Season 2 - Steve Harvey (2012)
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Steve Harvey (2012)

Country: USA

Genres: Talk-Show

Director: Hal Grant, Jeremy Osbern, Hal Grant, Neal Marshad, ...

Writers: Nik Robinson, Kymara Staggers

Stars: Steve Harvey, Laura Berman, John Duffy, Marjorie Harvey, ...

Experienced and actor Steve Harvey brings his fresh and insightful approach to a vast range of topics including marriage, parenting, the workplace, friendships, and the daily dramas that people face in life.

Seasons:   Unknown - 3 - 2 - 1 - 4

Season 2 Series:

16 Sep 2013
S2, Ep1 - Steve's All-New Big Season 2 Premiere/World's Largest First Date/Harvey's Hero/Jason Shipp & Alyson Stoner: Is It Weird - Teen Edition

17 Sep 2013
S2, Ep2 - How to Cope with Turning 40/A 4-Year-Old Mayor/One of Our Most Memorable Worst Daters Returns

18 Sep 2013
S2, Ep3 - Superstar Singer Michael Buble/How to Get Every Man to Help Around the House/Principles to Success

19 Sep 2013
S2, Ep4 - The Real Truth About Teens and Sex/The Touching Story of a Cancer Survivor/New Tailgating Trends

20 Sep 2013
S2, Ep5 - Deserving Kindergarten Teachers Get Makeovers/Is Your Relationship Issue a Deal Breaker/Aqua Cycling!

Kindergarten teachers receive makeovers. Also: relationship advice; a fitness trend called aqua cycling.
23 Sep 2013
S2, Ep6 - Steve's First-Ever All-Female Town Hall/Creative Parenting Tactics/Fall Fashions for Less

24 Sep 2013
S2, Ep7 - Steve and an All-Star Female Panel Sound Off on Topics/Makeover of a Lifetime/Family-Friendly Meals

Hot topics are discussed by a panel that features Abby Lee Miller ("Dance Moms"), Lynn Toler and Carrie Keagan; two guests receives makeovers. Also: young culinarians from TV's "MasterChef Junior".
25 Sep 2013
S2, Ep8 - Steve's Wedding Surprise for One Deserving Family/Senior Olympian/Dream Career

26 Sep 2013
S2, Ep9 - Steve Rehabilitates One Viewer's Romantically Challenged Husband/Digital Dating Trends/Mentoring Camp

27 Sep 2013
S2, Ep10 - Steve's Tips for How to Blend a Family/How to Fix Do-It-Yourself Disasters/Steve's Dating Remedy

30 Sep 2013
S2, Ep11 - Inside the Mind of Your Man: All-Man Panel Speaks Out/Rock Wall/A Man Helping Children with Diabetes

01 Oct 2013
S2, Ep12 - Steve's Tips on How to Bounce Back from a Breakup/"Toddlers & Tiaras"/Ali Larter

02 Oct 2013
S2, Ep13 - It's Steve's Celebrity Dating Game/Am I a Bad Parent/The Perfect Pet for Your Family!

03 Oct 2013
S2, Ep14 - Steve Meets the Stars of TLC's "Cheer Perfection"/From Prisoner to Entrepreneur/Father-Daughter Reunion

04 Oct 2013
S2, Ep15 - Steve Breaks Down the Bad Relationship Advice Women Give Each Other/Big Hollywood Moment/Jorge Cruise

07 Oct 2013
S2, Ep16 - Steve Faces His Critics in Our First 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man' Debate/Driving Lesson/Family Business

Steve faces women who disagree with the tips in his book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man"; Steve provides a driving lesson to his teen children. Also: pointers for small-business owners.
08 Oct 2013
S2, Ep17 - Steve, Makeover My Man! Plus, Embarrassing Medical Issues/Money-Saving Tips for Family Fun/Bumper Soccer

09 Oct 2013
S2, Ep18 - Cedric the Entertainer Joins Steve/Mother-Daughter Reunion/Viral Photo/Sky Star Elena Delle Donne

10 Oct 2013
S2, Ep19 - Steve Reveals the Three Best Places to Find a Man/Family Diet Plan/Reverend Al Sharpton

11 Oct 2013
S2, Ep20 - Steve's Game Plan for Football Widows/Career Woman Looking for Love/Steve's Newest Disney Dreamers

14 Oct 2013
S2, Ep21 - Steve Turns the Table on a Husband/Slow-Cooker Game-Day Recipes/Relationship Dealbreakers!

Steve tries to help a wife reform her untidy husband; two New Orleans grandmothers share slow-cooker recipes for the big game. Also: relationship advice.
15 Oct 2013
S2, Ep22 - Steve! Help Our Co-Worker Find Love! Aspiring Inventors/Teen Drug Slang

16 Oct 2013
S2, Ep23 - Steve Honors His First 'Super Mom'/Breast Cancer/A Man Who Went to Extremes Looking for Love!

17 Oct 2013
S2, Ep24 - She Lost the Man of Her Dreams/Perfect Fall Getaways/Deep Fried Masters/Prancercise!

18 Oct 2013
S2, Ep25 - Couples Ask: Is My Marriage Normal? Blushing Bride Chooses Her Gown/Emotional 'Thank-You'

21 Oct 2013
S2, Ep26 - How to Stop Temper Tantrums/Flirting Style/What Men Really Mean/Halloween Costume Ideas

22 Oct 2013
S2, Ep27 - Steve Shares the Do's and Don'ts of Internet Dating/Tim McGraw/Chili Battle

23 Oct 2013
S2, Ep28 - Steve Reveals What's Happening on Today's College Campuses/Digital Mommy Helpers/Couples Take the Test

24 Oct 2013
S2, Ep29 - Steve Helps a Son Seeking Mr. Right for His Mom/Secrets to Wearing High Heels/New Recipes

25 Oct 2013
S2, Ep30 - "Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo Stuns Steve/12-Year-Old Fashion Designer/Sabotaged Their Relationships

28 Oct 2013
S2, Ep31 - "Ask Steve" from the Streets of NYC/Star Jones/Touchy-Feely/Harvey's Hero

29 Oct 2013
S2, Ep32 - "Steve Plans a Wedding" Bride Gets the Ultimate Surprise/Desperate Single Parents/Lester Holt

"Steve Plans a Wedding" features Steve giving a bride a big surprise; news anchor Lester Holt is given a tribute from his son. Also: tips for single mothers struggling to discipline their children.
30 Oct 2013
S2, Ep33 - Steve Helps Two Best Friends Take a Chance on Love/Kevin Hart/Bathroom Makeover/Harvey's Hero

Steve plays matchmaker for two best friends by sending them out on a romantic date; guest Kevin Hart discusses fatherhood and family; Steve honors a woman who presides over a community center in New Orleans. Also: bathroom makeovers.
31 Oct 2013
S2, Ep34 - Steve's All-New Halloween Spectacular/Monster Makeover/Dating Horror Stories/Trick-or-Treat Game

01 Nov 2013
S2, Ep35 - Inside the Mind of Your Man/Steve Scales a Rock Wall/Tyra Banks

04 Nov 2013
S2, Ep36 - Can Women Truly Have It All? Secret Eastern Remedies/Dating Body Language/'Fast Money' Week

05 Nov 2013
S2, Ep37 - Steve & an All-Female Panel, Including Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller, Sound Off on the Hottest Trending Topics!

