Season 3 - Family Problems (2013)
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Family Problems (2013)

Country: USA

Genres: Drama

Taglines: What Did This Family Do?

Director: Seth Chitwood, Charlie Alejandro, Mel Alejandro

Writers: Seth Chitwood, Charlie Alejandro, Mel Alejandro

Stars: Natasha Hatalsky, Theresa Chiasson, Peter Morse, Sarah Alfano, ...

A family secretly buries a body in the woods and tries to live their life. However, dark secrets from the past arise and their plan of living a normal life soon becomes impossible.

Seasons:   4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 5

Season 3 Series:

24 Jul 2014
S3, Ep1 - Stop

Molly deals with the aftermath of Henry's death. In 2044, Elliot holds Ellison at gunpoint.
31 Jul 2014
S3, Ep2 - Cheers

In 1996, Ellison confronts Henry about his notes. In 2012, Molly says goodbye to Henry's body before Ellison takes it away. Meanwhile, in 2044, Elliot confides in Waller for help. Officer Randal demands answers.
07 Aug 2014
S3, Ep3 - Indulge

In 1996, Ellison and Henry have a fight. In 2012, Molly returns to Trudy's house unsure of what to do. In 2044, Ellison asks Officer Randal for one more important favor.
14 Aug 2014
S3, Ep4 - Gone

In 1996, Henry breaks up with Ellison. Meanwhile, in 2012, Ellison brings Dr. Chemmon Henry's body. In 2044, Ellison persuades D.A. Waller to hand over the tape recorder. Molly goes missing.
21 Aug 2014
S3, Ep5 - Understanding

In 1996, Officer Ellison begins an investigation into the identity of Molly Gray. In 2012, Missy finds something shocking in a nearby playground. In 2044, the detective begin searching for Molly after she disappeared. Elliot is sent home.
29 Aug 2014
S3, Ep6 - Trust

In 2012, Molly meets Missy at the police station and visits Henry in the morgue. In 2044, Elliot fears the worst when she finds the front door of her apartment left open. Meanwhile, D.A. Waller accuses A.D.A Kinger for being Ellison's mole.
04 Sep 2014
S3, Ep7 - Undercover

In 1996, Ellison must choose her career or risk it all to continue stalking Henry and Molly. Meanwhile, in 2012, Missy reveals a shocking surprise to Molly. Trudy tries to convince Connor to tell her what's wrong. In 2044, Elliot seeks help from an old friend to find Molly on her own. A detective reveals she's undercover.
03 Oct 2014
S3, Ep8 - Encounter

In 2043, Jennifer's body is found. In 2012, Molly confronts Missy for clear answers on what happened. Trudy learns the fate of her brother. In 2044, Elliot and Maretto begin tracking Ellison. Ellison brings Molly to a church to meet up with two unexpected people.
03 Oct 2014
S3, Ep9 - Trade

A week before Henry's death, Henry gets a text from Ellison. In 2012, Trudy confronts Molly about Henry. In 2044, Ellison trades Molly for a gun. Someone is shot.
09 Oct 2014
S3, Ep10 - Kiss

A week before Henry's death, Ellison tries to convince Henry to include her in his life again. Meanwhile, in 2012, Molly leaves to find Missy. In 2044, Elliot and Maretto continue investigating Ellison. The detectives arrive at the church crime scene. Officer Holmes makes a shocking realization.
16 Oct 2014
S3, Ep11 - Killed

The day before Henry's death, Ellison tries to convince him to leave Molly for her. He recruits Detective Hunt to help him. Meanwhile, in 2012, Molly returns to the Solloway house since her husband's murder. In 2044, Elliot leaves to investigate a lead. Molly, Connor, and Missy go to a safe house after the shooting. Officer Holmes confronts Ellison.
30 Oct 2014
S3, Ep12 - Investigate

15 minutes before Henry's death, Ellison reveals to Molly that Henry was unfaithful to her. Meanwhile, in 2044, the detectives investigate the crime scene after Officer Holmes' death. Elliot receives some surprising information from Detective Hunt's sister.
06 Nov 2014
S3, Ep13 - Hostage

Minutes before Henry's death, Ellison begs Henry to runaway with him. In 2044, Molly learns more about Connor's plan. Meanwhile, Elliot decides to finally confront Ellison once and for all.
13 Nov 2014
S3, Ep14 - Church

In 2014, Young Christina Elliot goes to the police about her missing friend, Carrie. Meanwhile, Detective Ellison may have ties to a church full of dark secrets.
20 Nov 2014
S3, Ep15 - Answers

27 Nov 2014
S3, Ep16 - Acceptance

In 2012, Molly begs Ellison for help in finding her family. Meanwhile, in 2044, the detectives find Ellison at her house. Elliot asks Molly to complete her "story". Henry's murderer is revealed.