Sanitka II (2013)
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Country: Czech Republic

Genres: Drama

Director: Filip Renc

Writers: Ivan Hubac

Stars: Jirí Dvorák, Jaromír Hanzlík, Dagmar Havlová, Zlata Adamovská, ...

Continuation of the series about the emergency medical service which was highly popular in the 1980s, featuring some of the original characters - for instance doctor Jandera, his great love Eliska, and brother Jarda with his girlfriend Alzbeta. They are just "somewhat" older, and have plenty of personal and working experience which they are more or less managing to put to use. And there are other, completely new figures appearing in the thirteen episodes about the emergency services of today. The task the paramedics fulfill is the same as years ago, but what has changed are the times, the people and their relationships, bringing many surprising situations full of suspense.

Seasons:   1