06 Nov 2013
S2, Ep38 - Steve Brings Online Dating to Life in His Studio/Thanksgiving Products/Emotional Reunion/'Fast Money'

07 Nov 2013
S2, Ep39 - Are You Odd Between the Sheets?/Tabatha Coffey/How to Safely Fry a Turkey Indoors/'Fast Money'

08 Nov 2013
S2, Ep40 - Steve's Sit-Down Interview with Reality Star Honey Boo Boo/Advice for Single Moms/Joy Bauer/'Fast Money'

Steve interviews reality star Honey Boo Boo and her family; Steve helps a single mother introduce her new beau to her children; nutritionist Joy Bauer discusses food cures. Also: "Fast Money" week comes to a close.
11 Nov 2013
S2, Ep41 - Steve Salutes the Armed Forces on a Veteran's Day Show/Relationship Issues/Movie-Inspired Dinner Party/Heartfelt Messages

A military wife and mother receives gifts; Steve helps three women with relationship issues. Also: movie-theme dinners are prepared; and children record messages for their military parents serving overseas.
12 Nov 2013
S2, Ep42 - Steve Shows Women How to Get Their Men to Commit/Love Letters/Matchmaker/UniverSoul Circus

Steve helps a woman whose boyfriend won't commit; author Nicholas Sparks shares tips on how to write a love letter; Steve tries to forge a love connection for Jonathan Scott, of TV's "Property Brothers"; stars of UniverSoul Circus perform.
13 Nov 2013
S2, Ep43 - Steve's Las Vegas Edition/A Gamble on Love/Pint-Sized Poker Prodigies/The Little White Chapel

An edition from Las Vegas. Included: Steve tries to help a man reconnect with his middle-school sweetheart; Steve meets child poker players; Steve visits a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Also: a Vegas trivia showdown.
14 Nov 2013
S2, Ep44 - Steve Helps Two Women Brush Up on Dating Skills/Christmas Wish/Flaunt Your Flaws/Hula-Hoop Master

Two women receive tips on how to successfully approach dating; Steve shares an 8-year-old's holiday wish to end bullying. Also: style pointers for women; a 9-year-old hula-hoop master.
15 Nov 2013
S2, Ep45 - Why Men Cheat: Steve's All-Male Panel Reveals All/A Millionaire Couple/Hottest Trends in Footwear

18 Nov 2013
S2, Ep46 - Steve Surprises a Harvey's Hero to Kick Off Guest Who's Coming to Dinner Week/Dad Showcase/Home Security

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Week" kicks off when Steve offers a surprise to a subway hero; Steve hosts a pageant featuring single fathers. Also: security tips for the home.
19 Nov 2013
S2, Ep47 - Steve Plays Matchmaker for Porsha Stewart/Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Week/Interracial Couple

Steve tries to find a romantic match for Porsha Stewart ("The Real Housewives of Atlanta"); Steve visits New York City's Carnegie Dell. Also: interracial relationships; a 2-year-old Internet singing sensation.
20 Nov 2013
S2, Ep48 - Joel Osteen Shares Secrets to Success/Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Week/Thanksgiving Tips

Pastor Joel Osteen shares secrets to success; Steve samples pizza in New York City. Also: affordable Thanksgiving meals; a mother's weight-loss results.
21 Nov 2013
S2, Ep49 - Steve Helps a Boxing Coach with a Knock-Out Proposal/Single Ladies' Lunch/Family Bucket Lists

Steve helps a boxing coach make a romantic proposal; Steve spotlights a single ladies' lunch in New York City. Also: memorable things for families to do before children grow up and move out; the worst Thanksgiving foods.
22 Nov 2013
S2, Ep50 - Steve Surprises a Mom When He Plays Babysitter for the Day/Second Chance/Hairstyle Tips

Steve surprises a mother of five by babysitting her children; a woman seeks a second chance with the family she left behind. Also: hairstyling tips.
25 Nov 2013
S2, Ep51 - The Steve Harvey Dating Lab Gets Supersized/Best Match/Tom Bergeron/Special Teacher

Steve helps single women find love; a big dating mistake women must avoid; Tom Bergeron.
26 Nov 2013
S2, Ep52 - Steve Plans a Wedding Finale/Harvey's Hero/Single Mom's S.O.S./Awkward Wedding Photos

To help a dad give his daughter the wedding of her dreams, Steve's been planning all season and the big day is finally here. The dress, the flowers, the cake - see all the gorgeous details come together. Then Steve shares his tips for a successful marriage with the newlyweds and he's saved the biggest surprise for last. Also, Steve honors a new "Harvey's Hero," San Francisco's Sgt. Kevin Briggs, who has stopped more than 200 suicide attempts on the Golden Gate Bridge. Plus, Steve helps a single mom who worries her son doesn't have a role model for chivalry - find out ...
27 Nov 2013
S2, Ep53 - Young Men Give Steve an Emotional Surprise/Steve Plays Matchmaker/Indoor Workout/Sandwich Creation

29 Nov 2013
S2, Ep54 - Steve Helps a Shopaholic Come Clean/Financial Tips/Beau Bridges/Neighborhood Awards

02 Dec 2013
S2, Ep55 - She's 20-Something, Living at Home with No Job/Beating a Winter Cold/Winter Coats/Pet Fashion Show

