Season 4 - Steve Harvey (2012)
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Steve Harvey (2012)

Country: USA

Genres: Talk-Show

Director: Hal Grant, Jeremy Osbern, Hal Grant, Neal Marshad, ...

Writers: Nik Robinson, Kymara Staggers

Stars: Steve Harvey, Laura Berman, John Duffy, Marjorie Harvey, ...

Experienced and actor Steve Harvey brings his fresh and insightful approach to a vast range of topics including marriage, parenting, the workplace, friendships, and the daily dramas that people face in life.

Seasons:   Unknown - 3 - 2 - 1 - 4

Season 4 Series:

08 Sep 2015
S4, Ep1 - Steve Harvey Kicks Off Season Four/It's "What Men Think: The Event"

Steve kicks off Season 4 with "What Men Think: The Event", held at Chicago's Oriental Theatre featuring Carrie Keagan and Kim Gravel. Here, Steve tries to bridge the communications gap between men and women, in an event featuring a full theater of 2000 men discussing love and relationships.
09 Sep 2015
S4, Ep2 - Day Two of "What Men Think: The Event"/Man Panel/Online Dating Mistakes

Day 2 of "What Men Think: The Event" features a male panel, including Todd Chrisley, Bill Rancic, David Otunga and Geraldo Rivera. Also: top digital mistakes made by women; insight into the behavior of women; the importance of communication. Features Carrie Keagan and Kim Gravel.
10 Sep 2015
S4, Ep3 - Bethenny Frankel and Steve Offer Advice to Couples/Summer Travels/Sister's Dating Profile

Bethenny Frankel (The Real Housewives of New York City (2008)) joins Steve to help two couples experiencing a crossroads in their relationships; Steve recaps his summer travels; a man takes over his sister's dating profile to help her find Mr. Right.
11 Sep 2015
S4, Ep4 - Steve Kicks Off His New Dating Experiment, "The 30-Day Date"/Auntie Fee/Actress Sanaa Lathan

Steve introduces his new dating experiment, which matches three couples and requires them to give the relationship a full 30-day commitment. Also: Auntie Fee offers a hands-on cooking lesson to a North Carolina family; and Steve chats with actress Sanaa Lathan (The Perfect Guy (2015)).
14 Sep 2015
S4, Ep5 - All Week, Steve Gives Away Ford Cars/Empty Nest/Neighborhood Awards

An unsuspecting guest wins a new Ford vehicle; Steve and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, talk about their empty nest and taking their two youngest children to college. Also: a backstage look at the Neighborhood Awards.
15 Sep 2015
S4, Ep6 - A Surprise Proposal and Wedding/Steve Helps a 9-Year-Old Boy/New Car/Cathy Mitchell

A young man's proposal and wedding are featured; Steve helps a 9-year-old boy find a date for his mother; a teen breast-cancer survivor wins a new car; and TV personality Cathy Mitchell serves up pizza.
16 Sep 2015
S4, Ep7 - Marcus Lemonis from CNBC's "The Profit"/New Car/Martha Stewart/DateNow Initative/Beatbox Battle

Marcus Lemonis, of TV's The Profit (2013), helps a single mother grow her business; Steve helps a young couple reignite the passion in their relationship; Martha Stewart and Steve serve up appetizers. Also: a father-daughter beat-box battle.
17 Sep 2015
S4, Ep8 - Jenni Farley, Nicole Polizzi and Shirley Strawberry Debate Current Headlines/Car Crash/Ford Giveaway

Jenni 'Jwoww' Farley, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Shirley Strawberry discuss topical headlines; a boy, who saved his niece from a car crash, is honored as a "Harvey's Hero"; author Alan Fox offers tips for strengthening personal connections.
18 Sep 2015
S4, Ep9 - Are We Racist? Steve Dives Into the Topic of Rising Racial Tensions and Subliminal Racism/New Ford

Steve addresses racial tensions and subliminal racism in society. Included: the studio audience participates in a social experiment; Dr. Anthony Greenwald shares insight; and a teen, who helped organize an integrated prom, receives a new car.
21 Sep 2015
S4, Ep10 - It's the Sexy Show! Kandi Burruss and Dr. Laura Berman Help Couples/Sex Myths/I Love My Man, But...

Kandi Burruss and Dr. Laura Berman are the guests in an edition that centers on sexuality. Included: a couple at odds over sex; sex myths; and a woman who claims her husband lacks sex appeal.
22 Sep 2015
S4, Ep11 - Steve Helps a Woman Get Closure by Confronting Her Ex/Emily Riedel/Steve's Future Son-in-Law

A woman tries to get closure in her life, by confronting her ex; Steve honors Emily Riedel, of TV's Bering Sea Gold (2012), as a female ground-breaker; and Steve's future son-in-law helps a boy reunite with his absentee father.
23 Sep 2015
S4, Ep12 - Steve Helps the Worst Dater in the State of Missouri/Steve's Daughter/Eye Exams/Manzo Family

Steve plays matchmaker for a romantically-challenged dater from Missouri; Steve's daughter and her fiancé visit one last time, before their wedding. Also: a look at back-to-school glasses and eye exams; the stars of TV's Manzo'd with Children (2014).
24 Sep 2015
S4, Ep13 - A Chicago Woman Turns to Steve for Help/Hottest BBQ Trends with Moe Cason/Reunion/DJ Porter

Steve helps a woman with her dating life; foodie Moe Cason (BBQ Pit Wars (2014)) spotlights barbecue trends. Also: a reunion between a woman and the nurse who helped her deliver triplets; a look at a Steve Harvey mash-up from DJ Porter.
25 Sep 2015
S4, Ep14 - Marjorie Harvey Joins Steve to Talk Fashion and Family/Hottest Fashions/Blended Family/National Coupon Month

Steve's wife, Marjorie Harvey, joins him for discussions about fashion and family. Also: Marjorie and Steve counsel a blended family, who are at odds; and top bargains are highlighted, in honor of National Coupon Month.
28 Sep 2015
S4, Ep15 - It's Mancrush Monday/Longtime Crush/Jon Seda, Patrick Flueger & Jesse Lee Soffer/Man-Bun

Steve reveals six of the men featured in his "2016 Man Candy Calendar", with help from Carrie Keagan and Kim Gravel; a woman reveals her secret crush on an unsuspecting friend. Also: Jon Seda, Patrick John Flueger and Jesse Lee Soffer, of TV's Chicago P.D. (2014).
29 Sep 2015
S4, Ep16 - "Crazy Talk" Co-Host Tanisha Thomas/International Coffee Day/"I Love My Man, But..."/Lemonade Brigade

Steve plays matchmaker for guest Tanisha Thomas of TV's Crazy Talk (2015). Also: creative uses for leftover coffee; a woman whose husband is an alleged control freak; children who raised money from a lemonade stand to help children in need.
30 Sep 2015
S4, Ep17 - "Harvey's Law" with Judge Marilyn Milian/Mercedes Mason/Roommate's Boyfriend

An installment of "Harvey's Law" features Judge Marilyn Milian, who helps people who have been scammed online; Steve helps friends determine if their roommate's boyfriend is genuine. Also: Mercedes Mason, of TV's Fear the Walking Dead (2015).
01 Oct 2015
S4, Ep18 - Steve Surprises Sheryl Underwood/Kitchen Upgrades/Wingman/Lego Version of Steve Harvey

