Zivot a doba soudce A. K. (2014)
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Country: Czech Republic

Genres: Drama

Director: Robert Sedlácek, Bohdan Sláma, Radim Spacek

Writers: Zdenek Zapletal

Stars: David Svehlík, Daniela Kolárová, Jirí Bartoska, Marek Daniel, ...

The serial in thirteen parts about the life and time of judge A.K. tells an up-to-date, realistic and internally dramatic story of a young man struggling his way through the maze of civil law disputes typical of the present-day society. He has to try and understand each of the parties, and pronounce a judgment in keeping with his idea of justice. And he also must bear never-ending responsibility for the way his verdict impacts the painful spots in the parties' lives. Judge Adam Klos strives to understand not only the cases he deals with, but himself as well.

Seasons:   1