. In the aftermath of neighborly rivalry, the players are left to pick up the pieces. Is there still a game to be won? Or can redemption be found? One thing is for certain: in a world where loving thy neighbor feels good, but being the best feels better, there are secrets to be uncovered... and indeed, keeping up with the Joneses can be hazardous to your health.


Chris Tyrrell


Maura Butler associate producer
Stacey Cruwys producer
Mark DiSanzo associate producer
Chris Tyrrell producer


James Shalkoski Jr. Mitch
Stacey Cruwys Suzanne
Amy Ulrich Ally
Tony Wright Paul
Kevin Cirone Victor
Leila Girard Renee
Mark DiSanzo Todd
Johanna Gorton Jennifer
Alex Cheimets Mr. Garrity
Michael Culp Andy the Pizza Guy
Susan Wornick Maxine
Sari Gagnon Dina
Cindy Houle Vicki
Dan Schuettinger Stewart
Jane Reardon Danielle
Frank Tarara Ben
Monty Houghton Mr. Willis
Christine McFadyen Janelle
Tom Mariano Detective Ballantine (as Thomas Mariano)
Ken Flott Mr. Franklin
Lucy Y. Robinson Gail
Robert Hylen Jr. Waiter
Robyn Markcum Julie
Paul Carreaux Bill
Jeff Tidwell Reporter
Bobby Baldassari Masked Man
Scott Carney Military Man
Jack Burke Criminal
Stanley Cruwys Cameraman
Scott C England Cupid
Irene Ervin Realtor
Adam J. Freeman Yard Sale Shopper
Jim Freeman Yard Sale Shopper
Julianne Freeman Yard Sale Shopper
Linda K. Freeman Yard Sale Shopper
Alex Ghersi Pallbearer #1
Marsha Golden
Michael Knight Bar Patron
Brendon Parry Home Buyer #1
Diana Parry Home Buyer #4
Rob Parry Home Buyer #3
Mike Stewart Police Officer
Julia Taibl Judy
Valerie Tosi Intern
Pharrel Wener Cantor
Heejean Yang Home Buyer #2
Tony Ramos Wright Paul (as Tony Wright)