03 Dec 2013
S2, Ep56 - Steve Teams Up with a Viewer to Find Her Ex-Boyfriend a Mate/Battle of the Bulge/Deal Breaker

Steve helps a woman find a match for her ex-boyfriend. Also: tips to battle weight gain during the holidays w/celebrity trainer Christine Lusita; women who were wronged by their girlfriends; information on how to support children in need.
04 Dec 2013
S2, Ep57 - Steve Surprises a Fireman with a Man-Cave Makeover/Darrell Wallace Jr./Intervention/Home Gift

05 Dec 2013
S2, Ep58 - Steve Helps a Lumberjack Lady Find Love/Chef Art Smith/Dog Causes Big Problems/Dunk-Fest

Steve plays matchmaker for a female lumberjack; chef Art Smith shares healthy recipes. Also: tips for pet owners; acrobatic dunk moves.
06 Dec 2013
S2, Ep59 - Does Your Bickering Mean It's Over?/Comfort Food with Sandra Lee/Fertility Expert/Junior Harvey's Hero

09 Dec 2013
S2, Ep60 - Steve Helps a Woman Who Says Her Hubby Won't Grow Up/Female Groundbreaker/Airplane Collision/Wrestler David Otunga

10 Dec 2013
S2, Ep61 - Steve Helps a Mom Whose Daughter Is Unlucky in Love/Jeanine Pirro/Cook Challenge/Hilarious Letters

Steve helps an Arkansas woman find a romantic match for her daughter; Jeanine Pirro addresses relationship-based legal problems. Also: a home-cook challenge; funny letters from children.
11 Dec 2013
S2, Ep62 - Steve Exposes the Disturbing Trend of Revenge Porn/Beating a Migraine/Fashions for Moms/Reality Star

12 Dec 2013
S2, Ep63 - Steve Challenges His Biggest Doubter to Date His Way/Holiday Meal/Dream Maker/Neighborhood Signs

Steve faces a woman opposed to his dating methods and challenges her to try his approach; chef Michael Chiarello serves up holiday-meal tips; a woman thanks the person who made her wedding possible. Also: outrageous neighborhood signs.
13 Dec 2013
S2, Ep64 - Steve Helps Stage a Dating Intervention/Cookin' for the Holidays/Out-of-Control Son/Health Advocate

16 Dec 2013
S2, Ep65 - Steve Tries to Find a Holi-Date for Countess LuAnn/Top Toys for Kids/Adorable Pets/Holiday Message

Steve plays matchmaker for LuAnn de Lesseps (The Real Housewives of New York City (2008)); holiday gift guide spotlights toys; and a shelter introduces pets that are up for adoption.
17 Dec 2013
S2, Ep66 - Steve Reveals the Hottest Holiday Dresses/Holiday Gift Guide/Holiday Surprise/Holiday Cake

18 Dec 2013
S2, Ep67 - Steve Helps Husbands Who Are the Worst Gift-Givers/Tasty Traditions/Awkward Holiday Photos

Steve helps husbands improve their gift-giving skills; Steve's family shares favorite holiday traditions. Also: gifts for men; awkward holiday photos.
19 Dec 2013
S2, Ep68 - Can Steve Help a Scrooge Get Into the Holiday Spirit?/Perfect Gifts/A Triple Thank You

20 Dec 2013
S2, Ep69 - Steve Talks to President Obama! Holiday Homecoming/Ultimate Gift Guide/12 Days of Christmas

02 Jan 2014
S2, Ep71 - Steve Weighs in on Holiday Stress/Steps to Get Your Man to Clean Up His Act/Driving Lesson/Unusual Models

06 Jan 2014
S2, Ep72 - Steve's Tips to Help You Find a Fiance/Total Body Workout/Family Bucket List/Social Media

Advice on how to find romance in the new year is shared; Steve helps a family achieve their dreams, together. Also: a full-body workout for men and women; a look at social media.
07 Jan 2014
S2, Ep73 - Rachael Ray Shares a Side You've Never Seen/Best Night's Sleep/Romantic Fresh Start/Proposal

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray is the guest. Also: tips to sleep well; romantic advice; and a basketball-game proposal that went viral.
08 Jan 2014
S2, Ep74 - Steve and "Hungry Girl" Lisa Lillien Help Brides-to-Be/Pageant Coach/Healthy Marriage

09 Jan 2014
S2, Ep75 - How to Stop Fighting Over Money with Your Spouse/Healthy Recipes/Harvey's Hero/Sharpening Your Mind

Advice on how couples can stop clashing over money is shared; Steve honors a "Harvey's Hero" who helps Chicago's homeless. Also: healthy recipes; tips to sharpen one's memory; photos of a friendship between a toddler and a puppy.
10 Jan 2014
S2, Ep76 - Is Your Breakup Actually a Blessing?/Harvey's Hero/Great American Food Fight/Hog Caller

13 Jan 2014
S2, Ep77 - Steve's "United Dates of America"/Overcoming Unemployment/Pop-Culture Trivia Test

Steve offers dating tips to a single woman from Georgia. Also: advice to overcome unemployment and land a dream job; a pop-culture trivial test for grandmothers and their grandchildren; viewer opinions about Steve's mustache.
14 Jan 2014
S2, Ep78 - HGTV Star Carter Oosterhouse/Easy Ways to Stay Sexy at Home/Skin-Care Secrets

Home-improvement guru Carter Oosterhouse delivers a surprise to a mother. Also: tips to spark romance in the home; skin-care secrets; the story of a man who found close to $100,000.
15 Jan 2014
S2, Ep79 - Steve Sets Up Single Mom, TV Star Kym Whitley/Winter Vacations/Overcome Infertility/Unusual City Names

Steve plays matchmaker for comic actress Kym Whitley; Steve helps couples facing infertility. Also: tips for affordable vacations; cities with unusual names.
16 Jan 2014
S2, Ep80 - Steve Comes to the Rescue of a Single Mom/Jennifer Holliday/Good News Story/Shoe Makeover

Jennifer Holliday performs; Steve helps a single mom who claims her four sons are uncontrollable. Also: a 10-year-old girl who rescued a classmate; a shoe makeover; outrageous detention slips written by teachers.
17 Jan 2014
S2, Ep81 - Steve's Surprise-Packed Birthday Blowout with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube/First Kiss/Family Affair

Steve's birthday is celebrated with guests Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, plus significant others from his past; Steve's daughters give a makeover to twins. Also: German chocolate cake is prepared.
20 Jan 2014
S2, Ep82 - Always a Bridesmaid, Never the Bride Follow-up/Mystery Millionaire/Chivalry/Amazing Memory

