Season 1 - Celebrity Style Story (2012)
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Celebrity Style Story (2012)

Country: Canada

Genres: Reality-TV

Director: Sheila Rae, Carey Roberts

Writers: Jay Brown, Renu Chandarana, Maia Eyre, Jason Lewis, ...

Stars: Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Jennifer Lopez, Shawn Hewson, Jenny Steele, ...

A stylish look at what all your favourite celebrities are wearing.

Seasons:   1 - 2

Season 1 Series:

07 Jul 2012
S1, Ep1 - Jennifer Lopez

From getting her start as a "Fly Girl" on "In Living Color" to climbing to the top of the music and box office charts, Jennifer Lopez has done it all. She's not afraid to take risks, as witnessed by her jaw-dropping Versace dress on the 2000 Grammy red carpet. Her movie and album releases may come and go - but J-Lo will never go out of style.
08 Jul 2012
S1, Ep2 - Sarah Jessica Parker

In the '90s, Sarah Jessica Parker was typecast as the style-savvy sex-kitten, but her off-screen fashion sense was non-existent. That changes when she gets cast as the ultimate fashionista Carrie Bradshaw on "Sex and the City". The 'naked dress' she wears on her first date with Mr. Big gives us our first glimpse at her daring style.
21 Jul 2012
S1, Ep3 - Angelina Jolie

As the daughter of Oscar winner Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie went through a rebellious phase that saw her wear nothing but black. But this goth queen soon lightened up, and became red-carpet royalty. And when she stole the sexiest man in Hollywood - Brad Pitt - away from Jennifer Aniston, 'Brangelina' was born. As a mom of six, she's not afraid to go out on a limb, as witnessed by her infamous pose on the 2012 Oscars red carpet.
22 Jul 2012
S1, Ep4 - The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grow-up on "Full House" and became mini-moguls before most kids finish high school! They inspired the 'boho chic' trend with flowy skirts, and over-sized sunglasses.. In 2007 they were embraced by the fashion elite at the CFDA Awards, wearing sleek and sexy designs from their own successful fashion lines "Elizabeth and James" and "The Row."
29 Jul 2012
S1, Ep5 - Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz grew up in Long Beach, California and being a surfer influenced her sense of style. She can go from swimsuit, to dressy casual to red carpet ready in a one day! This "Charlie's Angels" cute kicks butt on- screen, and at a premiere, she's not afraid to mix it up with a designer dress with a necklace used as belt!
05 Aug 2012
S1, Ep6 - Halle Berry

Halle Berry was a prom queen who never got tired of wearing tiaras. She was crowned Miss Ohio, and was first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant. In just a few short years, she transformed from beauty queen, to model to actress. She dressed down to win an Oscar for "Monster's Ball" and then emerged from the surf like an underwater goddess in "Die Another Day." This pretty lady has a license to thrill!
12 Aug 2012
S1, Ep7 - Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's our favorite girl-next-door but she's not always a favorite on the Best Dressed Lists. Early in her career, this "Speed" heroine was a victim to 90's and was thrown under the bus for her fashion mishaps. By 2010, she was scoring some major style points by wearing a silver Marchesa gown to the Oscars. That night, she added Oscar gold to her silver. And despite being blindsided in her marriage, Sandra has always come out on top.
19 Aug 2012
S1, Ep8 - Michelle Willliams

From "Dawson's Creek" to pixie chic, this former bad girl turned A-list star has both talent and style to thank for her success. Michelle Williams burst onto the scene in 2006 when she was nominated for an Oscar after playing a forlorn small-town wife in "Brokeback Mountain." Though she did not win for her acting, her Vera Wang mustard color dress was an absolute hit. After making a few fashion false starts, Michelle captured the attention of the fashion elite with her vintage style and demure, cutesy looks.
26 Aug 2012
S1, Ep9 - Kim Cattrall