Sheryl Underwood (The Talk (2010)); pointers from a professional wingman. Also: designers Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri (Kitchen Cousins (2011)) offer tips for kitchen transformations; the LEGO version of Steve Harvey is unveiled.
02 Oct 2015
S4, Ep19 - Wig Makeovers with Sherri Shepherd/Steve Cooks with Adam Richman/"Date Bombs"/Vegan Drink

Sherri Shepherd is the guest for a segment that includes wig makeovers; foodie Adam Richman cooks with Steve; a woman coaches her friend through a date; a guest from Season 3 returns and tries to launch a vegan-drink company.
05 Oct 2015
S4, Ep20 - I Love My Man, But... He's Obsessed with Comic Books/Millionaire Mom/Three Moms

Steve helps a woman, whose husband has an overwhelming interest in comic books with the help of Carrie Keagan. Also: a self-made millionaire mom; a status report on three mothers, who needed help with their teens sons in Season 3.
06 Oct 2015
S4, Ep21 - An All-Star Panel/Steve Tests High-End Luxury Products/Young Couple/Kids' Hilarious Letters to God

Hot topics are discussed with a panel that includes Kim Gravel, Shirley Strawberry, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Jenni 'Jwoww' Farley; Steve puts luxury products to the test; and a young couple reveal the gender of their baby to their friends and family.
07 Oct 2015
S4, Ep22 - How to Spruce Up Your Dating Profile/Kim Burrell/Devyn Rush

Tips are shared on how to improve dating profiles to attract men in appropriate age categories; gospel artist Kim Burrell performs; Devyn Rush (American Idol (2002)) addresses bullying.
08 Oct 2015
S4, Ep23 - Two Moms Go on Strike, Leaving Their Husbands to Take Over for the Day/Lorraine Toussaint from Fox's "Rosewood"

Wives go on strike; Lorraine Toussaint (Rosewood (2015)); shocking, extreme beauty trends.
09 Oct 2015
S4, Ep24 - I Love My Man, But... He's Afraid of Everything/Miller Gaffney & Carol Lee Brosseau from "Art Breakers"/Act Like a Success Chapter Study

A husband's numerous fears are impacting his family; collectibles experts Miller Gaffney and Carol Lee Brosseau, of TV's Art Breakers (2015), assess items brought in by audience members; Steve evaluate strengths and weaknesses on the path to success.
12 Oct 2015
S4, Ep25 - Steve Helps a Female Pro Football Player Find a Date/Dana Delany/Makeover for a Single Mom

Steve plays matchmaker for a player in an all-female football league. Also: an interview with Dana Delany; a makeover for a single mother and breast-cancer survivor.
13 Oct 2015
S4, Ep26 - Steve Celebrates His 30-Year Anniversary of Stand-Up Comedy/Dream Date/Sammy Hagar/Love Connection

Steve celebrates his 30-year anniversary of stand-up comedy with a salute to the 1980s. Included: Steve arranges a dream date for a couple; rocker Sammy Hagar serves up a recipe and a cocktail; and Steve brings back the game show, "Love Connection".
14 Oct 2015
S4, Ep27 - Steve Checks in with His 30-Day Date Couples/Hot Celebrity Looks with Dorothy Wang/Dad's Invention

Steve provides a status report on the couples in his 30-day date challenge; and Dorothy Wang highlights budget-friendly celebrity looks. Also: a father's diaper-related invention.
15 Oct 2015
S4, Ep28 - Kandi Burruss and Dr. Laura Berman Help a Couple/Alfonso Ribeiro/Martha Stewart's Halloween Party

Steve teams up with Kandi Burruss and Dr. Laura Berman to help a couple reignite their romance; Steve interviews Alfonso Ribeiro (America's Funniest Home Videos (1989)); and Martha Stewart host a Halloween bash with a "Day of the Dead" theme.
16 Oct 2015
S4, Ep29 - Lose 20 Pounds in 22 Days/7-Year-Old Mushroom Farmer/Tisha Campbell-Martin's Childroom Trauma

Exercise physiological Marco Borges helps three couples lose weight with his 22 day revolution vegan diet; A seven-year-old boy receives business advice for his company, tiger mushroom farms; actress Tisha Campbell-Martin from Dr. Ken (2015)
19 Oct 2015
S4, Ep30 - Taylor Kinney from "Chicago Fire"/Spoiled Daughter/Travel Like an A-Lister

Steve helps a father trying to get his teen daughter to understand how the real world works. Also: Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire (2012)); tips to travel like a star.
20 Oct 2015
S4, Ep31 - Lisa Ling Talks About Her New CNN Show/Disney Dreamers Academy/Man's Texts

Steve helps a woman decode her man's texts; Steve revisits former participants of his Disney Dreamers Academy and spotlights students at this year's event. Also: Lisa Ling (This Is Life with Lisa Ling (2014)).
21 Oct 2015
S4, Ep32 - Adam Rodriguez from "Empire"/MC Lyte Honored as a Female Groundbreaker/Dating Requirements

Steve helps a woman with a demanding list of dating requirements; Steve interviews actor Adam Rodriguez (Empire (2015)); Steve honors rapper MC Lyte as a female ground-breaker.
22 Oct 2015
S4, Ep33 - Jewel Chats About the Lessons She's Learned/Women Overhaul Their Dating Lives/Deal Breaker

Three women receive dating advice and get makeovers. Also: Jewel Kilcher; relationship deal breakers.
23 Oct 2015
S4, Ep34 - Steve Helps a Woman Find Closure from Her Past Relationships/Teacher/Surprise Job Interview

Steve helps a woman gain closure, in order to move on from past relationships; Steve honors a teacher for saving her students from a gun-wielding classmate; and a young college graduate has a surprise job interview.
26 Oct 2015
S4, Ep35 - An Entire Hour of Updates from Past Guests/Dating Advice

Past guests return to provide updates on their lives. Included: several of Steve's "United Dates of America" subjects; three sisters who participated in Steve's "Dating Lab"; and two mother-daughter duos.
27 Oct 2015
S4, Ep36 - Trainer Dolvett Quince with Updates from Former Contestants on "The Biggest Loser"/Trust Her Intuition

Fitness expert Dolvett Quince with updates from former contestants on the show, The Biggest Loser (2004); Steve helps a woman trust her intuition, when choosing men to date; and a couple feud over their home decor.
28 Oct 2015
S4, Ep37 - Behind the Scenes at "Family Feud"/Mr. September/Scary Animals with Jeff Musial/Pool Prodigy

A backstage look at the series, Family Feud (1999), features couples competing in a fast-money round; Steve plays matchmaker for Mr. September from the "Steve Harvey 2016 Man Candy Calendar"; Jeff Musial highlights formidable animals. Also: a teen pool prodigy.
29 Oct 2015
S4, Ep38 - Steve Harvey vs. Rachael Ray - Who Will Make the Better Breakfast Dish?/Dating Experiment

A young couple is given 24-hour "hall passes" to date other people; Steve and Rachael Ray compete to make the better breakfast in a showdown that features culinary judges Art Smith, chef Logan and Rick Bayless. Also: a celebration of bacon.
30 Oct 2015
S4, Ep39 - It's a Halloween Celebration at Harvey's Haunted Manor/Tanisha Thomas/Richard Blais/Afraid of the Dark

A Halloween celebration features Steve's stage decorated as Harvey's Haunted Manor; a husband faces his fears; foodie Richard Blais showcases Halloween treats; Tanisha Thomas (Crazy Talk (2015)) highlights scary reality TV moments. Also: costume makeovers.
02 Nov 2015
S4, Ep40 - Steve Wraps Up His "30 Day Date" Experiment/All-Star Panel Tackles Trending Topics

