Full Cast & Crew - Escape from Tomorrow (2013)
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Escape from Tomorrow (2013)

Country: USA

Genres: Fantasy, Horror

Taglines: Bad things happen everywhere.

Director: Randy Moore

Writers: Randy Moore

Stars: Roy Abramsohn, Elena Schuber, Katelynn Rodriguez, Jack Dalton, ...

In this black comedy, Jim is an unsatisfied middle aged man on vacation with his family at Disney World. While his family frolics through the park and is enthralled with the sights and sounds of Disney, Jim finds himself inexplicably obsessed with two French teenage girls. The park environment soon turns to something more sinister as Jim uncovers its secrets. Jim must protect his adventurous kids, placate his suspicious wife and defend himself against the happiest place on Earth.


Randy Moore


Randy Moore (written by)


Soojin Chung associate producer / producer
Gioia Marchese producer
Chris Keefe behind the scenes producer


Roy Abramsohn Jim
Elena Schuber Emily
Katelynn Rodriguez Sara
Jack Dalton Elliot
Danielle Safady Sophie
Annet Mahendru Isabelle
Lee Armstrong Man on Scooter
Kimberly Ables Jindra Man on Scooter's Wife
Trey Loney Man on Scooter's Son
Amy Lucas Nurse
Alison Lees-Taylor Other Woman
Jakob Salvati Other Woman's Son
Mark Able Pool Boy
Anthony Oporta Pool Boy
Lex Edelman Lifeguard
Clifton Perry Lifeguard
Rebekah Cobaugh Lifeguard
Gina Groce Princess #1
Eli Jane Princess #2
Amy Bloom Princess #3
Kurt Yamamoto Business Man #1
Mike Fujimoto Business Man #2
David Oh Business Man #3
Justin Shilton Father in Bathroom
Zach Pierce Son in Bathroom
Douglas Vanlaningham Park Employee
Zan Naar Fantasy Woman
Stass Klassen Scientist
Marcell Rentemeister Base 21 Guard
Noa Geller Base 21 Guard
Mike Dolan Fight Bystander #1
Rob Mervin Fight Bystander #2 (as Robin Mervin)
John David Denison Fight Bystander #3
Ivan Lovegren Screaming Father
Berndett York Screaming Mother
Lia Moore Little Princess
Steve Fode 'D' Team Leader
Tim Bearden 'D' Team Member (as Tim Beardon)
Erik Saari 'D' Team Member
Edgar Pevsner 'D' Team Member
Trent Busenitz 'D' Team Member
Joshua Salvati Alternate Son
Annabella Salvati Alternate Daughter
Trevor McCune Valet
Ashlie Garrett Theme Park Tourist
Laci Kay Daughter at Amusement Park
Ben Kendall Groom at the Themepark
Ashley Lambert Bride at the themepark
Kaitlin Morgan Girl at park
Madeleine Morgan Girl at Park
Allison Shadwick Amusement Park Tourist
Gabriella Pastore Girl at Pool Edge (uncredited)
Cindy Schoonover Mother at Amusement Park (uncredited)
Nikita Bogolyubov 'D' Team Member
Bernadett Belinda York Young Mother
Mike Brassell Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover announcer (a
Jack Wagner Monorail announcer (archive sound) (uncredited)
Katie Mae Peters Park Guest (uncredited)