Full Cast & Crew - District C-11 (2017)
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District C-11 (2017)

Country: USA

Genres: Crime, Sci-Fi

Director: Wes Williams II


Stars: Cate Carson, Billy 'V' Vigeant, Richard Chandler, Corey Spencer, ...

It's the year 2019 and the world is on the brink of collapse. Meanwhile in the U.S Two rookie cops are tasked to patrol the streets of Boston's District C-11. As the rookies get closer to the source of the city's woes, they ask themselves two questions. Do they fight for what's right? Or do they join the bad guys and become part of the problem.


Wes Williams II


Wes Williams II executive producer
Sheila McMillan producer


Cate Carson Courtney
Billy 'V' Vigeant Mafia Man #2
Richard Chandler Racist Bartender
Corey Spencer Trenton
Mark Resnik Mayor
Jerry Dwyer Jr. #1, Bodyguard
Roger Dillingham Jr. Chief Nelson
Anna Rizzo Reporter #2
Sisouk Vongbandith #2, Bodyguard
Richard C. Bailey Stanton Creed
Herlin Navarro Reporter #3
Pfeva Undercover Cop #1
Kenneth Siddons Randy
Jordan Lloyd Farrah
Shalaye Camillo Eve
Tony Ramos Wright Reporter #4
Huang Chen Masseuse
Lance Williams Patrick
Polly Cottam Mayor's Secretary
Susan Waletkus Internal Investigations
Louise Hawko Woman Homeless
Ela Quezada Waitress
Tony Gugs Reporter #1
Andrew Robinson Thug #2
Alan White Mayor's Aid #1
Herbert A. Fuchs Mayor's Aide
Bill Lee Mafia Man #1
Sonya Joyner Trenton's Mom
Kyle Richardson Eddie
Jamile Goforth Thug #1
Bless Robinson Cashier
J.P. Valenti SWAT Officer
Joe Jafo Carriere Undercover Cop
Mickey Gilmore Man in Black
Alaina Gianci Francheska
Brina News Anchor
Arthur Hiou Reporter #3
Graham King Officer Fairchild
Jan Waldman Internal Affairs
David Afflick Internal Investigations
Carlyne Fournier Grey's mother
Nicholas A. DiMaio Eddie
Paul Taft News Anchor
Paula Lauzon Restaurant Patron
Wendy Hartman News Anchor
Angel Connell Mayor's Aide #3
Sean McGillicuddy Bar Patron
Jordan Lloyd Farrah
Christie Devine Bar Patron
Paul Lussier Grey's Father
Amanda Landry Bar Patron
Jose Guns Alves Rogers
Talli Clemons Stanton Henchmen
Zafir Latessa Cop
Tiffany Howcroft News Anchor
Ian Gatheca Homeless Man
Angel Juanso Mayor's mistress
Jimmy Jules Bodyguard #3
Steven Rears Brothel John
Tony Ramos Wright News Anchor
Pretty Poison Mayor's Mistress
Gail Sullivan Graduation Attendee
Christine Celozzi Reporter #5
Tim Jacobs Grey
Alex Cash Graduation Attendee
Judy Nadel Graduation Attendee
Andrea Lyman Trenton's Mother
Chyna Pfeva Foster Undercover Cop #1
Izabella Latessa Graduation Attendee
Melina Merino Reporter #2
Randy Morris Bar Patron
James Panagopoulos Triad #2
Matthew W. Belcher Banquet Attendee
Smidi Waters Thug
Marsha Gordon Restaurant Patron
Lin Hultgren Spa Patron
Ron G. Young Restaurant Patron
Marty Smith Graduation Attendee
Amy Whalen Crime Scene Investigator
Andrea Lyman Trenton's Mother
Steven Higgins Homeless Man
Alan White Mayor's Aide #1
Gia Dill Mayor's Aide
Brandon Scales Graduation Attendee
Mary C. Ferrara News Reporter
Christie Divine Bar Patron (as Christie Devine)
Christie Devine Bar Patron
James Donnelly Officer Fairchild
Naira Zakaryan Courtney