Behind the Mask Show: The Story of the US Mercs Paintball Team (2008)
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Country: USA

Genres: Short, Action, Drama

Taglines: Are You Ready For Some Paintball?

Director: Tom Mariano, Franklin Teixeira

Writers: Tom Mariano, Bradley Potolicchio, Franklin Teixeira, Scott Davis, ...

Stars: Riley Edwards, Tom Mariano, Bradley Potolicchio, Jesse Rodriguez, ...

This is a show on what it's really like to operate as a team in the sport of Paint Ball. We'll show you the in's and the out's of what it's really like to get all that is needed and ready, before you can even play or compete. This is the show that answers tough questions and offers simple solutions. Ever wonder how to organize your team, get sponsors, equipment and get your team member's ready for action - all the stuff needed to be done - before you compete? Behind the Mask takes you a step further than any other Piantballer's show. We will follow an up and coming power house team, The US MERCS; as they combine the everyday business , personal lives and inter-squad issues; ...all before they ever shooting paint.

Seasons:   3 - 2 - 1