Steve helps a romantically challenged woman; a mystery millionaire shares secrets to her success and offers tips to entrepreneurial mothers. Also: a crash course in chivalry; a 4-year-old boy who can name every U.S. state flag.
21 Jan 2014
S2, Ep83 - Steve's Romantic Playbook for Married Couples/Conquer Clutter/Teenage Sons/Candid Letters by Children to Their Parents

Steve reveals his romantic playbook for married couples; Steve helps single mothers struggling to raise teen sons. Also: tips to become more organized; funny and candid letters written by children to their parents.
22 Jan 2014
S2, Ep84 - She's 21 and Never Been Kissed/Night Eating/Guiness World Record-Breaker/Champagne

Steve plays matchmaker for a 21-year-old woman who claims she's never been kissed. Also: a segment on eating at night; a hula-hoop record; tips on how to choose champagne for parties.
23 Jan 2014
S2, Ep85 - How to Face Your Fear of the Dentist/Lose Weight/Fix Up Your Home/Grossest Words

24 Jan 2014
S2, Ep86 - Steve Helps Men Clear Out Their Clutter/Wrong Moves Women Make at the Gym/Single Mom/Photos of Fathers During Parenting Moments

Tips on how untidy men can become more organized; mistakes women make at the gym; pointers on how children can gain confidence and make friends; photos of fathers captured during parenting moments.
27 Jan 2014
S2, Ep87 - Steve Helps a Woman Get Dating Advice/"Thank You Week"/Biggest Lies/Dance Team

A woman receives dating advice from her former boyfriends; a dance team performs. Also: a salute to an 11-year-old girl who helped a friend in need; lies that men tell on first dates.
28 Jan 2014
S2, Ep88 - Steve Puts Three Sisters in His Dating Lab/Makeup Trends/Heartfelt Thank You/Text Messages

Steve plays matchmaker for three sisters; a surprise thanks is given to a teen. Also: makeup trends for an everyday look; text messages that have ended relationship.
29 Jan 2014
S2, Ep89 - Steve Honors a "Super Mom"/Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw Reveal the Latest App/Dating Game/Laziest People

30 Jan 2014
S2, Ep90 - Steve Follows Up with the Women Who Took His 90-Day Oath/New Orleans Grannies/Mothers/Text Messages

Steve provides status reports on women who took his 90-day oath, in a bid to find Mr. Right; women's relationships with their mothers are addressed. Also: recipes that could win over a man's heart; breakup text messages.
31 Jan 2014
S2, Ep91 - Steve's All-Star Panel Breaks Down Today's Hottest Headlines/Coffee/Judge Lynn Toler/Funny Test Answers

Top headlines discussed by a panel featuring Carrie Keagan, Kim Gravel and LuAnn de Lesseps; Judge Lynn Toler sheds light on custody dilemmas. Also: the search for the perfect cup of coffee; funny test answers written by children.
03 Feb 2014
S2, Ep92 - Steve Kicks Off Proposal Week/Never Too Late/Dating Trends/Skin Makeovers/Edible Art

Steve offers an overseas surprise for a woman in his audience; and Steve helps a man express his love for his family. Also: hot dating trends; tips to get rid of acne; and edible artwork.
04 Feb 2014
S2, Ep93 - Does Mom Really Know Best When It Comes to Dating?/Love Alive/Unplug from Social Media/Marriage Proposal

05 Feb 2014
S2, Ep94 - Can Steve Get a Husband to Change His Flirty Ways?/Harvey's Hero/100-Year-Old Best Friends/Proposals

A woman claims her husband flirts too much with other women; Steve salutes a 9-year-old girl who helped deliver a baby; 100-year-old best friends opine about pop culture. Also: a surprise marriage proposal.
06 Feb 2014
S2, Ep95 - Steve and Patti Stanger Take Their Dating Advice Global/Harvey's Hero/Sleeping Positions/Proposal

Steve and Patti Stanger field love-related questions. Also: surprise proposals; sleeping positions and what they reveal about relationships; a married man who takes photos of himself in a pink tutu; a guide to love written by children.
07 Feb 2014
S2, Ep96 - Steve Helps a Woman Reveal Her Secret Crush/Far East/Playbook of Love/Shani Davis/Proposal Week Concludes

A woman confesses her feelings for her longtime crush; husbands learn about romance. Also: Far East secrets that allegedly enhance the libido; and Olympic skater Shani Davis.
10 Feb 2014
S2, Ep97 - Steve Marries America: 50 Couples Say "I Do"!/Great American Food Fight/Valentine's Day Gift Guide/Honeymoon Surprise

Steve officiates a wedding for 50 couples, from across the country. Also: a cake edition of Steve's "Great American Food Fight"; a Valentine's Day gift guide; and a honeymoon surprise.
11 Feb 2014
S2, Ep98 - Steve Helps a Couple Rekindle Their Romance/Deal Breaker/Viewers Profess Their Love

Steve helps a longtime couple add spark to their relationship. Also: recipes for a romantic breakfast in bed; advice for women with relationship problems; and a husband's declaration of love to his wife.
12 Feb 2014
S2, Ep99 - Actress & Comedienne Kym Whitley Is Back/Curling/All-New Products/Chocolate/Confession of Love

13 Feb 2014
S2, Ep100 - Steve Plays Cupid/Kevin Hart/Fitness Craze/Anniversary Game/Valentine's Day Gift

Steve plays matchmaker for a woman who claims she's never had a Valentine; comic Kevin Hart delivers a Valentine's Day surprise to a fan; longtime married couples play an anniversary game. Also: a fitness trend; a Valentine's Day gift.
14 Feb 2014
S2, Ep101 - Actor Michael Ealy Surprises His Biggest Fan/Regina Hall/Amazing Recipes/Men's Text Messages

17 Feb 2014
S2, Ep102 - Steve Shares Tips to Land That Second Date/Tony Horton/Small Business Reboot/Jenni Pulos/New Hair Styling Tool

Steve shares tips on landing a second date; fitness expert Tony Horton offers pointers on conquering fears & achieving goals; Jenni Pulos ("Flipping Out") discusses keeping the peace at the workplace. Also: a new tool to style girls' hair.
18 Feb 2014
S2, Ep103 - Best Friends Try Out a 24-Hour Relationship/The Perfect Selfie/"Is It Weird?"