May 12, 2008, Kim Cattrall rocks a siren red gown with geometric designs by her fashion hero Vivienne Westwood to the world premiere of the Sex and the City movie. For women over 50 the dress sets the bar for sexy. But Kim's signature style with bold colors, deep vees and sexy slits didn't happen overnight. It took 20 years, the help of costume designer Patricia Field and the confidence of her cougar character Samantha Jones to cement Kim's look. This is the Celebrity Style Story of Kim Cattrall.
02 Sep 2012
S1, Ep10 - Julia Roberts

Julia's big style moment was early in her career when she starred as the iconic hooker-turned-hottie in "Pretty Woman." Designer Marilyn Vance put her in a floor sweeping off-the shoulder scarlet red form fitted dress, long white gloves and a diamond and ruby necklace. Julia claims that she is not a fashion risk taker. However in her style story, we see Julia occasionally step out of her comfort zone and give everyone "Something to Talk About."
09 Sep 2012
S1, Ep11 - Kate Hudson

As a second-generation movie star, Kate Hudson has embraced her mom Goldie Hawn's exuberant and free-spirited sense of style - especially when it comes to maternity wear! At the Venice premiere of her movie "Le Divorce" Kate bares her baby-bump in Chanel and kicks open the door to red carpet maternity chic. Maybe blondes do have more fun!
16 Sep 2012
S1, Ep12 - Drew Barrymore

From wild child to flower child to America's sweetheart, Drew Barrymore's style journey has taken many twists and turns but the quirky star has always stayed true to her funky roots and playful nature. When she shows up at the premiere for her film "Whip It," this director-diva takes it to a new level of creative couture in Alexander McQueen, proving that this super starlet will always think outside the fashion box.
23 Sep 2012
S1, Ep13 - Reese Witherspoon

30 Sep 2012
S1, Ep14 - Demi Moore

07 Oct 2012
S1, Ep15 - Nicole Kidman

14 Oct 2012
S1, Ep16 - Lindsay Lohan

14 Oct 2012
S1, Ep17 - Madonna

21 Oct 2012
S1, Ep18 - Julianna Moore

28 Oct 2012
S1, Ep19 - Beyonce

04 Nov 2012
S1, Ep20 - Jennifer Aniston

11 Nov 2012
S1, Ep21 - Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson first came to our intention as a plucky 13 year-old in "The Horse Whisperer opposite Robert Redford. She quickly blossomed into a curvy starlet with a keen fashion sense. From young adult grunge-wear to Dolce and Gabbana, Scarlett has become an advocate for women to love their bodies, no matter what their shape.
18 Nov 2012
S1, Ep22 - Jessica Alba

Jessica's big break came when James Cameron cast her in the sci-fi TV series "Dark Angel." Glorified for her beautiful body and girl next-door looks, Jessica landed several big budget Hollywood roles and played the sexy girl - but she always longed to be taken seriously. With a stunning fashion sense and stable family life, Jessica became a designer's muse, a best-dressed actress on the carpet and a fashionable yummy mummy.
25 Nov 2012
S1, Ep23 - Brad Pitt

Since steaming up the screen in the early '90s, Brad Pitt has always been one of the sexiest men on the planet. When he rocked a beat up red leather jacket in the movie "Fight Club" he was the guy every girl wanted - and every guy wanted to be. A few high profile relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie combined with a wide range of roles have contributed to his ever-evolving style.
02 Dec 2012
S1, Ep24 - Faith Hill

Faith Hill is a Grammy-winning singer with a heart of gold. Whether she is dusting off her boots or accessorizing her couture, this country music star is just as comfortable in the world of pop. From down-home country cutie to the queen of crossover couture, Faith ditched the farm-town fug and sang her way to style.
16 Dec 2012
S1, Ep26 - Oprah Winfrey

