Nas vsakdanji kruhek (2014)
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Country: Slovenia

Genres: Comedy

Director: Marko Nabersnik

Writers: Iztok Lovric, Helena Tepina

Stars: Primoz Petkovsek, Andrej Nahtigal, Barbara Zefran, Janez Starina, ...

Cene, the lead character of the comedy series, finds himself at the lowest point of his life. After his marriage hits the skids and he gets fired, he decides to leave the city for the country. He finds another job, decides to leave the past behind and make a new beginning for himself. He makes new friends working as a delivery man in a baker's shop and seems to have a way with the customers, too. Soon, he becomes the centre of the social life in the small community that is bustling with activity beneath the calm surface of peaceful and quiet suburban life: the country idyll is regularly being disrupted by rumours, family drama, old grudges and lovers quarrels-leaving Cene busy day and night. Through the course of eighteen episodes, we see him transform from a man who has lost everything into someone completely new, eager to see what lies ahead.

Seasons:   1