Season 6 - Snoop Dogg's Double G News Network (2011)
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Snoop Dogg's Double G News Network (2011)

Country: USA

Director: Alexander Tarrant, John Mazyck


Stars: Snoop Dogg, The Bishop Don Magic Juan, Andy Milonakis, Uldouz Wallace, ...

The Trailer Park Boys are guest stars on the show. An snoop Dog talk about moving to somerville trailer park.

Seasons:   2 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - Unknown

Season 6 Series:

30 Sep 2014
S6, Ep1 - GGN Little Dragon Lets the Fire Out & Who Ate Todd's Nuts?!

On this special episode of GGN, the Swedish band Little Dragon comes through to chop it up with Nemo Hoes about their newest album Nabuma Rubberband, how thirsty they are when they wake up and what movies make them cry.
07 Oct 2014
S6, Ep2 - GGN DJ Mustard & Snoop Just Wanna Party

On this episode of GGN, DJ Mustard chops it up with our anchor Nemo Hoes about his album 10 summers, about their new mixtape Hot Dogg wit Mustard and more.
14 Oct 2014
S6, Ep3 - Uncle Snoop Hosts the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards - GGN Exclusive

21 Oct 2014
S6, Ep4 - GGN Trailer Park Boys

The Trailer Park Boys finally make their way to the GGN desk to smoke trees with Nemo, talk about their movie Swearnet and repeatedly tell Randy to shut the FUCK up.
28 Oct 2014

Legendary producer/DJ Premier finally sits down at the GGN news desk. They talk about the PRhyme project with Royce Da 5'9. They talk about working together in the past and future. Preemo also touches on the possibility of getting back into the studio with Nas.
04 Nov 2014
S6, Ep6 - Hit Boy & Snoop Talk Hits & Troop on GGN

Hit Boy stops by the GGN desk to talk about his crew HS87, producing mega hits like Niggas In Paris & Clique, as well as the musical history of his family.
11 Nov 2014
S6, Ep7 - GGN Raven Felix & Snoop Talk Valley Girls

In this episode of GGN, artist Raven Felix comes through to chop it up with Nemo Hoes about her music career, coming from the Valley and more.
18 Nov 2014
S6, Ep8 - GGN Souls of Mischief & Adrian Younge

25 Nov 2014

02 Dec 2014
S6, Ep10 - GGN Stevie Williams

Professional skateboarder/entrepreneur drops by this week and talks about how he got started and a new clothing brand that follows his successful DGK line. Watch Nemo and the original "dirty ghetto kid" chop some real game on this week's GGN
09 Dec 2014
S6, Ep11 - GGN How to Be Kool - Snoop & the Kool-Aid Man

OOOHHH YEEEEAAAAH!!!! The one and only Kool Aid Man sits down with Nemo Hoes and gives it to us raw!
16 Dec 2014
S6, Ep12 - GGN Ray J & Snoop Relationship Gurus

On this special episode of GGN, cousin Ray J is back again to chop it up with Nemo Hoes about his show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The duo share valuable relationship advice about the finest of the finest.
23 Dec 2014
S6, Ep13 - "I Swear to Pops" Black Jesus - GGN

He walks on water, turns water into Hennessy and can strike you down with the wrath of pops. That's right ya'll, Black Jesus is in the muthaf*ckin house this week on GGN.
30 Dec 2014
S6, Ep14 - GGN 2014 Year in Review

That's right y'all. Another year of GGN in your brain. Check out the all star list of guests that stopped by to chop game with Nemo Hoes.
06 Jan 2015
S6, Ep15 - GGN Arsonal & Snoop Talk Kings of Battle Rap

On this first episode of 2015, battle rapper Arsonal Da Rebel stops by to chop it up with Nemo Hoes on the battle rap culture and why he's the God, not the King!
13 Jan 2015
S6, Ep16 - GGN Official Rap Battle Assassin!!!