19 Feb 2014
S2, Ep104 - Steve's "Land a Man" Hour/Social-Media Video/Daisy Lewellyn

Steve presents strategies for women to land the perfect man. Also: Daisy Lewellyn ("Blood, Sweet & Heels") shares tips on date-night fashions; and Steve searches for social-media stars.
20 Feb 2014
S2, Ep105 - Steve Helps a Woman Date Outside Her Comfort Zone/Household Dilemmas/Funny Takes/Tara Lipinski

Tips on how to date outside comfort zones are offered; children share their views on love; Steve interviews skater Tara Lipinski. Also: solutions for common household problems.
21 Feb 2014
S2, Ep106 - Why Won't He Commit?/Stay Positive/Can a Breakup Be a Blessing?/Mentoring Camp for Boys

Steve explores ways men avoid commitment; Steve offers pointers on how to stay positive in the face of negativity; three women reveal their physical and emotional transformations following breakups.
24 Feb 2014
S2, Ep107 - Steve's Romance Rehab for Husbands/Jackie Collins/"NCIS: Los Angeles" with LL Cool J/Dancing Treadmill Diva

Steve provides romance rehabilitation for husbands; author Jackie Collins discusses pop culture; LL Cool J goes behind the scenes of 'NCIS: Los Angeles'; and the 'Dancing Treadmill Diva' takes the stage.
25 Feb 2014
S2, Ep108 - Steve Shares Some Laughs with Betty White/Cancer Fight/Wing Woman/Manicure

Steve interviews Betty White; Steve offer pointers to women hoping to help their friends find love. Also: the story of a boy fighting cancer and the friend who has supported him; a nail-art sensation.
26 Feb 2014
S2, Ep109 - How to Negotiate with Men to Get What You Want/Rahm Emanuel/Roma Downey & Mark Burnett/Sword Swallower

10 Mar 2014
S2, Ep110 - How to Get Your Man to Step Up and Help Out/Life-Saving Heroes/Handyman/Weather Kid

A stay-at-home mother goes on strike for a day to teach her husband a lesson about pitching in around the house. Also: two men who saved lives during harsh weather; budget-friendly tips to update kitchens; a forecast from a "weather kid".
11 Mar 2014
S2, Ep111 - Steve's Family Tech Diet Challenge/"Naked and Afraid"/First Kiss/Breakdancing Teacher

A family must spend quality time with one another without modern gadgets or technology; Steve plays matchmaker for the woman who was his first kiss. Also: two competitors from TV's "Naked and Afraid"; a break-dancing teacher.
12 Mar 2014
S2, Ep112 - Are Teenage Habits Normal or "Is It Weird"?/Rosie Perez/Self-Esteem Campaign/Record-Holder

Experts discuss teen habits/Rosie Perez is interviewed; a woman describes how she overcame self-esteem struggles. Also: a brick-breaking record-holder and his protégé.
13 Mar 2014
S2, Ep113 - An Update on the Worst Wing-Woman/Harvey's Hero/Perfect Car/Worn-Out Moms

Steve plays matchmaker for a woman and her cousin/Steve honors a "Harvy's Hero", whose youth-education programs have helped children in Philadelphia. Also: tips for buying the perfect car; funny quotes from exhausted mothers.
14 Mar 2014
S2, Ep114 - She Got a Ring, But Has She Become a Bridezilla?/Cold-Weather Gear/Heartwarming Surprise/Hilarious Notes

A fiancé claims his bride-to-be's wedding plans are over the top; Steve offers a surprise to a woman who helps children battling cancer. Also: cold-weather products; funny notes from strangers.
17 Mar 2014
S2, Ep115 - Steve in Your Ear: Kym Whitley Goes Dating/Skin-Care Secrets/'America's Supernanny'/Go Green

Steve is put in control of comic actress Kim Whitley's date; childcare specialist Deborah Tillman shares tips for single mothers. Also: skincare secrets for men; pointers on how to grow a vertical indoor garden.
18 Mar 2014
S2, Ep116 - Steve to the Rescue! Steve Steps in for a Mom/Wedding Look for Less/Former Prison Inmate/Saving Big

Steve helps a mother who claims her daughter is becoming a bridezilla; a former prison inmate receives a makeover. Also: budget-friendly tips to plan a wedding; and grocery-shopping secrets to help save time and money.
19 Mar 2014
S2, Ep117 - One of Steve's Favorite Single Ladies Is Back/Groundbreaking Female Athlete/Single Dad's Plea/Winter Weather

Steve tries to forge a love connection for a returning female guest; Steve helps a single father who claims his teen daughter is heading down a dangerous path; a groundbreaking female athlete; a 4-year-old's funny views on winter weather.
20 Mar 2014
S2, Ep118 - Can Steve Help a Dater Decode Texts/Social Media/Emotional Surprise/Makeup Tip

Steve helps a dater improve her texting and communication skills; an athlete thanks his mentor; a social-media celebrity shares makeup tips.
21 Mar 2014
S2, Ep119 - Steve Follows Up on a Promise/Team of Harvey's Heroes/High Fashion/Cleanest Public Restroom

Steve follows up on a promise to find matches for four single New York women; Steve honors a middle-school football club as his "Harvey's Heroes"/a wife is confronted about her over-the-top wardrobe/the cleanest public restroom is revealed.
24 Mar 2014
S2, Ep120 - How to Spot a Cheater/Joy Bauer/Fatherless Boy/Largest Bubble-Gum Bubble

Steve reveals ways to spot a cheater; nutritionist Joy Bauer shares tips to lose winter weight; Steve helps a young man looking for guidance about entering adulthood. Also: a record for blowing the largest bubble of gum.
25 Mar 2014
S2, Ep121 - Steve's "United Dates of America" Hits Oregon/Hero/George Wallace & Jerry Seinfeld/Travel Mom

Steve helps an Oregon dater when his "United Dates of America" travels to the Pacific NW; Steve meets a hero who talked a school shooter into surrendering; comic George Wallace shares his rules for life, with insight from Jerry Seinfeld.
26 Mar 2014
S2, Ep122 - He Loves Me But He Hates My Hair/Female Groundbreaker/Surprise "Thank You"/Cyber Celeb

Tips to style natural hair are shared; Steve spotlights the female founder of a new social media platform for women; a mother and a son thank the trainer who inspired them to shed pounds. Also: a father who became a cyber celebrity.
27 Mar 2014
S2, Ep123 - Steve Explores the New Trend of "Nearlyweds"/Weight-Loss Method/Daddy-Daughter Contest

