Season 10 - Screen Two (1985)
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Screen Two (1985)

Country: UK

Director: Tristram Powell, Udayan Prasad, Christopher Morahan, Sandy Johnson, ...

Writers: Martin Allen, Al Ashton, Margaret Atwood, Jane Austen, ...

Stars: Geoffrey Chater, Roger Brierley, Bernard Hill, Warren Clarke, ...

Producer Kenith Trodd was part of a 1984 team brought together to study how the BBC should respond to Channel Four's pioneering efforts in making films for both television and theatrical release. The result was a transition from the earlier concept of studio-made plays, such as "Play for Today" and the introduction of the new BBC anthology film series, "Screen One" and "Screen Two," with Trodd's supervision of the initial group of titles in 1985.

Seasons:   11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 1 - 2

Season 10 Series:

02 Mar 1994
S10, Ep1 - Genghis Cohn

09 Mar 1994
S10, Ep2 - Skallagrigg

Back in the 'bad old days' when the physically and mentally disabled were locked away in institutions a legend grew of someone who could stand up to the authorities and help them. This charming story is how a group of disabled people went to chase that legend. To assist them John is forced to come to terms with his daughter and her friends.
16 Mar 1994
S10, Ep3 - All Things Bright and Beautiful

A young boy's innocent observations leads the local priest to believe he has borne witness to a manifestation of the Virgin Mary. Set in an idyllic rural Northern Ireland in the 1950's.
S10, Ep4 - Episode #10.4

30 Mar 1994
S10, Ep5 - O Mary This London

06 Apr 1994
S10, Ep6 - Dirtysomething

13 Apr 1994
S10, Ep7 - Return to Blood River

20 Apr 1994
S10, Ep8 - Henri

A ten year old Protestant girl travels to Belfast to take part in a music festival, and is billetted with a Catholic family.
27 Apr 1994
S10, Ep9 - Zinky Boys Go Underground

In Moscow, veterans of the Afghanistan war live on the margin. Their leader is Andrei, their former sergeant, blind from drinking wood alcohol there, and attended in a wheelchair by his younger sister, Lena. Andrei and his pals have a black-market stall, paying off both the city's Mafia (Oblov comes by regularly to collect) and the cops. The cops are looking for a subway slasher; Andrei is in love with Oriolo, a stylish African; unbeknownst to Andrei, Oriolo is saving to leave for Paris; and, Lena wants to protect her brother. When new cops trash their stall, Andrei ...
S10, Ep10 - Episode #10.10

11 May 1994
S10, Ep11 - Hope in the Year Two

18 May 1994
S10, Ep12 - Sin Bin

A male nurse in a mental hospital witnesses one patient killing another, but does not come forward.
25 May 1994
S10, Ep13 - Men of the Month

S10, Ep14 - Episode #10.14

08 Jun 1994
S10, Ep15 - A Landing on the Sun

Brian Jessel, a civil servant in the Cabinet Office, is asked to investigate the mysterious death of the civil servant Stephen Summerchild twenty years earlier. Summerchild was working on a Cabinet project, under the Oxford philosophy don Elizabeth Serafin, to find the "quality of life" in Britain. Jessel finds a box of audio tapes from the project containing all the discussions up to the time Summerchild fell off the Admiralty Building.
15 Jun 1994
S10, Ep16 - In the Cold Light of Day

22 Jun 1994
S10, Ep17 - Criminal