For 25 years, Oprah Winfrey ruled the daytime airwaves as the number one talk shot host in North America. With her own media empire, she truly is the queen of the airwaves! As a mentor and style icon to millions of woman, Oprah feels the responsibility to be a role model when it comes to body image. From talk show queen to becoming one of the most talked-about celebs, Oprah knows how to keep the attention focused squarely on her.
16 Dec 2012
S1, Ep27 - Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek stunned fashionistas and red carpet regulars when she hit up the 2003 Oscars in a gorgeous two-tone Carolina Herrera gown. This style moment was a big step up for this lovely Latina who got her start as a buxom beauty on the Mexican soaps. By the time she married a man with connects to Gucci and Yves St. Laurent, she had her style situation seriously locked down. Bringing curvy to couture, Salma easily went from hot to haute.
23 Dec 2012
S1, Ep28 - Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is a star with staying power. Women fell in love with him in "The Notebook" but after the movie "Drive", their pulses were sent racing! Pushing boundaries on screen has garnered him several nominations and awards, and pushing the limits of masculine fashion has made him Hollywood's It-Boy.
30 Dec 2012
S1, Ep29 - Kelly Osbourne

After a few trips to rehab and a stint on Dancing with the Stars, Kelly Osbourne has cleaned up, slimmed down and gone full-on fashionista. With a gig on "Fashion Police" ensuring her place in the style spotlight, she can finally put the long line of fugly, fashion faux pas behind her.
06 Jan 2013
S1, Ep30 - Kim Kardashian

Born into big bucks in Beverly Hills, Kim first became famous for having famous friends. But after years of attracting the spotlight, she has become one of the most high profile celebrities and style icons of all time. Kim has parlayed her sex appeal and fashion sense into cold hard cash by marketing herself, her family and her brands with the help of reality television, the Internet and her dangerous curves.
13 Jan 2013
S1, Ep31 - Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson may not know the difference between chicken and chicken-of-the-sea, but don't label this buxom beauty as a dumb blonde! She has a keen eye for fashion when it comes to designing for her down-home fans. The Jessica Simpson Collection raked in $750 million in 2010 alone! She knows what looks good on her and her faithful legion of female fans.
20 Jan 2013
S1, Ep32 - Charlize Theron

In 2004, Charlize Theron won the Oscar for "Monster" in a beaded, metallic Gucci gown by Tom Ford. She is the epitome of beauty - even though she wins for a truly ugly role. From an ultra-sexy supporting star to a killer lead in couture, Charlize is a risk taker who isn't afraid to go fug-tastic on screen, and fashion-forward on the red carpet.
27 Jan 2013
S1, Ep33 - Mila Kunis

After "Black Swan" Mila Kunis made the transition from TV brat to movie star. Her look on the red carpet has garnered even more attention. From 70s television diva, to classy ballerina, to A-list romantic comedy star, Mila's refined looks and unique talent have made her Hollywood's "It Girl" with both directors and designers.
03 Feb 2013
S1, Ep34 - George Clooney

George Clooney brings back the tux and cements his place in fashion history as a suavely styled career criminal in "Ocean's Eleven." With a look this sharp you can almost forget his saggy-baggy start in '80s sitcoms. Now George rolls to the red carpets dressed in super sweet suits with a sexy parade of arm-candy.
17 Feb 2013
S1, Ep36 - Anne Hathaway

Just like her character in "The Princess Diaries," Anne Hathaway has led a fairy tale life, with a giant fairy-tale makeover! She has successfully made the transition from teen star to adult roles, but not without a few bumps along the way. Whether it's rocking Chanel in "The Devil Wears Prada" or rocking Armani and Gucci at Hollywood premieres, Anne is a favorite with fashimites and audiences alike.
24 Feb 2013
S1, Ep37 - Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman went from a precocious child star to an Ivy League A-lister who's smart about her style. Her eerie but epic performance in "Black Swan" sets this brainy-beauty apart as an award-winning style star. At the 2010 Oscars, Natalie's eye-popping Rodarte makes an epic style statement.
03 Mar 2013
S1, Ep38 - Kiera Knightley

Early in her career, Keira Knightley was tagged as "just another pretty face." And her midriff-baring, borderline trashy style did nothing to prove otherwise. But as her choice in movie roles matured, so did her wardrobe. Her emerald green dress from "Atonement" goes down in fashion history as one of the best movie costumes of all time. And we can't forget the lovely Brit who filled it out!
10 Mar 2013
S1, Ep39 - Ryan Reynolds

He's played three superheroes in movies, so he has to look the part! Ryan Reynolds earned his chiseled physique with a strict workout regime. But what makes him irresistible to women is his sense of humor and self-deprecating attitude. And being People's Sexiest Man Alive doesn't hurt either!
17 Mar 2013
S1, Ep40 - Robert Downey Jr.