Steve concludes his "30 Day Date" experiment by offering status reports on all the couples, after they moved in together; headlines and newsmakers are discussed by a panel, that features Kim Gravel, Christina Milian, Scheana Marie Shay and Tanisha Thomas.
03 Nov 2015
S4, Ep41 - Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tone Bell from "Truth Be Told"/Third Wheel/Marcus Lemonis/Harvey's Hero

Steve plays matchmaker for a man, who describes himself as a "third wheel"; Steve teams with Marcus Lemonis (The Profit (2013)) to help a single mother build a business; a female fire helicopter pilot is honored. Also: Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tone Bell (Truth Be Told (2015)).
04 Nov 2015
S4, Ep42 - Steve Continues a Conversation About Race Relations/Panel of Experts

Steve addresses race relations. Included: headlines about race are discussed by a panel featuring Bakari Sellers, Katie Keiffer, Chris Distefano, Crystal Wright and Sunny Hostin.
05 Nov 2015
S4, Ep43 - A Woman's Surprise Intervention for Her Workaholic Friend/Reclaim His Birthday/Chef Graham Elliot

A woman claims her friend works too much and stages a surprise intervention for her; Steve helps a teen whose birthday is associated with heartbreak. Also: chef Graham Elliot.
06 Nov 2015
S4, Ep44 - It's Fly Day Friday, with Luxurious Trip Giveaways/Cynthia Bailey/Deidre Hall & Galen Gering

Fly Day Friday is celebrated with luxurious trip giveaways to audience members; Deidre Hall and Galen Gering celebrate the 50th anniversary of Days of Our Lives (1965). Also: Cynthia Bailey (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)); and a bedroom makeover.
09 Nov 2015
S4, Ep45 - Behind the Scenes at Steve's Daughter Karli's Recent Wedding!/An Update with Lorena Bobbitt, 20 Years After Making Scandalous Headlines!

A behind-the-scenes look at Steve's daughter's wedding includes honeymoon reflections. Also: an interview with Lorena Bobbitt, the center of a headline-making case in 1993, who discusses domestic violence.
10 Nov 2015
S4, Ep46 - Is It a Red Flag? With Todd Chrisley/Recent Trending Topics/Relationship Blogger

Todd Chrisley (Chrisley Knows Best (2014)) is a guest; Steve opines on trending topics; and Steve plays matchmaker for a relationship blogger. Also: cocktails featuring maple syrup.
11 Nov 2015
S4, Ep47 - Steve Celebrates Veterans Day All Hour/Honoring Our Military Men and Women with Surprise Reunions!

Steve salutes military men and women for Veterans Day. Included: military stories; surprise reunions; a renovation project for a veteran; patriotic artwork; and performances by the Navy Band Great Lakes.
12 Nov 2015
S4, Ep48 - An Entire Hour with Dr. Phil!/Dr. Phil's Wife Joins Steve in a Surprise I Love My Man But... Segment/Anniversary Game

Dr. Phil McGraw is the guest. Included: advice to audience members; Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, Steve and Marjorie Harvey, and Karli Harvey and Ben play the Anniversary Game.
13 Nov 2015
S4, Ep49 - All Hour, It's "Slay at Any Age!"/"Wonder Woman" Star Lynda Carter's Age-Defying Beauty Secrets/Date at Any Age

The theme "Slay at Any Age" features Steve providing tips on how to look great, feel amazing and find love. Included: dating at any age; beauty pointers from actress Lynda Carter; and advice to keep skin looking youthful.
16 Nov 2015
S4, Ep50 - Steve Celebrates Single Moms, All Hour/A Single Mom Panel/Safety Tips for Moms

Steve pays homage to single mothers in a segment that includes a single-mom panel, consisting of Bethenny Frankel, magazine editor Stacy Kaiser and Kym Whitley. Included: topics of interest to single moms; parenting styles; and Matt Doran (Crime Watch Daily (2015)) with safety tips.
17 Nov 2015
S4, Ep51 - Nicole Polizzi ("Snooki") on Being a Wife and Mom/Handsome Father-Son Duo/She Loves Her Man, But...

A father-and-son duo whose selfie went viral; Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi; a woman who claims her husband is too negative.
18 Nov 2015
S4, Ep52 - Timbaland Dishes on "Empire" & His New Memoir!/Lisa Ling's Sneak Peek at the Seduction Game/A Woman Who Can't Get Pass the Friend Zone

Author Tim Mosley (aka Timbaland) (Empire (2015)) (book, "The Emperor of Sound: A Memoir"); Lisa Ling (This Is Life with Lisa Ling (2014)); pickup artist Vince Kelvin.
19 Nov 2015
S4, Ep53 - CMT's Kellie Pickler & Her Husband, Kyle Jacobs/22-Day Revolution Diet/Friend Zone/Online Profile

Steve puts online profiles to the test to determine if they're too sexy; Steve interviews country artist Kellie Pickler and her husband, Kyle Jacobs (I Love Kellie Pickler (2015)); couples reveal their weight loss from a "22-Day Revolution" diet.
20 Nov 2015
S4, Ep54 - Dating at Any Age: The Follow Up!/Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Marriage, Kids and Her New Culinary Lifestyle Brand!

Three women in their 20's, 30's and 40's reveal whether or not they were able to connect with their date; Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar visits the show; Choice Hotels CEO Steve Joyce makes an announcement Steve's Mentoring Camp.
23 Nov 2015
S4, Ep55 - All Hour, It's "Battle of the Sexes 2015!"/Double Standards That Divide the Sexes

In "Battle of the Sexes 2015", Steve addresses double standards that divide the sexes. Included: gender roles; a panel of young men and women.
24 Nov 2015
S4, Ep56 - Steve Celebrates the "Thankful Hour"/Jill Scott/Spoiled Kids

Steve reflects on all that he's thankful for in the "Thankful Hour". Included: two parents reach out to Steve to help their spoiled children appreciate what they have; Jill Scott performs and is interviewed; a cooking lesson.
25 Nov 2015
S4, Ep57 - An Entire Hour with Superstar Mariah Carey! Mariah Dishes About Her Love Life, Co-Parenting and Holiday Traditions

Steve interviews Mariah Carey, who talks about her love life and her holiday traditions, gives a mother a makeover and teams up with audience members for a game of Holiday Taboo.
07 Dec 2015
S4, Ep58 - TV & Radio Personality Rickey Smiley/Jeremiah Brent/Todd Wilbur/Harvey's Hero

Steve interviews comedian Rickey Smiley; foodie Todd Wilbur puts the focus on chicken sandwiches; an 11-year-old boy is honored for helping less fortunate children; and designer Jeremiah Brent offers tips on how to throw a New Year's Eve party.
08 Dec 2015
S4, Ep59 - A Revealing Interview with CeeLo Green/Nate Berkus/Celebrity Pastors Rich and DawnChere Wilkerson

CeeLo Green; interior designer Nate Berkus; and celebrity pastors Rich Wilkerson and Dawn Chere Wilkerson, who offer marital advice for a couple planning to exchange wedding vows.
09 Dec 2015
S4, Ep60 - Infidelity in the Public Eye with Shannon & David Beador, Tina & Teddy Campbell/"Born Again Virgin"/Facebook Page

