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The Night Before (2015)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: Bringing joy to the world

Director: Jonathan Levine

Writers: Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter, Jonathan Levine, Ariel Shaffir, ...

Stars: Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie, Lizzy Caplan, ...

Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have been friends since childhood, and for a decade, their yearly Christmas Eve reunion has been an annual night of debauchery and hilarity. Now that they're entering adulthood, the tradition is coming to an end, and to make it as memorable as possible, they set out to find the Nutcracka Ball - the Holy Grail of Christmas parties.

83 | 2015-11-17 | Drew McWeeny

It may be overstuffed the point of bursting, but there's much to like here.
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80 | 2015-12-08 | Ken McIntyre

If buddy movies are your thing but Christmas flicks aren't, you'll enjoy this refreshingly edgy romp about three friends lost in the city full of hallucinogens and regrets.
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80 | 2015-11-19 | Rebecca Keegan

A raucous and refreshing new take on the Christmas movie.
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75 | 2015-11-19 | Peter Hartlaub

There’s still plenty of laughs left over for the audience, and the aggressive randomness of the script fuels some genuinely inventive comic moments. Although the writers of this R-rated cinematic binge frequently lose their focus, they never lose their sense of humor.
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75 | 2015-11-18 | Jesse Hassenger

The Night Before isn’t Rogen’s funniest movie. Minute for minute, it doesn’t have as many laughs as "Superbad," "Neighbors," or "This Is The End," among others. But it does contain one of Rogen’s funniest performances, as Isaac navigates a very long and very bad drug trip, a responsibility-free Christmas gift from his wife.
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75 | 2015-11-18 | Leah Greenblatt

In its own druggy, dick-pic way, it’s also a pretty endearing tribute to male friendship — hammy and crude and more baked than a fruitcake, but with a sweetly squishy holiday heart at its center.
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75 | 2015-11-17 | Russ Fischer

Always energetic like the wild whoop of a bachelor party, the lights burn brightest when The Night Before indulges in big goofs and kooky tangents.
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70 | 2015-11-16 | John DeFore

It offers more than enough laughs to justify taking time out from TV marathons of A Christmas Story, and maybe enough, at least for younger audiences, to become a pinch-hitter each year when established classics like Elf grow too familiar.
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70 | 2015-11-16 | Nick Schager

Rogen’s zonked-to-insanity performance is the lifeblood of The Night Before, giving it the sort of joyous, madcap energy that comes from letting loose with one’s closest comrades, even to the point of potential oblivion.
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63 | 2015-11-19 | Peter Travers

It's rowdy fun with a dash of sweetness.
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63 | 2015-11-19 | Michael Phillips

Still, it's pretty rich watching Rogen puke all over a Christmas Eve Mass in front of his in-laws.
Read More: Chicago Tribune

63 | 2015-11-19 | Stephanie Merry

The Night Before is hardly a Christmas miracle, but it’s good for a laugh or two. And that’s not a bad way to get into the holiday spirit.
Read More: Washington Post

63 | 2015-11-18 | Brian Tallerico

The Night Before is a well-intentioned comedy with some big laughs and some big misfires, but it ultimately works because Rogen and his well-cast buddies ground it in a way that makes them likable. A killer Michael Shannon supporting performance never hurts either.
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63 | 2015-11-17 | Roger Moore

If the spirit of the season is making you sick to your stomach, The Night Before, scruffy and uneven as it is, might be the perfect purge.
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60 | 2015-11-30 | Bilge Ebiri

It’s a pageant, as they say — a bunch of cameos and funny situations all sort of held together with a bare bones plot and some nods to the Christmas spirit.
Read More: New York Magazine (Vulture)

60 | 2015-11-30 | Ian Freer

It doesn’t all land, but The Night Before is largely a salty, sweet jingle ball.
Read More: Empire

60 | 2015-11-18 | Allen Salkin

It’s enjoyable, but it’s also trite.
Read More: New York Daily News

60 | 2015-11-17 | Joshua Rothkopf

Jonathan Levine’s night of debauchery and hugs hits a sweet spot of inoffensive offensiveness.
Read More: Time Out New York

60 | 2015-11-17 | Jordan Hoffman

Surprisingly, for a movie this ephemeral, the closing sequences, which consist of flashbacks and confrontations, are actually quite touching.
Read More: The Guardian

50 | 2015-11-24 | Peter Keough

The pre-Thanksgiving release of Jonathan Levine’s The Night Before celebrates those Christmas blessings that are beloved by all: scatological humor, smarmy sentimentality, and gross product placement.
Read More: Boston Globe

50 | 2015-11-19 | A.O. Scott

The emotional moments don’t pay off any better than most of the jokes, which reach for the safest kinds of provocative punch lines having to do with sex, race and religion.
Read More: The New York Times

50 | 2015-11-19 | Richard Roeper

At times, it’s really funny. More often, it’s “shocking” for the sake of shock value, gross for the sake of being gross, and stupid-goofy without much of a payoff.
Read More: Chicago Sun-Times

50 | 2015-11-18 | Bill Goodykoontz

The Night Before wants to make you laugh and cry, but it doesn’t give us enough opportunities to do enough of either.
Read More: Arizona Republic

50 | 2015-11-18 | Kimberley Jones

This “one crazy night” taps out at lightly kooky; there’s nothing here that gets within striking distance of the sheer weirdness of "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" or the darkness of "After Hours", to name two genre stablemates.
Read More: Austin Chronicle

50 | 2015-11-18 | Christopher Gray

It aims to foster a spirit of giddy anarchy in order to tie a ribbon around its shambolic script and rickety pacing.
Read More: Slant Magazine

50 | 2015-11-17 | Alan Scherstuhl

At first the laughs are Hangover III–spare and the picture is too shambling to lunge for them. But these leftovers warm up eventually. The usual setups at last develop variations, and you might be reminded of why audiences first responded to Rogen back in Knocked Up.
Read More: Village Voice

50 | 2015-11-17 | Tim Grierson

A so-so stoner film where the premise is almost always better than the execution.
Read More: Screen International

50 | 2015-11-16 | Dan Callahan

It’s as if the makers of The Night Before have it in them to make a touching and funny movie but instead throw that chance away by not taking what they’re doing seriously enough.
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42 | 2015-11-18 | Steve Persall

The Night Before isn't anything Harold, Kumar or Billy Bob Thornton didn't desecrate before and better.
Read More: Tampa Bay Times

40 | 2015-11-19 | Mike Scott

An uneven R-rated Christmas comedy that's more enjoyable than, say, your Nana's fruitcake, but which at the same time doesn't feel quite like the dose of memorable holiday cheer it could have been.
Read More: New Orleans Times-Picayune

25 | 2015-11-18 | Kyle Smith

I was searching for a metaphor to capture the experience of watching The Night Before when a character fell backward into a dumpster full of garbage bags. Thanks, guys!
Read More: New York Post