Steve meets a couple who have chosen to live together without marriage; Steve explores a controversial weight-loss method; three fathers and their daughters participate in a contest to determine how well they know one another.
28 Mar 2014
S2, Ep124 - Steve Reveals the Secrets to Grabbing Any Guy's Attention/Deion Sanders/Bridal Boot Camp/Candid Kids

Steve shares secrets to landing dates; former pro athlete Deion Sanders is interviewed. Also: the results of Steve's bridal boot camp; funny notes from children.
31 Mar 2014
S2, Ep125 - Steve Kicks Off "Celebrate Spring" Week/"Lip Flip" Video/First Date/"Harvey's Hero"/Dorothy Hamill

Steve opens a week of shows that celebrate spring; Steve unveils his video, featuring Jimmy Fallon; plus-size spring fashions are highlighted; and Steve honors a "Harvey's Hero" who rescued someone from a moving train. Also: Dorothy Hamill.
01 Apr 2014
S2, Ep126 - Steve Tries to Save Two Weddings/Spring Grilling Tips/Emotional Surprise/Double Life

Steve helps two couples who are facing troubles as their nuptials approach; chef Rick Bayless grills up spring recipes; a woman is thanked for helping the needy; a college freshman trains to be a ninja.
02 Apr 2014
S2, Ep127 - Steve Helps a Woman/Kid Reporter/Hottest New App/Disney Dreamers Academy/Impression

Steve helps a woman who claims her husband treats her like one of the guys; Steve and a young reporter celebrate spring; a dating app is highlighted; Steve spotlights students at his Disney Dreamers Academy.
03 Apr 2014
S2, Ep128 - Steve Decodes the Stand-in Boyfriend/Teenage "Harvey's Hero"/Promotion/Beach Volleyball Mixer

Steve explores whether a woman's friend is blocking her from finding love; Steve honors a teen who's making prom dreams come true for others. Also: pointers on how to get a promotion; a spring-season report from Chicago's Oak Street Beach.
04 Apr 2014
S2, Ep129 - She Loves Her Man, But His Movie Obsession Is Out of Control/Gardening/Ruben Studdard/Kite Flyers

Pointers are shared on how to turn a passion for movies into real romance; Steve provides gardening tips; and Ruben Studdard performs. Also: a visit with a kite club.
07 Apr 2014
S2, Ep130 - Steve's All-Star Panel Is Back/Calorie-Conscious Cocktails/Dance Troupe/Safety Products/St. Louis Woman

Steve discusses the latest trends with a panel featuring Kim Gravel, LuAnn de Lesseps and Lynn Toler. Also: diet-friendly snacks and cocktails; a performance by dancers who are making a difference in their community; safety products.
08 Apr 2014
S2, Ep131 - How to Find the Perfect Wedding Date/Nature's First Aid Kit/Food Fight/Pothole Into Works of Art

Steve offers tips to people who don't want to go solo to weddings; and donuts are the theme for Steve's "Great American Food Fight". Also: natural remedies; potholes as artwork.
09 Apr 2014
S2, Ep132 - The Big Ask: How One Woman Confronts Her Fiance/Mystery Millionaire Mom/Cheaters/Surprise

A woman asks her fiancé a life-changing question; a millionaire mother shares how she achieved success. Also: women who cheat; a surprise for an audience member.
10 Apr 2014
S2, Ep133 - Get Back Into Dating After Divorce/Strangest Dreams/"Card Sharks"/Story of Survival

Steve helps women return to dating following breakups; bizarre dreams are analyzed; two audience members face off in a game of "Card Sharks". Also: a story of survival.
11 Apr 2014
S2, Ep134 - Is Your Man the King of Little White Lies?/"Instagram 101"/Third Wheel/Bubbles

A woman claims her husband tells white lies; Steve offers parental tips on how to keep tabs on children regarding photos and social media. Also: a couple deals with a constant third wheel; a bubble artist.
14 Apr 2014
S2, Ep135 - She Loves Her Man But He's So Forgetful/"Steve the Tester"/Tabatha Coffey/"Dunk an Ex Week"

Steve help a woman whose husband is unfocused, in a segment that includes techniques to build memory; seasonal products are reviewed; Tabatha Coffey discusses positive attitudes. Also: "Dunk an Ex Week" opens.
15 Apr 2014
S2, Ep136 - Imagine Never Having a Real Kiss/Pat and Gina Neely/Jenni Pulos/Dunk an Ex Week

Steve plays matchmaker for a 35-year-old man in the hopes that he will score his first kiss; Pat & Gina Neely prepare Southern recipes; Jenni Pulos ("Flipping Out") talks about workplace relationships. Also: "Dunk an Ex Week" continues.
16 Apr 2014
S2, Ep137 - A Single Mom Admits She Doesn't Have the Skills to Help Her Son/"Haunted House 2"/Social Media

Steve helps a single mother give her son lessons to become a man; "Dunk an Ex Week" continues. Also: Marlon Wayans, Gabriel Iglesias and Affion Crockett, of the 2014 film, "A Haunted House 2"; addictions to social media.
17 Apr 2014
S2, Ep138 - It's a New Edition of "Ex Files"/"Harvey's Hero"/Hottest Looks for Less/Dunk Tank

A woman tries to determine why her relationships fail by getting the straight scoop from 3 ex-boyfriends; Steve honors a "Harvey's Hero" who helps at-risk children in Chicago; "Dunk an Ex Week" continues. Also: budget-friendly spring looks.
18 Apr 2014
S2, Ep139 - Steve's Newest All-Star Panel of Women/Digital Lingo/Eligible Female Sportscaster/Dunk Tank

Steve discusses hot headlines with Holly Robinson Peete, Robin Meade and Tabatha Coffey; Steve decodes texting lingo; Steve tries to forge a love connection for a female sportscaster. Also: "Dunk an Ex Week" continues.
21 Apr 2014
S2, Ep140 - Can Steve Find Dates for These Self-Proclaimed Nerds?/Seasonal Allergies/Food Fight

Steve tries to find love for four self-proclaimed nerds; Steve helps a woman whose husband objects to her cooking; Steve reveals the foods he vows to never eat again. Also: home remedies for seasonal allergies.
22 Apr 2014
S2, Ep141 - A Man's Only Daughter Is Ready to Start Dating/Fight Hunger/School Shooting/Furry Pet

Steve helps a man who is concerned when his only daughter begins to date. Also: an 8-year-old boy who raises funds to fight hunger; safety tips for a school-shooting crisis; and a look at English angora rabbits.
23 Apr 2014
S2, Ep142 - Steve's Detractors Get Center Stage/Pilates/Family Bucket List/Cyber Celebs

A panel of Steve's detractors debate his most controversial principles; Steve explores Pilate; a husband and father crosses an item off his family bucket list. Also: a star search for social-media celebrities.
24 Apr 2014
S2, Ep143 - It's an Entire Show on How to Look and Feel Younger!

