Full Cast & Crew - Walk of Shame (2014)
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Walk of Shame (2014)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: Awesome night. Epic aftermath.

Director: Steven Brill

Writers: Steven Brill

Stars: Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs, Sarah Wright, ...

Meghan Miles is a TV correspondent who works at a local Tv station. She gets an opportunity to work at a network. She goes home to celebrate with her boyfriend. Her friends show up to celebrate with her. But they find her despondent. It seems like her boyfriend left without saying good bye and the network is leaning towards someone else. Her friends convince her to go out and get drunk. They get her to put on a hot dress. She eventually gets so drunk that a guy offers to take her home but she prefers to go to his place. And she spends the night. When she wakes up she gets s call telling her that the network is reconsidering her so she has to go to work but her car was towed away and her wallet which in her purse is also in it. And she left her phone at the guy's place. She then finds herself wandering around downtown LA and runs into drug dealers and people think she's a hooker. So she has to find a way get to work. And even the police are after her.


Steven Brill


Steven Brill (written by)


Matt Berenson executive producer
Ted Gidlow executive producer
Sidney Kimmel producer
Gary Lucchesi producer
Eric Reid executive producer
Tom Rosenberg producer


Elizabeth Banks Meghan
James Marsden Gordon
Gillian Jacobs Rose
Sarah Wright Denise (as Sarah Wright Olsen)
Ethan Suplee Officer Dave
Bill Burr Officer Walter
Ken Davitian Cab Driver
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Scrilla
Alphonso McAuley Pookie
Da'Vone McDonald Hulk
Eric Etebari Biker Boy
Oliver Hudson Kyle
Jacob Timothy Manown Kid with Bike
Carol Mansell Charon
Bryan Callen Dealer
Tig Notaro Impound Woman
Willie Garson Dan Karlin
Erin Segal Gwen
Chris Conner Tommy
Liz Carey Jordan
Brandon Scott Josh
Ian Roberts Main Network Exec
Kevin Nealon Chopper Steve
Dan Callahan Young Producer
Jerry Minor Lt. Drier
Niecy Nash Bus Driver
Eve Brenner Old Lady
P.J. Byrne Moshe
Jordan Levenson Elder
Tonja Kahlens Ginger the Hooker
John Farley John
Richard Cabral Gang Member
Geoffrey Rivas Store Owner
Cindera Che Madame
Carolina Monte Rosa Kyle's Girlfriend
Sam Upton Cop
Vic Chao Shift Captain
Jacob Irving Cherry Male Intern (as Jacob Cherry)
Mason Pryor Lookout Kid
Anna Halprin Granny Bandit
Rebecca Brunk Meghans' Mom
Kate Mulligan Stage Manager
China Morbosa Bartender
Ann Marie Strucke Waitress
Donnie Smith Biker Boy Crew #1
Amie Dellavalle Station Employee
David Bortolucci Duke
Nilla Watkins Hooker
Amanda Young Julie
David Winston Barge Chuck Rogers
Gillian Vigman Female Blooper Anchor #1
Justin Smith Male Blooper Anchor #1
Ann Reilly Female Blooper Anchor #2
Cooper Thornton Male Blooper Anchor #2
Anna Bocci Female Blooper Anchor #3
Jay Montepare Male Blooper Anchor #3
Emily Wagner Female Blooper Anchor #1
Elizabeth Chomko Female Blooper Anchor #5
Rocky Russo Male Blooper Reporter #1
Keeshan Giles Male Blooper Reporter #2
Andrew Friedman Male Blooper Reporter #3
Steven Brill Male Blooper Lawyer
Jesse Erwin Prankster
Nick Barghini Kissing Couple (Man) (uncredited)
Mark Cirillo Charlie (KZLA6 Sound Tech) (uncredited)
Stuart Davis Solitary Jogger (uncredited)
Charlene May Jane Rain (uncredited)
Gary Sievers Hasidic Jew (uncredited)
Craig Taylor Drug Lord (uncredited)
Maggie Wagner News Station Executive (uncredited)
Michelle Winters Kissing Couple (Woman) (uncredited)
Nilla Elizabeth Watkins Hooker (as Nilla Watkins)