The "Iron Man" suit Robert Downey Jr. wore in the 2008 film was a symbol of strength. It also represented his Hollywood comeback. From bad-boy to unemployable addict to leading man, Robert has had one long, hard journey but he has always maintained his sense of playful, boundary-pushing fashion.
24 Mar 2013
S1, Ep41 - Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is America's greatest living actress. Period. In her first five years on the silver screen she bagged two Oscars, but her red carpet style was trapped somewhere between boho and hobo. Her oversized shirt/skirt combos ballooned in size through the '80s and her penchant for pantsuits meant some bad blazers. She wowed audiences and critics and surprised herself by continuing to get great parts after turning 40 - the age when most women in Hollywood disappear. Still, while she was racking up a record number of Oscar nominations, she looked like she was ...
31 Mar 2013
S1, Ep42 - Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise went from the boy next door sliding down the hallway in an Oxford shirt and tighty-whities in "Risky Business" to becoming Hollywood's most powerful actor. His popularity and power have endured through three failed marriages, the occasional box office flop and one eyebrow-raising couch jumping incident. But with a long-standing relationship with Giorgio Armani, Tom is the epitome of cool on the red carpet.
07 Apr 2013
S1, Ep43 - Justin Bieber

From a gifted Canadian kid with a serious lack of style, to Usher's fashion savvy tween protégé, Justin Bieber has ditched the basic boy ball caps and You-Tubed his way to swaggification. This teen superstar has proven that what he lacks in years, he more than makes up for it in style!
14 Apr 2013
S1, Ep44 - Tina Fey

This fiercely funny lady has gone from the geeky girl in the "Saturday Night Live" writers' room, to the hottie with the sense of humor on the red carpets. Tina Fey has the perfect blend of brains and beauty to go from goofy to gorgeous!
21 Apr 2013
S1, Ep45 - Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio was born to entertain and it didn't take long before he was landing parts on television and in movies. With maturity came more complex roles and along with this, a better sense of fashion and style. Playing Howard Hughes in "The Aviator" gave Leo the style kick-the-pants he needed to start appreciating fine clothes. After that, there was no stopping Leo's rise in Hollywood and his ability to seamlessly take on a character's personality and style.
28 Apr 2013
S1, Ep46 - Justin Timberlake

He's an award-winning singer, actor, and highly successful clothing designer. From Mouseketeer to pop icon, Justin Timberlake brought sexy back when he struck out on his own and created a signature look that made him the object of every woman's desire.
05 May 2013
S1, Ep47 - Britney Spears

After a brief tenure in the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Spears burst onto the pop charts in 1999 on the back of the international hit "Baby, One More time." Her fresh-faced look and less than subtle Lolita sex appeal insured she was a cross-over phenomenon as she moved from pig tails to figure-hugging red carpet wear. Never one to shy away from showing off her toned tummy, the mini-Madonna showed off a lot of skin, whether it was a low cut V, a micro-mini or in many cases both. And if that wasn't revealing enough, she could strip down to bra and panties to sex up her ...
12 May 2013
S1, Ep48 - Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell got his big break in Hollywood in the low-budget war drama "Tigerland." Director Joel Schumacher liked the Irish born actor's rugged looks, and he opened doors in Hollywood for him. Colin came busting through that door taking whatever roles he could get, partying hard, and playing hard with the ladies. He paired his smoldering good looks and reckless abandon with designer duds - making him an irresistible combination.
19 May 2013
S1, Ep49 - Blake Lively

In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel toasted their newest "It" girl Blake Lively. Blake has worked her fash-cred all the way to the crowning glory of being the face of Chanel. From the self-styled starlet on "Gossip Girl" to becoming a brand ambassador, Blake is a stylicious muse!
19 May 2013
S1, Ep50 - Emma Stone