An hour is devoted to providing age-defying tips and secrets. Included: beauty trends in Hollywood; and a makeover for a 36-year-old woman before her wedding.
25 Apr 2014
S2, Ep144 - Steve and His Wife, Marjorie, Host a Couples Summit/Latest Fashion Trend/First Date

Steve and his wife host a couples summit and provide tips for a happy relationship; a woman gets a second chance at a botched first date. Also: fashion trends in nail art and manicures; a 2-year-old who was pulled over for speeding.
28 Apr 2014
S2, Ep145 - Steve Helps a Woman Conquer Her Fear of Heights/Expert Style Tips/How to Spot Clues He's Cheating

Steve tries to help a woman conquer her fear of heights. Also: tips on how to overcome fashion emergencies; pointers on how to determine if a partner is cheating via social media.
29 Apr 2014
S2, Ep146 - A Woman Loves Her Man, But Cant't Stand His Lack of P.D.A./Groundbreaker/Thank You/Lunchbox Dad

Steve helps a woman whose husband refuses to show public displays of affection. Also: a female member of a S.W.A.T. team; a salute to a woman who raises funds thru social media; and a man who creates character-inspired lunches for children.
30 Apr 2014
S2, Ep147 - It's the Very First Steve Harvey Kids' Hour/Chef-in-the-Making/Pint-Sized Fashion Show/Toddler

A child-friendly edition features a kids' perspective on life, love and dating; an 8-year-old aspiring chef; and fashions for children.
01 May 2014
S2, Ep148 - Steve Hosts the First "Celebrity Anniversary Game"/Barbecue/Addicted to TV/Twerking Dance Craze

Personalities from the "Real Housewives" franchise & their husbands participate in a celebrity game; rubs & sauces for barbecues are spotlighted; Steve helps a woman whose husband is preoccupied with TV. Also: the twerking dance craze.
02 May 2014
S2, Ep149 - Steve Talks to the Cast of "Chrisley Knows Best"/Beth Stern/Thrift-Store Finds/Accessorize for Prom

Steve interviews the cast of "Chrisley Knows Best", including patriarch Todd Chrisley; animal advocate Beth Stern spotlights rescue pets. Also: tips to use thrift-store items to transform living rooms; edible corsages.
05 May 2014
S2, Ep150 - Steve Kicks Off a Weeklong Celebration of All Things Mom/Susan Lucci/Heather Thomson/Letters

A week-long salute to moms kicks off with Steve playing matchmaker for a single mother. Also: Susan Lucci discusses her family life; reality personality Heather Thomson spotlights workout gear. Also: letters children send home from camp.
06 May 2014
S2, Ep151 - Steve Reveals Four Candidates for Steve Harvey's Mother of the Year/Gadgets/Twins/Tweeting

An hour is devoted to mothers, including four candidates for mother of the year are revealed; mom-friendly gadgets are highlighted; Steve helps twins find their biological family. Also: twitter messages from mothers.
07 May 2014
S2, Ep152 - A Mother's Day Edition of "Moms on Strike"/Mother's Day Gift Guide/Cheat Death/New Sibling

Steve helps a woman whose husband allegedly doesn't appreciate her. Also: a Mother's Day gift guide; two women who survived death-defying medical crises; children's opinions on getting a new sibling.
08 May 2014
S2, Ep153 - Steve Helps Moms Get Their Groove Back After Having Kids/La La Anthony/Makeover/Recipe for Love

Steve and reality personality, La La Anthony, share tips for mothers to reignite romance after having children. Also: a fitness trend to beat bedroom boredom; a makeover for a single mom; and a recipe for edible body butter.
09 May 2014
S2, Ep154 - Steve Surprises Two "Super Moms"/LuAnn De Lesseps/Jeff Timmons/Embrace His Youth/Kid Reporter

Two women, struck by tragedy, share their stories and receive makeovers with LuAnn de Lesseps ("The Real Housewives of New York City"); Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) previews his all-male revue; Steve helps a husband embrace his youth.
12 May 2014
S2, Ep155 - Steve Kicks Off "Extreme Week"/Harvey's Hero/Over-the-Top Partying/Marriage Proposal

"Extreme Week" kicks off with Steve fielding bizarre questions about unusual habits; Steve honors a college student as a Harvey's Hero; Steve plays matchmaker for a 50-year-old single mother; a marriage proposal takes place on stage.
13 May 2014
S2, Ep156 - Steve's "Extreme Week" Continues/Competition for Couples/Bishop T.D. Jakes/Combat Jugglers

"Extreme Week" continues with Steve helping a woman who takes social-media posting to an extreme level; Bishop T.D. Jakes discusses following one's instincts. Also: a 60-second competition for couples; the sport of combat juggling.
14 May 2014
S2, Ep157 - Men Are Stupid: Extreme Edition/Spring Soiree/Student Athlete Who Came to the Rescue/Obstacle Course

Two men try to make amends for extreme mistakes in bids to win back wives. Also: budget-friendly tips to throw a spring party; student athlete who defended classmate from bully; dating pointers; obstacle course involving audience members.
15 May 2014
S2, Ep158 - It's an Entire Show on How to Look and Feel Younger! Steve Reveals Age-Defying Secrets and Breaks Down Outrageous Things Celebrities Do

Three women look decades younger than their real ages; extreme Hollywood beauty trends.
16 May 2014
S2, Ep159 - Steve Hosts a Ladies' Lunch for 100 Single Women/Skipping School/"Freakshow"/Military Mom/Cocktail

Steve fields questions about men when he hosts a ladies' lunch for single women; TV's "Freakshow" stars highlight oddities/tricks; a military mom discusses life lessons. Also: a good-news story about heroes; an extreme Bloody Mary cocktail.
19 May 2014
S2, Ep160 - Meredith Vieira/Portable Picnic/She Loves Her Man, But He Acts Like a Frat Boy/Steve's Wife Marjorie

Steve interviews Meredith Vieira, who reveals backstage moments from her career; chef Cat Cora highlights portable feasts; Steve meets a daredevil husband; and Steve's wife spotlights her fashion blog.
20 May 2014
S2, Ep161 - Steve's Swagger 101/Female Pro Bull Rider/Patti LaBelle's Tips/3-D Puzzle

