Welcome to Grandpaville (2013)
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Country: USA

Genres: Family

Director: Michael T. Lombardi

Writers: Michael T. Lombardi

Stars: Dave Wall, Michael T. Lombardi, Deirdre Robins, John Swanson, ...

Desmond Potts is owner of The Toy Pott, a successful toy store where he builds, sells, and collects unique toys for children & adults. He lives a simple life. But when his 11 year-old granddaughter Shelby comes to stay with him for an extended period of time, Desmond faces his biggest challenge yet: being a full-time grandfather to a precocious preteen, who is a wiz at electronics and a challenge to his sanity! As Shelby settles into her new surroundings, she gets to know the people who are part of Grandpa Potts's extended family. There's Kincaid, a live-in British "butler" who maintains Grandpa's house & grounds; Old Man Gus, Grandpa's 70-something hard of hearing handyman who works at The Toy Pott; Kendall, a book smart but slightly socially awkward high school student who works part-time at the store; and Spare Parts, a life sized toy robot with a personality! Along the way, Shelby makes some new friends, joins an all-girls wilderness troop, has a run-in with an Egyptian Mummy, and...

Seasons:   2 - 1