Full Cast & Crew - For Thine Is the Kingdom (2017)
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For Thine Is the Kingdom (2017)

Country: USA

Genres: History, Thriller

Taglines: Our world is not ruled by laws but by the symbol

Director: Joshua Coates, Melvin Williams


Stars: James Earl Jones, Danny Aiello, DMX, Clifton Davis, ...

An evil force controlling a secret society in Hollywood.


Joshua Coates (attached)
Melvin Williams (co-director) (attached)


Robert Agueli executive producer
Veryl Howard consulting producer
Paul Irwin line producer
RJ Konner executive producer
Mark Lipsky executive producer
Jacqui Phillips creative producer
Cynthia Rodriguez associate producer
Stuart W. Ross producer
Mario Steele assistant producer
Jaimie Austin associate producer
Joshua Coates producer
Ricardo Delgado co-producer
Lory Molino associate producer
Timothy Weinert associate producer


James Earl Jones (voice)
Danny Aiello (rumored)
DMX Himself
Clifton Davis
Draya Michele Charmaine (rumored) (unconfirmed)
Christopher Mann
Renee Graziano Simone
Cynthia Rodriguez
Carmen Diaz (rumored)
Amanda Diaz
Carol Petra Julia Monroe
Eric Devon Carter (rumored)
Brooklynn Evans