Season 2 - Family Problems (2013)
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Family Problems (2013)

Country: USA

Genres: Drama

Taglines: What Did This Family Do?

Director: Seth Chitwood, Charlie Alejandro, Mel Alejandro

Writers: Seth Chitwood, Charlie Alejandro, Mel Alejandro

Stars: Natasha Hatalsky, Theresa Chiasson, Peter Morse, Sarah Alfano, ...

A family secretly buries a body in the woods and tries to live their life. However, dark secrets from the past arise and their plan of living a normal life soon becomes impossible.

Seasons:   4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 5

Season 2 Series:

14 Nov 2013
S2, Ep1 - Return

In 2011, Molly is shocked to find Jennifer at her front door after not seeing her for twenty years. Meanwhile, in 2012, Henry, Molly, and Ellison deal with Connor's disappearance. In 2044, the District Attorney visits Elliot and the detectives for updates on Molly's interrogation.
21 Nov 2013
S2, Ep2 - Agitation

In 2011, Henry introduced Jennifer to the rest of the family. In 2012, Henry continues to look for Connor while Molly and Ellison return home. In 2044, Elliot continues interrogating Molly. Meanwhile, someone in the department is unhappy with Molly's sudden confession.
28 Nov 2013
S2, Ep3 - Repugnance

Molly and Ellison must retrieve the cigarette butts from Dolores. In 2044, Ellison recruits an officer to secretly investigate Molly's case for her. Detective Elliot connects Henry's death to a dirty medical examiner.
05 Dec 2013
S2, Ep4 - Discovery

In 2011, Molly and Henry discuss Jennifer's visit. In 2012, Aaron tries to get Connor to tell them who killed Jennifer. Missy works with a sketch artist to identify Aaron. In 2044, Officer Randal Holmes arrives to help the other detectives. A surprising relationship is discovered.
12 Dec 2013
S2, Ep5 - Betrayed

In 1996, Jennifer deals with the aftermath of her mother abandoning her. In 2044, new information contradicts Molly's story leaving the detectives confused. Meanwhile, Waller questions Ellison about her relationship to Molly.
19 Dec 2013
S2, Ep6 - Doubt

In 2012, Molly finds out where Aaron could be living. Henry and Ellison identify Aaron and search for his brother, Davis. In 2044, Elliot challenges Molly doubting her entire story. Molly makes a surprising decision.
09 Jan 2014
S2, Ep7 - Leak

In 2011, Molly deals with a plumbing issue. In 2012, Dolores arrives to check in on Molly. Meanwhile, Ellison and Henry continue their search for Aaron. In 2044, Elliot takes a break from the interrogation and begins investigating someone else.
16 Jan 2014
S2, Ep8 - Chase

In 2011, Jennifer hatches a plan to get back at her mother. Meanwhile, in 2012, Molly & Henry attempt to get into Davis' apartment to try and find Connor. Ellison chases after Aaron's car. In 2044, Elliot investigates Officer Randal Holmes. Molly's lawyer arrives.
23 Jan 2014
S2, Ep9 - Realization

In 2012, Molly & Henry are worried about the fate of their son when they find something disturbing in Davis' bathroom. Meanwhile, Ellison learns something surprising from Aaron. In 2044, Elliot continues to dig deeper into Officer Holmes.
30 Jan 2014
S2, Ep10 - Unhinged

The day of Jennifer's death, Henry attempts to get her to leave Molly alone. Meanwhile, in 2012, Ellison confronts Molly and Henry. In 2044, D.A. Waller talks to the agent in charge of Dr. Chemmon's case. Elliot confronts Ellison.
06 Feb 2014
S2, Ep11 - Torment

Jennifer convinces Aaron to let her go after her mother. Meanwhile, in present day, Ellison confronts Molly and Henry about the death of Jennifer. In 2044, Molly is arrested for the murder of Jennifer. Elliot confronts Ellison.
13 Feb 2014
S2, Ep12 - Murderer

Jennifer confronts Molly moments before her death. D.A. Waller interviews Dr. Chemmon about information on Henry's death. Jennifer's murderer is revealed.
20 Feb 2014
S2, Ep13 - Death