Marriage infidelity is discussed with couples Shannon Beador and David Beador (The Real Housewives of Orange County (2006) and Tina Atkins and Teddy Campbell (Mary Mary (2012). Also: the cast of Born Again Virgin (2015); the founder of the Facebook group, "Black Fathers".
10 Dec 2015
S4, Ep61 - The Life of a Reality TV Star, with Omarosa and Tiffany Pollard/Trending Topics/Kym Whitley

Omarosa Manigault (The Apprentice (2004)) and Tiffany Pollard (Flavor of Love (2006)) cast light on living the life of a reality TV figure; and Steve addresses trending topics. Also: Kym Whitley (Raising Whitley (2013)).
11 Dec 2015
S4, Ep62 - Marissa Hermer from "Ladies of London"/Past Relationship/Surprise Job Interview

A woman seeks help in getting closure after entering into a new relationship; Steve Harvey taste tests for Ladies of London (2014) star Marissa Hermer; A woman with masters degree receives help in landing her dream job in Human Resources.
14 Dec 2015
S4, Ep63 - Steve and Marjorie Harvey Kick Off This Year's Holiday Gift-Giving Guide/Single Mom/India.Arie

Steve and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, launch a week-long holiday gift-giving guide; Steve surprises a single mom with a fully furnished home for the holidays; and India Arie performs "The Christmas Song".
15 Dec 2015
S4, Ep64 - Holiday Baking with the Ladies of "DC Cupcakes";Military Mom/Date for the Holidays/Gift Suggestions

Steve serves up holiday gift suggestions for foodies; Steve plays matchmaker for a woman for the holidays; a military mother is honored as a "Holiday Harvey's Hero"; and the stars of the show, DC Cupcakes (2010), offer baking secrets.
16 Dec 2015
S4, Ep65 - Patti LaBelle & James Wright Chanel Talk/Surprise Military Reunion/Hottest Gifts for Kids

Steve spotlights hot toys for children. Also: Patti LaBelle and Internet star James Wright Chanel; a surprise military reunion for the holidays.
17 Dec 2015
S4, Ep66 - The Hottest Holiday Gifts for Your Teen/Twin Sisters at Odds/A Man Tries to Reconnect with an Ex

Steve highlights hot toys for teens; a man attempts to reconnect with the love of his life, for the holidays; Steve tries to help 34-year-old twins, who are at odds. Also: holiday-theme texts.
18 Dec 2015
S4, Ep67 - Is It a Relationship Deal Breaker? With Todd Chrisley/Hottest Technology Gifts/Baking Skills

A guide to giving technology gifts; Chrisley Knows Best (2014) star Todd Chrisley discusses his special, Chrisley Knows Best: A Very Chrisley Christmas 2 (2015), and weighs-in on whether viewers are faced with relationship deal breakers; Steve's business partner's, comic Rushion McDonald, "Perfect Bake" app.
28 Dec 2015
S4, Ep68 - An Update with Lorena Bobbitt/Worst Dater in Missouri/Hottest BBQ Trends with Moe Cason

Steve plays matchmaker for a Missouri woman, who's studying to be a minister; and foodie Moe Cason spotlights hot barbecue trends. Also: an interview with Lorena Bobbitt, who was at the center of a headline-making case in 1993.
04 Jan 2016
S4, Ep69 - It's "Fresh Start Week"/Hip-Hop Preacher Eric Thomas' Tips/Dolvett Quince/Medal of Honor Recipient

"Fresh Start Week" features pointers to stay motivated with hip-hop preacher Eric Thomas, tips on how to stay fit with celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince (The Biggest Loser (2004)), and an interview with Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg.
05 Jan 2016
S4, Ep70 - Fresh Start Week Continues/Football Superstar Ray Lewis/Lisa Nichols

"Fresh Start Week" continues with former NFL player Ray Lewis, who helps a mother and her 18-year-old son, who has dreams of playing football. Also: Steve and motivational speaker Lisa Nichols counsels a married couple at a crossroad in their relationship.
06 Jan 2016
S4, Ep71 - Add 20 Years to Your Life with Tips from Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Lauren Streicher/Al Roker & Deborah Roberts/Intervention

"Fresh Start Week" continues with tips, to add years to one's life, from Dr. Lauren Streicher and Dr. Travis Stork. Also: Al Roker and Deborah Roberts; and an intervention for a struggling small business.
07 Jan 2016
S4, Ep72 - Steve's Dating Intervention for a Pole-Dancing Attorney/Being Absent/Motivational Minute

Steve delivers a surprise dating intervention for a woman, who is an attorney by day and teaches pole-dancing classes at night; a father tries to make amends for years of being absent; and Steve provides a "Motivational Minute".
08 Jan 2016
S4, Ep73 - Jorge Cruise & Lacey Stone's Fitness Face-Off/Steve's Dating Intervention

Trainers Jorge Cruise and Lacey Stone square off in a fitness showdown. Also: a recap on a dating intervention for a pole-dancing attorney.
11 Jan 2016
S4, Ep74 - Hidden Cameras Reveal If Passerby Steps in to Help a Stranger/Harvey's Hero/Female MLB Coach/Jordan McGraw's Band

A series of hidden-camera segments reveal if passerby will help strangers; a man is honored as a "Harvey's Hero" for helping his Milwaukee community. Also: a female MLB coach; a performance by Jordan McGraw's band, "Hundred Handed".
12 Jan 2016
S4, Ep75 - It's the "Social Media Summit"/Dorothy Wang and DeStorm Power/Steve Learns How to Use Snapchat

Social media is explored with an audience full of twenty-somethings. Here, Dorothy Wang (Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (2014)) discusses social media's impact on various issues; and DeStorm Power (Punk'd (2003)) offers tips on how to become a social-media star. Also: a tutorial on how to use Snapchat.
13 Jan 2016
S4, Ep76 - Steve Helps a Divorced Woman/Scheana Shay, Tanisha Thomas & Judy Gold/Helping Homeless Children

Steve helps a divorced woman begin dating again; Scheana Marie Shay, Tanisha Thomas and Judy Gold discuss trending topics; and a woman is honored for helping homeless children celebrate their birthdays.
14 Jan 2016
S4, Ep77 - Grammy-Nominated Singer Angie Stone/Young Entrepreneur

R&B singer Angie Stone is interviewed, as is her daughter, Diamond Stone; Stone discusses her recent legal troubles and broken relationship with her daughter. Also: a young entrepreneur and her invention, called the ZipTank.
15 Jan 2016
S4, Ep78 - Steve's Annual Birthday Show, with Surprise Appearances by Kirk Franklin and T.I./New Grandson/School Photo

Steve's birthday is celebrated with appearances by Kirk Franklin and T.I.. Included: audience members receive a gift; Steve's new grandson makes his TV debut; Steve and T.I. help a single mother in need; Steve's elementary-school photo is recreated.
18 Jan 2016
S4, Ep79 - Steve Harvey Breaks His Silence About the Miss Universe Pageant in a Two-Day Event/Pia Wurtzbach & Olivia Jordan

Part 1 of 2. Steve addresses his stint as host of the Miss Universe pageant, during which he made headlines by announcing the wrong woman as the pageant winner. Insight from Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and Miss USA Olivia Jordan is included.
19 Jan 2016
S4, Ep80 - Miss Universe: The Truth, Part II/Steve Talks to Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutierrez, for the First Time Since the Pageant

Conclusion. Steve addresses his stint as host of the Miss Universe pageant and talks to Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutiérrez-Arévalo, the contestant Steve mistakenly announced had won the pageant. Also: Hoda Kotb (Today (1952)).
20 Jan 2016
S4, Ep81 - The Growing Trend of Polyamory/Trending Topics/Patrice Washington's Personal Finance Tips for Women