As the premiere of Snoop's Gladiator School rapidly approaches, Nemo sits down with another battle rapper from the forthcoming project. Official talks about how she got started, who has influenced her and how she "kills bitches".
20 Jan 2015
S6, Ep17 - GGN BJ the Chicago Kid Sittin' in the Studio

BJ the Chicago Kid joins the short list of people that have been back on GGN for the second time. After the success of his feature on Schoolboy Q's "Studio", BJ talks about his current work.
27 Jan 2015
S6, Ep18 - K Camp Finds a New Way to Cut Her Off "Teleport" - GGN

This week on GGN, K Camp stops by to talk about the success of his single "Cut Her Off", as well as the release of his new project "One Way". He also shows us how to teleport in and out of precarious situations. All this and more on this week's GGN.
03 Feb 2015
S6, Ep19 - GGN on a Tuesday with I Love Makonnen

We got GGN "going up on a Tuesday" with ILoveMakonnen. He humbly talks about the success of Tuesday, working with Drake and more on this week's episode of GGN
10 Feb 2015
S6, Ep20 - Ab Soul & Snoop GGN

The Black Lip Pastor Ab Soul stops by GGN and covers just about everything with Nemo. They discuss his latest projects, TDE and much more on this weeks GGN
17 Feb 2015
S6, Ep21 - GGN Sal Masekela, Action Sports & Fela Kuti

This week on GGN Sal Masekela drops by to tell us how he got into extreme sports commentating, offers Snoop surfing lessons from one of the best to ever do it (Kelly Slater), and watches Maria Carey get isolated during a performance... all this and more on this weeks GGN
24 Feb 2015
S6, Ep22 - Jhene Aiko Don't Need You... GGN

First of all... Jhene Aiko don't need you so don't get any funny ideas. She stops by the GGN desk to talk about the international success of her laid back, expressive, emotional music. Her and her daughter got girl scout cookies for y'all and a whole lot more on this week's episode of GGN
03 Mar 2015
S6, Ep23 - How Pharcyde Met J Dilla & Snoop GGN

On this special episode of Doble-G-Noticias, Imani and Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde meet up with their longtime friend and favorite host Finding Nemo aka Nemo Hoes. Nemo explores The Pharcyde's early days as dancers, working with Spike Jonze, J Dilla & Q-Tip, and Jermaine Jackson's hair.
10 Mar 2015
S6, Ep24 - Will I Am Is the Next Ironman - GGN 200th Episode

This week Will.I.Am stops by to talk about his musical journey from his roots in the NWA (Eazy E) camp to Black Eyed Peas fame. Now he's a philanthropist and future super hero.
17 Mar 2015
S6, Ep25 - GGN Hanni El Khatib

Hanni El Khatib stopped by GGN to talk about socks, music, and most importantly weed.
24 Mar 2015
S6, Ep26 - GGN Regular Basis

This episode is dedicated to the regular guests of the show over the past few years. Sit back and look at some of the greatest moments from 4 of our reoccurring guests on GGN
31 Mar 2015
S6, Ep27 - GGN Freestyle Sessions

This episode is dedicated to all of the emcees that have stopped by the GGN desk and spit a freestyle with the Nemo Dogg.
07 Apr 2015
S6, Ep28 - GGN Best of Stormy Fronts

This week on GGN we take a journey into some of the most memorable clips from one of your favorite parts of the show... STORMY FRONTS!
14 Apr 2015
S6, Ep29 - GGN Best U-bitch-U Videos

This week we take a look back at all of the best U-bitch-U videos Nemo and guests have watched over the years.
21 Apr 2015

Here are some of our funniest moments revolving around what some may consider (besides Nemo himself), the very backbone of the GGN. Enjoy this weeks look back at some of our best stoner moments!
28 Apr 2015
S6, Ep31 - Jamie Foxx GG N-Word (Full Interview Coming Soon)

In this first look at the upcoming full length Jamie Foxx interview, Jamie and Snoop take both a serious and light hearted look at the contemporary use of the "N-Word". When is it OK? When is it not OK? The ongoing cultural quandary is addressed in this weeks GGN
05 May 2015
S6, Ep32 - The Ladies of GGN

This episode is dedicated to the lovely ladies that have stopped by GGN over the past few years.