Four self-proclaimed nerds reveal their style transformations; a female bull rider shows her moves; and singer Patti LaBelle shares pound-shedding recipes. Also: the inventor of a 3-D puzzle.
21 May 2014
S2, Ep162 - It's a New Edition of Steve's "Ex-Files"/Protecting and Repairing Your Skin/Marjorie Harvey/Kids

A woman receives feedback from ex-boyfriends to find out what went wrong in the relationships; Steve's wife offers budget-friendly fashion tips. Also: the secrets to protect skin during summer; funny schoolwork from children.
22 May 2014
S2, Ep163 - How to Unplug/Ben Lyons/"Mom-Vendors"/Steve's Sneak Peek/New Kitchen Tool

Steve tries to help tech-consumed parents by giving them a gadget-free getaway; Ben Lyons highlights summer films; moms-turned-inventors showcase their creations; & Steve previews an expanded edition of his book. Also: a new kitchen tool.
29 May 2014
S2, Ep164 - Steve Has a Surprise Set-Up for One of the Property Brothers! Will He Find the Perfect Match for This Hot Reality Star?

Drew and Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers"); Steve's "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" series.
30 May 2014
S2, Ep165 - Steve Helps a Man Prove It's Never Too Late to Say "I Love You"/Besties/Fireman/Joanna Rohrback

Steve helps a man who has allegedly never told his wife he loves her; 100-year-old friends return with their views on pop culture; a fireman receives a man-cave makeover. Also: Prancercise creator Joanne Rohrback.
02 Jun 2014
S2, Ep166 - Steve's "United Dates of America" Picks Up in Minnesota/Summer Gadgets/Addiction/Pool Master

Steve plays matchmaker for a woman from Minnesota in an edition of the "United Dates of America" series; an entrepreneur helps those struggling with addiction. Also: seasonal gadgets; a trick-shot pool player.
03 Jun 2014
S2, Ep167 - Does Your Man Need a Makeover?/Reformed Cheater/Harvey's Hero/Graduate's Stunt

A professional, who allegedly dresses like a teenager, gets a makeover; Steve puts a reformed cheater to the test; Steve honors a man who sells ice cream for a good cause. Also: a graduate's stunt that went wrong.
04 Jun 2014
S2, Ep168 - Steve's "Dealbreakers" Series/Donnie McClurkin/Great American Food Fight/Instagram Sensation

Steve helps two guests struggling with relationships; Donnie McClurkin performs gospel music. Also: a food fight to determine Maine's best lobster roll; and a 5-year-old Instagram sensation.
05 Jun 2014
S2, Ep169 - Steve Talks to "Fighter Jet Moms"/Harvey's Hero/Not-So-Innocent Text Messages

Steve addresses overprotective parenting; Steve honors a "Harvey's Hero" from a tough Chicago neighborhood; Steve decodes text messages.
06 Jun 2014
S2, Ep170 - Best-Selling Author and Motivational Leader Lisa Nichols/Fattiest Foreign Foods/Prom Dreams/Harvey's Heroes

Motivational speaker Lisa Nichols shares secrets for transforming one's life; Steve helps make a girl's prom dreams come true; Steve reflects on past "Harvey's Heroes". Also: the fattiest foreign foods.
09 Jun 2014
S2, Ep171 - A Woman Ready to Purge Every Memory of Her Ex/Heather Thomson/Raw Diet/Divorcees

A woman, who is ready to move on after 20 years of marriage, has a "divorce party"; Heather Thomson ("The Real Housewives of New York City") discusses swimwear trends. Also: a raw-food diet; photos of divorcées celebrating their breakups.
10 Jun 2014
S2, Ep172 - Steve's Viewers Find Him an Intern/Body Language/Chicago Principal/Eggs Crushed

The winning candidate to be Steve's intern is revealed; body language is discussed; Steve gives thanks to a Chicago principal working against school violence. Also: a man who holds a record in the art of crushing eggs with elbows.
07 Jun 2014
S2, Ep173 - A Woman Wants Another Shot at Love/Weight-Loss Secret/Shopaholic/Car-Wash Reaction

A woman seeks a second chance with the love she lost 20 years before. Also: a husband who's an alleged shopaholic; a 10-day weight-loss plan; a viral video of a child's reaction to a car wash.
16 Jun 2014
S2, Ep174 - Steve Arranges an Emotional Reunion/Obstacle Course/Single Lifeguards/Perfect Burger

Steve helps a father connect with the 20-year-old son he never knew he had; a viewer takes on an outrageous obstacle course; a woman tries to find a romantic match from among three lifeguards. Also: tips on how to grill burgers.
17 Jun 2014
S2, Ep175 - A Mother Says Her Daughter's Taste in Men Is All Looks/73-Year-Old Woman/Mom's S.O.S./Texts

A woman claims her daughter's taste in men is all about looks and is preventing her from finding Mr. Right; Steve helps a single mother who's concerned her son is flunking school. Also: a 73-year-old grandmother who is a weightlifter.
18 Jun 2014
S2, Ep176 - Surviving Long-Distance Love/Tips for Women/Tatiana Ward

Steve advises a couple who are moving in together following a long-distance relationship; makeup artist Tatiana Ward recreates celebrity looks. Also: tips on how women can add sizzle to their sex lives.
19 Jun 2014
S2, Ep177 - How to Get Your Grown Kids to Grow Up/Workout Trend/Joy Bauer/Crazy Headlines

Steve helps a woman who claims her 22-year-old twins refuse to move out of the house. Also: a workout trend; nutritionist Joy Bauer; and wacky headlines.
20 Jun 2014
S2, Ep178 - Steve Celebrates the Premiere of "Think Like a Man Too/Harvey's Hero/Single Ladies/3-D Artwork

Steve celebrates the premiere of "Think Like a Man Too" with the cast, including Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Romany Malco, Terrence J and Jerry Ferrara; Steve honors a chef who helps the needy; Steve plays matchmaker for two single nannies.
23 Jun 2014
S2, Ep179 - Steve Takes a Husband to Swagger School/Joy Bauer/Overprotective Sons/Viral Dance Craze

Steve gives a husband pointers on dressing with style; nutritionist Joy Bauer puts the focus on pound-shedding changes one can make at home; Steve helps a single mother with overprotective sons. Also: a viral dance craze.