Steve discusses polyamory, the practice of intimate relationships involving more than two people, with insight from relationship therapist Laura Berman. Also: Patrice C. Washington has personal finance tips for women.
21 Jan 2016
S4, Ep82 - It's "The Stepmom Summit", with Marjorie Harvey & Tameka 'Tiny' Harris/Steve Helps a Woman

A "Stepmom Summit" is held with a panel that includes Marjorie Harvey and Tameka Harris; Steve helps a woman try to win back her ex.
22 Jan 2016
S4, Ep83 - Kyle Norman from Jagged Edge and His Wife Marrika Talk to Steve About Kyle's Assault Arrest/Judge Patricia DiMango from Hot Bench

Musician Kyle Norman, of the music group Jagged Edge, visits the show with his wife, Marrika, as they talk about his arrest for aggravated assault; Hot Bench (2014) judge Patricia DiMango offers legal information to viewers during "Harvey's Law".
25 Jan 2016
S4, Ep84 - "Where Are They Now?" with Jon Gosselin

Troubling and alarming headlines are discussed by panelists that include Dr. Drew Pinsky, Sunny Hostin and Bakari Sellers. Also: an interview with Jonathan Gosselin.
26 Jan 2016
S4, Ep85 - A Woman Is Set Up/Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relationships/A Woman Who Fought Off an Intruder

A woman tells of fighting off an intruder; teacher Christine Scarlett had her student's baby.
27 Jan 2016
S4, Ep86 - Steve's First-Ever "Couples Summit", with Marjorie Harvey, Bill & Giuliana Rancic/Couples' Looks

Steve's inaugural "Couples Summit" explores marital struggles and the keys to a good relationship in a segment that includes Marjorie Harvey, plus Bill Rancic and Giuliana Rancic. Also: favorite couples' looks on a budget.
28 Jan 2016
S4, Ep87 - A Whole Hour Dedicated to "The New Rich", Featuring Young Entrepreneurs Who Have Made Millions!/Tips on How You Can Strike It Rich!

Young professionals who had made millions of dollars share the secrets to their success.
29 Jan 2016
S4, Ep88 - Fellow Comedian Marlon Wayans/Marlon and Steve Offer Advice to Single Moms Raising Sons/Steve Tackles the Epidemic of Teen Sexting

An interview with actor and comic Marlon Wayans from Fifty Shades of Black (2016); Steve Harvey talks about the trend of teenagers exchanging sexually-related texts; a mother attempts to prevent her young daughter from taking part in sexting.
01 Feb 2016
S4, Ep89 - Filmmakers Behind 8 Days Discuss Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery/Learn How to Decode Your Dreams! A Man Whose Career Turned Around

Sex slavery and human trafficking; Steve's book turns a man's life arou.
02 Feb 2016
S4, Ep90 - Spike Lee Talks About the Lack of Diversity at the Oscars/Two Big Brothers

Two brothers conduct a surprise dating intervention for their little sister. Also: Spike Lee discusses his 2015 film, Chi-Raq (2015), and the lack of diversity at the Academy Awards.
03 Feb 2016
S4, Ep91 - The Unique Challenges of Interracial Love/A Woman Dates Outside of Her Race for the First Time/Reconnect

Interracial love and relationships are discussed. Included: a woman considers dating outside her race, for the first time; and a woman tries to reconnect with her mother.
04 Feb 2016
S4, Ep92 - A Diverse Panel Discusses the Deep Religious Divide in America/Growing Islamophobia in the U.S.

The religious divide in America is discussed by a panel of religious leaders. Included: a Christian woman spends a day with a Muslim-American woman. Also: a woman who survived a shooting.
05 Feb 2016
S4, Ep93 - Music Executive L.A. Reid and His New Book/Steve's 30-Day Date Experiment/Music Mentorship Program

Three new couples take on Steve Harvey's 30-day experiment; author L.A. Reid talks about his book "sing to me; my story of making music,finding magic, and searching for who's next"; guitars over guns operation CEO Chad Bernstein.
08 Feb 2016
S4, Ep94 - A Woman Who "Loves Her Man, But..."She Hates His Hip Hop Fashion Sense!

"Love Week" kicks off with a wedding story that involves a bride's father and stepfather. Also: a dueling dad and a stepfather try to find common ground to co-parent; and a woman dislike her man's hip-hop fashion style.
09 Feb 2016
S4, Ep95 - Steve's Exclusive Update with Rielle Hunter, Former Mistress of John Edwards/Dating Styles/Super Fan

Steve plays matchmaker for three women, with a focus group of men appraising their dates. Also: an update on Rielle Hunter, who was involved in a political scandal in the late 2000s; a surprise for a super fan.
10 Feb 2016
S4, Ep96 - A Dating Experiment Meant to Help Twin Sisters Look Beyond Physical Appearance/A Hero Mailman Saves a Girl from a Dog Attack

Sisters are set up on dates with unattractive men; a mailman rescues a child; an alligator wrangler.
11 Feb 2016
S4, Ep97 - Steve Helps Friends Stage a Dating Intervention as Part of Love Week!/A Couple That Overcame Tremendous Odds in Their Marriage/Dr. Laura Berman's New Book

Steve helps stage a dating intervention for a woman who claims she attracts all the wrong men; Dr. Laura Berman highlights her new book, "Quantum Love". Also: a married couple who overcame serious obstacles.
12 Feb 2016
S4, Ep98 - Steve Wraps Up "Love Week" with a Valentine's Day Celebration for the Ladies in the Audience/Steve Sets Up Some of His Former Guests

Former guests of the show set up with a group of eligible bachelors; Steve receives an update from Tracy about her date; an audience member is set up on date.
15 Feb 2016
S4, Ep99 - Steve Dedicates the Entire Hour to the Epidemic of Gun Violence in Chicago

Steve takes on the problematic issue of gun violence in the city of Chicago with a panel of guests including pastor Corey Brooks, Father Michel Pfleger, Brandon Smith, Elizabeth Dozier, Brandon Jackson, Curtis Toler and Valerie Jarrett.
16 Feb 2016
S4, Ep100 - A Focus Group of Women Helps Viewers Navigate Relationship Issues/Three Women Who Spent Time in Prison

A focus group of seven diverse women provides advice to women in tough situations; three women, who spent time in prison, thank those who supported them.
17 Feb 2016
S4, Ep101 - All-Star Panel with Michelle Williams, Kim Gravel and Judy Gold!/Patrice Washington with Money Management Tips for Millenials

Kim Gravel ("Gravel Mail"); comic Judy Gold; singer Michelle Williams; Patrice C. Washington.
19 Feb 2016
S4, Ep103 - Steve Checks in with Couples Undergoing the "30 Day Date" Experiment; College Students Plan a Surprise

Now more than halfway through his "30 day date" experiment, Steve checks in on his group of singles to see how their progress is coming along; four pharmaceutical students surprise their professor, Dr. Jaime Riskin, for being an excellent mentor.
22 Feb 2016
S4, Ep104 - Steve Harvey's Interview with Ray J and Princess Love/Winner of the Fitness Face-Off

Recording artist and reality star Ray J stops by with his fiancee Princess Love, to talk to Steve Harvey about their relationship; Steve puts two diet plans to the test with celebrity trainers Jorge Cruise and Lacey Stone.
23 Feb 2016
S4, Ep105 - A Diverse Panel of Woman of All Ages Offers Advice to Woman in Their 20s!/Two Sisters Barely on Speaking Terms

