The Steph D Show (2014)
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Country: USA

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Talk-Show

Taglines: The show that has people promulgating flabbergasty!

Director: Joey Christopoulos

Writers: Joey Christopoulos, Stephanie Danielson, Dan Sanders-Joyce

Stars: Stephanie Danielson, Dan Sanders-Joyce, Joey Christopoulos, Michael O'Hearn, ...

The Steph D Show is the wild and frenetically funny scripted Sketch Comedy Talk Show that has people truly promulgating flabbergasty. Starring the adorably corrupt, Steph D, The Steph D Show is a satircally bizarre series unlike anything you've ever seen. Join Steph D each week for another adventure as she interviews her carnival of friends, celebrity guests, and original characters. Always flanked by her BFF and transcendent party boy Edward Fortyhands, Steph D is never a stranger to just a little bit of trouble. So hang on, this laugh a minute show might have you scratching your head. And also wanting more.