Season 7 - Screenplay (1986)
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Season 7 Series:

24 Jan 1993
S7, Ep1 - The Countess Alice

A reporter is assigned a then-and-now piece on a 50-year old photospread of three society beauties. One of them, Lady Alice Munroe, now the widowed Grafin von Holzendorf, has agreed to be interviewed. A few questions set the Grafin's daughter, Connie, thinking about her past, and she sets off for her fatherland, now that the Berlin wall is down, to find out where she comes from. But what she finds out may destroy her relationship with her mother.
08 Jul 1992
S7, Ep2 - Force of Duty

15 Jul 1992
S7, Ep3 - Bad Girl

A young single mother has to convince the authorities that she is a fit parent.
22 Jul 1992
S7, Ep4 - Bitter Harvest

29 Jul 1992
S7, Ep5 - Man to Man: Another Night of Rubbish on the Telly

05 Aug 1992
S7, Ep6 - Death and the Compass

S7, Ep7 - Episode #7.7

S7, Ep8 - Episode #7.8

S7, Ep9 - Episode #7.9

02 Sep 1992
S7, Ep7 - Buying a Landslide

09 Sep 1992
S7, Ep8 - Continental Drift

16 Sep 1992
S7, Ep9 - A Little Bit of Lippy

Cross-dressing husband is unmasked but eventually wins through.
23 Sep 1992
S7, Ep12 - Small Metal Jacket

30 Sep 1992
S7, Ep13 - You, Me & Marley

A group of bored Roman Catholic teens from Belfast, Ireland, steal cars and joyride around the city, causing havoc among the nearby Protestants and local Irish Republican Army members, all of who are outraged by the youths' nihilism. The gang, led by ace thief Sean (Marc O'Shea), is connected with the IRA but couldn't care less about the group's politics. But things turn serious when an IRA member captures one of the boys, Marley (Michael Liebmann), in an effort to end the mayhem.
S7, Ep10 - Dread Poets' Society

Benjamin Zephaniah, renowned Rastafarian poet/rapper is traveling by train from Birmingham to Cambridge to receive his Creative Arts Fellowship sharing a carriage with a racist and philistine car spares salesman played by Timothy Spall; by chance the poets Keats, Byron, Shelley and writer Mary Shelley are transported from a séance they are conducting in The Villa Como by a freak electrical storm. AQ battle of wits, drug taking and poetry performance ensues!