Season 25 - Inside Edition (1988)
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Inside Edition (1988)

Country: USA

Genres: Documentary, News

Director: Chuck Woodruff


Stars: Deborah Norville, Les Trent, Jim Moret, Diane McInerney, ...

Along with "Hard Copy" and "A Current Affair", this show was one of the early alternative news shows to be carried nationwide in the US. Primary stories usually focused on sex scandals, sensational crimes and emerging religious cults, but secondary stories often carried such information as consumer safety tips, health and fitness recommendations, and various "human interest" stories.

Seasons:   Unknown - 111 - 26 - 25 - 19 - 16

Season 25 Series:

15 Apr 2014
S25, Ep105 - MTV Movie Awards Wrap-Up

09 Jun 2014
S25, Ep197 - Secrets of Scents

A look at how stores are using delicious aromas to get customers to buy their products.
10 Jun 2014
S25, Ep198 - Episode #25.198

11 Jun 2014
S25, Ep199 - Episode #25.199

12 Jun 2014
S25, Ep200 - Episode #25.200

13 Jun 2014
S25, Ep201 - Episode #25.201

The couple who inspired the movie, "The Fault in Our Stars", is interviewed.
16 Jun 2014
S25, Ep202 - Episode #25.202

17 Jun 2014
S25, Ep203 - Episode #25.203

New York mayor Bill de Blasio appeared, via satellite, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to make good on his Stanley Cup bet to Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.
18 Jun 2014
S25, Ep204 - Episode #25.204

19 Jun 2014
S25, Ep205 - Episode #25.205

20 Jun 2014
S25, Ep206 - Episode #25.206

23 Jun 2014
S25, Ep207 - Episode #25.207

A woman who claims she had a 20-year affair with singer Frankie Valli shares her story.
24 Jun 2014
S25, Ep208 - Episode #25.208

25 Jun 2014
S25, Ep209 - Episode #25.209

26 Jun 2014
S25, Ep210 - Episode #25.210

27 Jun 2014
S25, Ep211 - Episode #25.211

30 Jun 2014
S25, Ep212 - Nanny Who Won't Leave

The story of a family in a battle to get their fired live-in nanny out of their home.
01 Jul 2014
S25, Ep213 - Episode #25.213

The discovery of a memo which revealed that the series, "Seinfeld", was almost scrapped before it began.
02 Jul 2014
S25, Ep214 - Episode #25.214

Soccer goalie Tim Howard; teenage hunter Kendall Jones; Hannah Storm's propane tank explosion; Joan Rivers.
03 Jul 2014
S25, Ep215 - Episode #25.215

Ann Coulter; Warren Sapp; 50th anniversary of "A Hard Day's Night".
04 Jul 2014
S25, Ep216 - Episode #25.216

The danger of baby monitors being hacked; the proper way to brush your teeth, brush your hair, shave your face or legs; sleep whisperers.
07 Jul 2014
S25, Ep217 - Murder Over Shrubbery

The story of a man who killed his neighbor in a dispute over shrubbery.
08 Jul 2014
S25, Ep218 - Episode #25.218

09 Jul 2014
S25, Ep219 - Episode #25.219

10 Jul 2014
S25, Ep220 - Episode #25.220

The return of Rosie O'Donnell to "The View"; the story of a cat that went ballistic and trapped its family in the bathroom.
11 Jul 2014
S25, Ep221 - Episode #25.221

Cheryl Burke; Lebron James returning to Cleveland; Linda Harrison.
14 Jul 2014
S25, Ep222 - Episode #25.222

15 Jul 2014
S25, Ep223 - Episode #25.223

16 Jul 2014
S25, Ep224 - Clinton Musical

The opening of a musical based on the lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
17 Jul 2014
S25, Ep225 - ESPY Awards

Behind the scenes of the 2014 ESPY Awards.
18 Jul 2014
S25, Ep226 - Episode #25.226

15th anniversary of John Kennedy Jr.'s death; making the best burger.
21 Jul 2014
S25, Ep227 - Rolling Coal

A report on a prank dubbed "rolling coal", in which drivers of pick-up trucks intentionally cover other vehicles and pedestrians with black soot. Also: remembering James Garner; marriage of Adam Levine.
22 Jul 2014
S25, Ep228 - Episode #25.228

A look at the James Brown biopic, "Get It On"; devices to help prevent home invasions.
23 Jul 2014
S25, Ep229 - Episode #25.229

Pauley Perrette's allergic reaction to hair dye; disagreements about the Whitney Houston biopic.
24 Jul 2014
S25, Ep230 - Episode #25.230