Steve is joined by group of woman between 31 and 91 years old who trying to help a younger group of women in their 20's through their own personal experience in love, relationship, sex, and in their careers.
24 Feb 2016
S4, Ep106 - Steve Welcomes Presidential Hopeful, Secretary Clinton; Selfie Went Viral; Chess

Steve Harvey is joined by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to talk about her presidential campaign and the 2016 election; Steve also talks to chess Irina Krush after becoming the first woman in America to become a Grandmaster.
25 Feb 2016
S4, Ep107 - Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton from "Eddie the Eagle"/Trending Topics/Harvey's Hero

Steve chats with Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton, of the 2016 film Eddie the Eagle (2016); hot headlines are discussed; and a man who helped teens restore old cars is honored as a "Harvey's Hero".
26 Feb 2016
S4, Ep108 - Steve Welcomes Comedian and Actor Ken Jeong; How to Get Over an Ex; Navy Veteran

A group of women stage an intervention for their friend, who's having a hard time getting over her ex. Also: Ken Jeong (Dr. Ken (2015)); a Navy veteran who founded a program that honors fallen soldiers and their families.
29 Feb 2016
S4, Ep109 - Steve and Dr. Drew Pinsky Tackle Teen Bullying

Steve Harvey discusses the prevalence of bullying in today's society and is joined by Dr. Drew Pinsky; a hidden-camera bullying experiment is conducted; the founder of forever visits the show and engages in the discussion.
01 Mar 2016
S4, Ep110 - Kym Whitley's 'Recycle My Ex" Party/Joy Bauer/A 6-Year-Old Basketball Phenom

Comic Kym Whitley of Raising Whitley (2013) undergoes a dating experiment and hosts a recycle my ex party, where she and her friends all bring an ex-significant other and see if any of them are a good fit for someone else at the party.
02 Mar 2016
S4, Ep111 - Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison Talks Parenting/Parenting Techniques/Work Wife

Two time super bowl champion James Harrison, linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, discusses a comment he posted on social media, how he feel about his son getting a participation trophy not winning, and host a panel of parents.
11 Mar 2016
S4, Ep112 - A Sneak Peek at "Little Big Shots"/Cosmetic Procedures/Too Much Time with My Husband

Two women meet with a dermatologist before rejoining the dating scene; a look at NBC's Little Big Shots (2016); a 6-year old spelling master challenges Steve to a spelling test; a married couple receive help in reconnecting with each other.
14 Mar 2016
S4, Ep113 - The Flint Water Crisis

Flint, Michigan, residents have fallen ill from city water contaminated by lead.
15 Mar 2016
S4, Ep114 - Steve Talks with Fred & Kim Goldman and Kato Kaelin, 20 Years After the O.J. Simpson Trial/Millennial Dating Trends You Should Ditch/"Act Like a Success" Conference

The father and sister of murder victim Ron Goldman; O.J. Simpson's former houseguest Kato Kaelin.
16 Mar 2016
S4, Ep115 - Parenting Tips from Holly Robinson & Rodney Peete

Rodney Peete and Holly Robinson Peete (For Peete's Sake (2016)); Judy Gold, Michl.
17 Mar 2016
S4, Ep116 - The Cast of NBC's "The Carmichael Show!"/Easter Fashions/Today's Trending Headlines

Steve Harvey shares his views on popular entertainment news headlines; actors Jerrod Carmichael, David Alan Grier, Loretta Devine, Tiffany Haddish and Amber Stevens West from The Carmichael Show (2015); a look at Easter Sunday fashions.
21 Mar 2016
S4, Ep117 - Cuba Gooding Jr. Talks About "The People v. O.J. Simpson"/Trending Topics with Steve/Bad Breakup/Byron Miranda

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. (The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016)) visits the show; Steve Harvey shares his take on the latest headlines; an update on one woman's dating life; local meteorologist Byron Miranda discusses his viral video.
22 Mar 2016
S4, Ep118 - Todd Chrisley and Steve Give Advice to Women Ready to Break Up with Their Men!/Strained Relationship/Life Coach Rhonda Britten

Reality star Todd Chrisley and Steve Harvey give relationship advice to women; a troubled family receives help; life coach Rhonda Britten discusses speaking at the "Act Like a Success" conference.
23 Mar 2016
S4, Ep119 - The "30 Day Date" Finale!/Tips from David Otunga/Heather Thomson & Amilya Antonetti

The couples, who took part in Steve's "30 Day Date" experiment, provide updates on their relationships; wrestler David Otunga shares the benefits of small changes in diet and lifestyle; three women receive help, from Heather Thomson and Amilya Antonetti, in propelling their business.
24 Mar 2016
S4, Ep120 - Steve Takes on Trending Topics in "The Way I See It!"/Dueling Moms/First Date

Steve Harvey shares his take on the latest headlines; a mother and step-mother undergo family therapy; a young christian woman goes on her first date; a heroic police officer's story; Choice Hotels CEO Steve Joyce donates to the mentoring program.
28 Mar 2016
S4, Ep121 - Tips from Millionaires on How to Become One Yourself/Author Johnny Wimbrey/Patrice Washington

Self-made millionaires reflect on their success stories and offer financial tips. Also: author Johnny Wimbrey serves up $25,000 to a winning inventor; and financial expert Patrice C. Washington shares advice about money.
29 Mar 2016
S4, Ep122 - Steve Decodes a Woman's Online Dating Tactics

Steve helps a young woman, seeking a lasting relationship, get her love life on track; the "Travel Mom" shares the top vacation destinations; a woman gives the man, with whom she is in a "friends with benefits" relationship, an ultimatum.
30 Mar 2016
S4, Ep123 - Taye Diggs Talks About Parenting and Racial Identity/A Woman Who Cheated Death/Woman Confronts Her Man

Actor Taye Diggs from Murder in the First (2014) visits the show to talk about fatherhood and his children's book about racial identity; a survivor of a pulmonary embolism shares her story; a woman who wants her boyfriend to commit receives help.
31 Mar 2016
S4, Ep124 - John Weisbarth & Zack Giffin, Hosts of FYI's "Tiny House Nation"/Presidential Wiz/Young Couple/David Otunga

Tiny House Nation (2014) hosts John Weisbarth and Zach Giffin give Steve Harvey a tour of a tiny house; a 4-year-old expert on the U.S. presidents shares his take on current politics; a couple, at a crossroads, talk about the struggle of cohabitation; and lifestyle changes with wrestler David Otunga.
04 Apr 2016
S4, Ep125 - Steve Helps a Young Couples Decode Their Arguments About Trust, Finances and Marriage/Two Entrepreneurs Face Off to Win $10,000

Steve tries to improve a woman's love life, by decoding her online dating tactics. Also: travel tips; and a woman who's in a "friends with benefits" relationship.
05 Apr 2016
S4, Ep126 - Finding Mr. Right on Tinder, No Matter What Your Age/Couple Who Survived a Burning Yacht

Dating Coach Bela Gandhi shares the keys to meeting someone on tinder, regardless of age; a family shares the story of how a fishing trip went away, and the two fishermen who saved their lives visit the show to talk about the events that transpired.
06 Apr 2016
S4, Ep127 - Tips on How to Become a Social Media Star!/Cleansing Your Body from the Inside Out/Behind Bars

Former professional basketball player Seth Sundberg shares the story of how he reinvented himself, after being charged with tax evasion and sentenced to seven years prison; YouTube star Laura Vitale and Rachel Levin share tips for achieving social media success; health pointers on cleansing the body from the inside out; and a prisoner's story of hope.
07 Apr 2016
S4, Ep128 - DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good's Book About Staying Celibate for an Entire Year!/Dr. Drew Helps Facilitate an Intervention for a Heroin Addict

Authors DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good share the story behind their book"The Wait"; a family confronts their loved one about his drug addiction with the help of HLN host Dr. Drew Pinsky and the founder of A Man in Recovery Foundation.
11 Apr 2016
S4, Ep129 - Steve Celebrates Female Empowerment with the "Boss Lady" Hour!

