Season 1 - American Playhouse (1981)
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Season 1 Series:

02 Feb 1982
S1, Ep4 - Who Am I This Time?

From a short story by Kurt Vonnegut. Christopher Walken is a shy hardware store employee. But whenever he takes a part in a local amateur theater production, he becomes the part completely--while on stage. Susan Sarandon is new in town, a lonely itinerant telephone company employee. On a whim, she auditions for and gets the part of Stella to Walken's Stanley when the theater group does A Streetcar Named Desire. Before anyone realizes the growing affection between Helene and Stanley, she falls deeply in love with the sexy brute, not knowing what the real man is like.
26 Jan 1982
S1, Ep3 - Seguin

19 Jan 1982
S1, Ep2 - King of America

Hot-tempered Greek immigrant Andreas arrives in America in 1915. He finds work on a railroad, but soon gives his corrupt foreman Mekakis a savage beating. Making his way west across the country, Andreas eventually comes upon another railroad looking for workers. It turns out Mekakis has gone westward, too. He offers Andreas the only job suitable for him, a "moutain mover" on the suicide squad: He must grapple down the face of a cliff, position sticks of dynamite and then climb back up again before the lit fuses reach the explosive.
12 Jan 1982
S1, Ep1 - The Shady Hill Kidnapping

09 Feb 1982
S1, Ep5 - Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby Is a Friend of Mine

The arrival in a small town of a stranger who calls himself 'Charles Dickens' makes a magical and lasting change in the lives of an imaginative 12-year-old boy and a loving young woman.
16 Feb 1982
S1, Ep6 - Come Along with Me

23 Feb 1982
S1, Ep7 - For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf

A unique award-winning tale of the African-American woman's journey in America.
02 Mar 1982
S1, Ep8 - Carl Sandburg: Echoes and Silences

09 Mar 1982
S1, Ep9 - The Fifth of July

Ken Talley is 32, strong, goodlooking and a Vietnam vet with both legs shot off seven years earlier. He is somewhat cynical. His lover Jed is bigger and stronger, a gardner, a good listener. On Independence Day 1977 Ken's home in Lebanon Missouri is visted by the others. Much of their past relationships, pre- and post-Vietnam, must be pulled up and examined before any of them can decide their future.
16 Mar 1982
S1, Ep10 - The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters

Matt Dillon plays a young Jean Shepherd (author and narrator of A Christmas Story). Through Matt, Shep tells several humorous stories about his teen years in an Indiana steel town.
23 Mar 1982
S1, Ep11 - Pilgrim, Farewell

A woman suffering from terminal cancer determines to resolve several relationships in her life, especially with her daughter.
30 Mar 1982
S1, Ep12 - Northern Lights

06 Apr 1982
S1, Ep13 - Medal of Honor Rag

A Medal of Honor-winning Vietnam veteran has difficulty readjusting to civilian life, and turns to a psychiatrist for help when he finds himself descending to robbery.
13 Apr 1982
S1, Ep14 - Working

A musical adaptation of Studs Terkel's book celebrating the lives of everyday working-class people.
20 Apr 1982
S1, Ep15 - Weekend

27 Apr 1982
S1, Ep16 - Private Contentment

A young soldier goes home to attend his mother's funeral just before being shipped out to serve in World War II.
04 May 1982
S1, Ep17 - My Palikari

A middle-aged Greek immigrant visits his native village, with his American-born son in tow. The older finds that the place he remembered as paradise on earth now seems like a desolate wasteland, while the son, who has mede this journey reluctantly, falls in love with his ancestral homeland.
11 May 1982
S1, Ep18 - Oppenheimer: Part I

18 May 1982
S1, Ep19 - Oppenheimer: Part II

25 May 1982
S1, Ep20 - Oppenheimer: Part III

01 Jun 1982
S1, Ep21 - Oppenheimer: Part IV

08 Jun 1982
S1, Ep22 - Oppenheimer: Part V

15 Jun 1982
S1, Ep23 - Oppenheimer: Part VI

22 Jun 1982
S1, Ep24 - Oppenheimer: Part VII

29 Jun 1982
S1, Ep25 - The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez

The retelling of an incident in Gonzales, Texas in 1901 revolving around a stolen horse, mistaken identity and a killing. An unusual story of the all too usual exploitation of the powerless in Texas History.