President Obama's motorcade in Hollywood prevents a pregnant woman from crossing the street to the hospital to give birth; the white flag on the Brooklyn Bridge; preview of movie, "Lucy".
25 Jul 2014
S25, Ep231 - Episode #25.231

Mysterious drone near Seattle's Space Needle; "Fifty Shades of Grey" trailer; Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts; people who lost 100 pounds.
28 Jul 2014
S25, Ep232 - Hero Cop

The story of a cop who saved a toddler he found lifeless in a swimming pool.
29 Jul 2014
S25, Ep233 - Episode #25.233

John Walsh's new TV series; NBA star Matt Barnes on the murder of his aunt earlier in July; journalist Maria Mills and her friend, Harper Lee; preview of "Sharknado 2".
30 Jul 2014
S25, Ep234 - Episode #25.234

A son pays off his parents' mortgage; a baby girl was abandoned 18 years ago and how she turned out.
31 Jul 2014
S25, Ep235 - Episode #25.235

Drew Barrymore's half-sister's, Jessica Barrymore, death from a drug overdose.
01 Aug 2014
S25, Ep236 - Episode #25.236

Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford are reunited on "The Today Show".
04 Aug 2014
S25, Ep237 - Thorn Causes Hand Amputation

The story of a firefighter who had to have his hand amputated due to a flesh-eating bacteria; Michael Strahan's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
05 Aug 2014
S25, Ep238 - New Secret Service Book

A look at Ronald Kessler's book, "The First Family Detail", in which Secret Service agents reveal their experiences with politicians.
06 Aug 2014
S25, Ep239 - Episode #25.239

Two tour buses collided in New York City; Chrissy Teigen was drunk when she threw out the first pitch in a baseball game; Patricia Krenwinkle on her role in the Manson killings; surveillance photos of robbery of most expensive closet.
07 Aug 2014
S25, Ep240 - Episode #25.240

Bear that walks like a man; embarrassing photos of Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones; commuters helping a man trapped between the train and the platform; 40th anniversary of Beverly Johnson's Vogue cover photo.
08 Aug 2014
S25, Ep241 - Episode #25.241

11 Aug 2014
S25, Ep242 - Episode #25.242

Dwayne Johnson's wife and mother injured in auto accident by drunk driver; Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones' controversial photos; Teen Choice awards; Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley.
12 Aug 2014
S25, Ep243 - The Death of Robin Williams

Remembering Robin Williams; other celebrities who died too soon.
13 Aug 2014
S25, Ep244 - Episode #25.244

Death of Robin Williams; policeman helping woman driver with the Enhlich maneuver; Walmart kid; death of Lauren Bacall.
14 Aug 2014
S25, Ep245 - Episode #25.245

Death of Robin Williams.
15 Aug 2014
S25, Ep246 - Episode #25.246

Death of Robin Williams; death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; ice bucket challenge for ALS.
18 Aug 2014
S25, Ep247 - Murder in Bali

The story of a Chicago teen and her boyfriend, who are charged with murdering her mother in Bali, where they could face death by firing squad; events in Ferguson, Missouri; Robin Williams.
19 Aug 2014
S25, Ep248 - Episode #25.248

The real "Patch Adams" and David Letterman remember Robin Williams; update of events in Ferguson, Missouri; update of ice bucket challenge for ALS.
20 Aug 2014
S25, Ep249 - Episode #25.249

Basketball star Ray Allen's house was invaded, at night, by teenagers; update on events in Ferguson, Missouri; man arrested for repeatedly spying on LAPD w/his drone; lady tech expert receive sexual message, from colleague, via twitter.
21 Aug 2014
S25, Ep250 - Episode #25.250

Undercover dwarf; Ebola patients released from hospital; death of journalist James Foley; Robin Williams' funeral; Julianne Hough joining "Dancing with the Stars" as a judge.
22 Aug 2014
S25, Ep251 - Episode #25.251

Preview of the MTV Video Music Awards; argument between rapper Talib Kweli and CNN anchor Don Lemon.
25 Aug 2014
S25, Ep252 - 2014 VMA's

Behind the scenes at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.
26 Aug 2014
S25, Ep253 - 66th Primetime Emmy Awards

Behind the scenes at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards; ice bucket challenge.
27 Aug 2014
S25, Ep254 - Episode #25.254

Humorous moments from the 66th Emmy Awards ceremony; rumored marriage breakup of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.
28 Aug 2014
S25, Ep255 - Episode #25.255

Owner of website, "", sold company for $100 million (started company when she was 15, now 21); stolen 1969 Camaro recovered after 35 years; sweetest babies on the Internet.
29 Aug 2014
S25, Ep256 - Episode #25.256

Joan Rivers' medical emergency; the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; Lisa Guerrero's reunion with other former NFL cheerleaders.