The inventor who inspired the film "Joy (2015)" shares the story of her success; three businesswomen learn how they can grow their enterprises; a female executive receives help with her dating life; the sisters who co-founded Truee Wine are honored.
12 Apr 2016
S4, Ep130 - A Couple at Political Odds Postpones Their Wedding!

Steve helps a couple who claim the future of their relationship is jeopardized by their political views; a troubled teenager is placed in a program for at-risk teens; a singer who faced criticism for singing the national anthem in a mariachi outfit.
13 Apr 2016
S4, Ep131 - Friend and Family Turn a Woman in for Dressing Too Sexy/Steve Highlights His Annual Disney Dreamer's Academy

Steve Harvey offers his opinion on the latest headlines; a woman is pushed to realize she is sending the message by wearing provocative clothing.
14 Apr 2016
S4, Ep132 - Kristin Cavallari Talk About Balancing Work and Family Life!

Steve Harvey weighs in on the latest headlines; a couple learn to adjust to a reverse in their roles; actor Larenz Tate from "Game of Silence (2016)" visits the show; television personality Kristin Cavallari discusses her book "Balancing in Heels".
18 Apr 2016
S4, Ep133 - Kailyn and Leah from MTV's "Teen Mom 2" with Dr. Drew Pinsky

Steve weighs in on the latest headlines; "Teen Mom 2 (2011)" Stars Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer-Calvert, along with HLN host Dr. Drew Pinsky, help young mothers learn to balance their lives; "Hot Bench (2014)" Judge Patricia DiMango offers legal counsel; Steve's "Ride for Charity".
19 Apr 2016
S4, Ep134 - An Exclusive Sit Down with Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett!

Kendra on Top (2012) stars Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett discuss their marriage and offer relationship advice; The Voice (2011) winner Jordan Smith performs; dating expert Bela Gandhi helps a woman who is searching for man to date her mother-in-law.
20 Apr 2016
S4, Ep135 - Recycle Your Ex Party Recap with Kym Whitley

"Raising Whitley (2013)" star Kym Whitley presents an update on her and her friends "Recycle My Ex" dating experiment; Steve Harvey helps a woman set higher standards for the men she dates; a master distiller is honored as a "Female Groundbreaker".
21 Apr 2016
S4, Ep136 - A Panel of Men Answers Questions from Women

A panel of six men answer questions from an audience full of women; Naturally Danny Seo magazine editor-in-chief Danny Seo offers tips for recycling at home; returning panelists Kim Gravel, Nischelle Turner and Judy Gold weigh in on headlines.
25 Apr 2016
S4, Ep137 - Steve Kicks Off "Little Big Shots" Week

A 10-year-old Sport Stacker showcases his cup stacking skills; a "Kids Chat" featuring nine children as they discuss pop culture, relationships and politics; a pair of young salsa dancers perform; MasterChef Junior (2013) winner Addison makes cupcakes,
26 Apr 2016
S4, Ep138 - "Little Big Shots" Week Continues with an 11-Year-Old Gymnast

A 30-year-old man who has never kissed someone receives dating help; 11-years old Gymnast Konnor McClain showcases her balance beam skills; Steve tries to convince a woman to open up a hair salon; a 3-year-old Baltimore Ravens fan
27 Apr 2016
S4, Ep139 - "Little Big Shots" Week Continues with Pint-Sized Skateboarders from Japan!

Steve Harvey weighs-in on the latest headlines; two women seek Steve's help in giving their friend a dating intervention; young skateboarders travel from Japan to perform tricks; a football player and children's book author visits the show.
28 Apr 2016
S4, Ep140 - "Little Big Shots" Week Continues with Tween Ballet Dancers

ESSENCE Magazine entertainment director Cori Murray previews the 22nd annual Essence Fest; a married couple receive help in getting their children to get along; a pair of young ballet dancers perform; a woman undergoes a dating intervention.
29 Apr 2016
S4, Ep141 - Steve Wraps Up "Little Big Shots" Week with a 10-Year-Old Pianist/Dolvett Quince Brings Back Former Contestants from "The Biggest Loser"

Steve Harvey weighs-in on trending headlines; fitness trainer Dolvett Quince brings former teammates to the show to train three new contestants; a young self-taught pianist performs with Steve; Pastor Rich Wilkerson discusses his book.
02 May 2016
S4, Ep142 - "Family Therapy's" Dr Jean Mann

Dr. Jenn Mann, of TV's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn (2016), is featured in a segment that includes raw conversations with Tiffany Pollard and her mother Michele Rothschild-Patterson, plus Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan. Also: hot headlines; an interracial date; and a 4-year-old preacher.
03 May 2016
S4, Ep143 - It's the "Twin Hour!" Steve's Twin Daughters Co-Host, with an Audience Full of Identical Twins!

Steve Harvey's twin daughters, Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey, co-hosts the show; twin sisters update Steve on their wedding and families; twin bothers, who resemble Bradley Cooper, share the story behind a video about crashing celebrity parties; two sisters receive fashion makeovers from stylist Lawrence Zarian.
04 May 2016
S4, Ep144 - Steve Catches Up with Kelly Rowland! An 18-Year-Old Who Stopped a Robbery During a Job Interview. I Love My Man, But... He's a Stripper

Musician Kelly Rowland visits the show to discuss her documentary series Chasing Destiny (2016); an interview with a teenager who stopped a robbery while at a job interview; a woman who claims her man is too attractive receives help.
05 May 2016
S4, Ep145 - Steve Helps an Outrageous Dater. Two Millennials Honored as a Harvey's Hero. Jeff Musial Brings Wild Animals to the Steve Harvey Stage!

A woman receives help with her poor dating habits; two millennials, who use social media and technology to help others, are honored as "Harvey's Heroes"; "The Animal Guy" Jeff Musial visits the show with wild animals, which include a vulture, an armadillo and an arctic fox.
06 May 2016
S4, Ep146 - It's the Baby Show Hour, with an Audience Full of Moms-to-Be!/Steve's Pregnant Daughter Karli Co-Hosts/Kandi Burruss & LuAnn De Lesseps

Steve Harvey celebrates his soon-to-be-born grandson by throwing a baby shower; expecting mothers receives gifts; reality star Kandi Burruss and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and OB-Gyn Dr. Lauren Streicher discuss the birthing process.
09 May 2016
S4, Ep147 - "Where Are They Now?" Week Kicks Off with Salt-N-Pepa & Kid 'n Play!