In 2012, Emma wowed the crowed at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in a custom made gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. In just five years, she has become one of the hottest and most stylish actresses in Hollywood. From a "Superbad" side-kick with a total lack of style, to Spiderman's sweetie in custom couture, Emma laughs her way to fashion domination.
02 Jun 2013
S1, Ep51 - Gwyneth Paltrow

From a free-spirited fashion experimenter to a streamlined superstar in custom couture, Gwyneth Paltrow has conquered acting, singing, lifestyle blogging and motherhood. People Magazine named her the "Best Dressed Woman of 2012" - a title she truly deserves! From her "mommy and me" teen looks to her body-baring red carpet wear, Gwyneth tapped into the talents of high-end designers to become the reigning queen of couture.
09 Jun 2013
S1, Ep52 - Zooey Deschanel

She's hardly the "New Girl" when it comes to fashion! From the quirky cute girl next door, to a vintage-style vixen, Zooey Deschanel proves that when the right amount of quirky meets couture, it can really get a girl noticed.
16 Jun 2013
S1, Ep53 - The Women of E!

Giuliana Rancic, Chelsea Handler and Joan Rivers are the ladies that put the celebs on the hot seat - and they look great doing it! Whether it's interviewing the hottest stars, dishing on the latest Hollywood gossip or glamming it up on the red carpet, these ladies are at the top of their game!
23 Jun 2013
S1, Ep54 - Emily Blunt

When Emily Blunt was in high school, she called her style "questionable, schizophrenic, and garish!" After getting a crash-course in fashion thanks to her scene-stealing role in "The Devil Wears Prada," she's stepped up her fashion game. With her gorgeous husband John Krasinski on her arm, there's no stopping this gorgeous Brit.
30 Jun 2013
S1, Ep55 - Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel got her start playing a reverends daughter on TV's "7th Heaven." After some sexy shots in a men's magazine, she morphed into a butt-kicking babe in action flicks. Her star rose even higher with a hot hook-up with Justin Timberlake. From a squeaky clean teen to a sexy action chick, Jessica became one of the most desirable women in Hollywood by showing off some serious skin.
07 Jul 2013
S1, Ep56 - Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp became a teen heartthrob on 21 Jump Street in the '80s and spent the rest of his career fighting it. He tried to sabotage his success by playing unconventional parts and freaking some effed-up fashion on the red carpet. It didn't work. Not only did Depp headline one of the biggest film franchises of all time with Pirates of the Caribbean, his rebellious, retro-inspired, accessory-heavy signature style has made him a fashion icon. From reluctant, scruffy sex symbol to confident, style superstar this Celebrity Style Story belongs to Johnny Depp.
14 Jul 2013
S1, Ep57 - Kristen Stewart

With her vampire-loving turn in "Twilight" Kristen Stewart became the envy of teenage girls everywhere! From a grungy tomboy with a major 'tude to a fashionably fierce starlet with an edgy style, Kristen took Hollywood by storm with a mega successful franchise and epic designer hookups.
21 Jul 2013
S1, Ep58 - Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson went to the school of hard knocks. Her talent took her from Chicago's south side to the "American Idol" stage. Jennifer crashed and burned but rose from the ashes to a recording deal and Oscar winning performance, only to be struck down again by a family tragedy. From the mean streets of Chicago to red carpet glory, Jennifer Hudson is a delicious diva with an iron will.
28 Jul 2013
S1, Ep59 - Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is the youngest actress ever to be nominated for six Oscars, and she finally took home the statue in 2009. Whether she's on the red carpet or promoting a film at a festival, Kate's fashion always compliments her curves. She's an advocate of looking normal - not airbrushed and flawless. Kate has gone from being a young and quirky British actress to an elegant Hollywood A-lister. As she climbed the ranks in Hollywood, so did her personal style.
04 Aug 2013
S1, Ep60 - The Kardashians

The first family of reality television took a half-hour show and turned it into an epic empire. From Mom-ager Kris to Baby Mason, the entire Kardashian clan knows how to work it. With their dark features, killer curves, signature style and dysfunctional relationships, the Kardashian ladies and their men are a billion-dollar brand.