Week opens with a look at the rap group Salt-N-Pepa in a segment that also includes an appearance by Kid 'N Play. Also: men and women debate traditional gender roles.
10 May 2016
S4, Ep148 - "Where Are They Now?" Week with Bret Michaels and Flavor Flav

A "Where Are They Now?" segment spotlight singers and reality stars Bret Michaels and Flavor Flav; Steve helps a woman play matchmaker for her twin sister. Also TV executive Cris Abrego.
11 May 2016
S4, Ep149 - "Where Are They Now?" Week Continues with JJ Walker and the Cast of "Good Times"

A "Where Are They Now?" segment revisits the cast of Good Times (1974), including Jimmie Walker, Ralph Carter, BernNadette Stanis, Johnny Brown and Ja'net DuBois. Also: Steve plays matchmaker for two women; Steve honors a teen who saved his neighbor's life.
12 May 2016
S4, Ep150 - "Where Are They Now?" Week Continues with an Exclusive Chat with John Wayne Bobbitt

A "Where Are They Now?" segment centers on entertainer Charo and 1990s newsmaker John Wayne Bobbitt. Also: Steve meets three high-school seniors who have been accepted to nearly 80 colleges; Steve helps women determine their relationship status.
13 May 2016
S4, Ep151 - Steve Wraps Up "Where Are They Now?" Week by Reuniting the Cast of "A Different World"!

Actors Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Cree Summer, Charnele Brown and Darryl M. Bell from A Different World (1987) visits the show; a group of women debate over the cost of managing hairstyles.
16 May 2016
S4, Ep152 - Steve Kicks Off "Summer of Steve"/Terrence J/Myron Mixon/Harvey's Hero/Hair Tips

Summer is celebrated with "Summer of Steve Week"; two play "Fast Money"; Barbecue master Myron Mixon serves up culinary lessons; Steve honors a woman for saving children during a shooting. Also: Terrence J; and summer hair tips.
16 May 2016
S4, Ep153 - Steve Finds a Date for Indy Car Driver, James Hinchcliffe

Steve plays matchmaker for racer James Hinchcliffe; Steve highlights a summer camp founded by a Purple Heart recipient and his wife; Steve's wife and daughter spotlight a 21-day diet challenge; and an audience member wins a summer trip.
18 May 2016
S4, Ep154 - Steve Continues the "Summer of Steve Week", with a Summer Reunion

Favorite and memorable guests return for a summer reunion to provide updates on their lives. included the founder of Teen Project, which helps young people in need; and best of clips from the show. Also: An audience member wins a summer trip.
19 May 2016
S4, Ep155 - The "Summer of Steve" Continues with Marjorie Harvey's Summer "Must Haves!"/Four Couples Try a 90-Day No Sex Experiment/Two Inventors Compete

Steve meets four couples attempting a 90-day no-sex experiment; Marjorie Harvey highlights must-have summer styles; two inventors showcase their products; and an audience member wins a summer trip.
20 May 2016
S4, Ep156 - Steve Welcomes Fellow Show Hosts, Jerry Springer & Steve Wilkos

"Summer of Steve Week" concludes with guests Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos; a family drama unfolds; Steve helps a man reveal his secret crush; and an audience member wins a summer trip. Also: newlyweds who raised money for the needy at their wedding.
23 May 2016
S4, Ep157 - "Ask a Pastor" with Pastor John Hannah!/A Pint-Size Golf Champ Gives Steve Putting Lessons/Steve Helps a Woman Reunite with Her Sweetheart!

Pastor John Hannah; a 9-year-old golf champion; a woman reunites with her middle-school sweetheart.
24 May 2016
S4, Ep158 - Todd Chrisley Gives Advice to Woman on a Date, with Hidden Cameras and an Earpiece!/Lalah Hathaway Performs!

Reality star Todd Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best (2014) is interviewed and helps Steve Harvey with a dating experiment; Steve helps save a couple's upcoming wedding; beach exercises for toning bodies; musician Lalah Hathaway performs.
25 May 2016
S4, Ep159 - Exclusive Interview with Bishop Eddie Long/Bill and Giuliana Rancic Step in to Help a Married Couple at Odds Over Running a Business

Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia discusses the story behind his book, ("The Untold Story"); a married couple receive help, from Bill Rancic and Giuliana Rancic, in saving their food truck business and their marriage; celebrity stylist Timothy Snell visits the show.
06 Jun 2016
S4, Ep160 - Fellow Game Show Host, Jane Lynch!/Steve Helps a Man Get Over His Ex with a New Dating Experiment

"Hollywood Game Night" (2013)_ host Jane Lynch is interviewed and plays a game of "Dance in Your Pants"; a man receives help in moving on from his past love; a married couple share their love story; a look at how cleanses from D herbs are beneficial.
07 Jun 2016
S4, Ep161 - Finding Love in Unexpected Places!/Siblings/New Dating Apps

Two Students share the story of how they came together through snapchat; two children seek help in finding someone for their mother; a look at summer dating apps; comic Sherri Shepherd from Match Made in Heaven (2015) visits the show.
08 Jun 2016
S4, Ep162 - Dr. Laura Berman and the "Summer of Sex" Experiment!/Couples Agree to Have Sex Every Day for 90 Days Straight!/Exploring Aphrodisiacs

An audience of couples are challenged to have sex every day for 90 days in order to better their relationships, with relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman joining the conversation; beauty expert Michelle Park shares a number of aphrodisiacs; a man tries to save his marriage of one year after having an affair.
09 Jun 2016
S4, Ep163 - All Hour, Inspirational Comeback Stories/Updates with Ted Williams, the Golden Voice, & Professional Dancer Who Lost a Leg

Destiny Global CEO and President Dani Johnson shares the story of how she became a millionaire; homeless man w/ a "golden voice" reveals how fame led to trouble; a professional dancer who lost her leg at the Boston Marathon bombing dances.
13 Jun 2016
S4, Ep164 - Steve Kicks Off "Men of 90's R&B Week" with New Edition!

Musical group New Edition joins the show as part of "Men of the 90's R&B Week"; eight-year-old Mari Copeny stops by to talk about meeting President Obama after writing a letter to him; Steve helps a 22 year old evaluate her love life.
14 Jun 2016
S4, Ep165 - "Men of 90's R&B Week" Continues with Keith Sweat!/Fellow Comedian Mike Epps from "Uncle Buck"/Lifetime's Susan Lucci & Dania Ramirez

Comedian Mike Epps joins the show to talk about his new sitcom, Uncle Buck (2016), and helps Steve counsel a couple who are at odds over the use of profanity; actresses Susan Lucci and Dania Ramirez from Devious Maids (2013) stop by; singer Keith Sweat performs.
15 Jun 2016
S4, Ep166 - "Men of 90's R&B Week" Continues with Bobby Brown! Bobby Gives Viewers a Sneak Peek at His New Memoir/Kym Whitley's "Recycle Your Ex" Party

Singer Bobby Brown joins the show to talk about his memoir, "Every Little Step"; comedian Kym Whitley shares her dating issues with Steve; interior designer Mikel Welch shows viewers weekend projects for the summer, including building a backyard pergola; Janelle Inez prepares an iced coffee.
16 Jun 2016
S4, Ep167 - Steve Crowns the "Dad of the Year" for Father's Day!/Steve's Son Jason Debuts His New Women's Shoe Line Called Yevrah/Men of 90s R&B Week

Viewers from across the country share stories about their fathers; four fathers will compete for the title of "Dad of the Year" and a $10,000 check; Steve's son Jason features his women's shoe line; Montell Jordan makes an appearance.
17 Jun 2016
S4, Ep168 - Steve Catches Up with Melissa Rivers. "Men of the 90's R&B Week" Wraps Up

Melissa Rivers joins the show to talk about her mother's legacy and other personal stories from her "The Book of Joan"; founder of Awakening Herbal Blends, Ladell Hills shares how to cleanse the body; singer Ginuwine stops by