Season 1 - Keyzer & de Boer advocaten (2005)
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Season 1 Series:

10 Oct 2005
S1, Ep1 - Waar rook is, Is vuur

Pim is accused of sexual harassment by attractive cleaner Linda, and is defended by Marius. Maarten defends an elderly lady who sues the town hall after tripping over loose pavement. The case is hampered by her balance disorder.
17 Oct 2005
S1, Ep2 - Dwaze vaders

Nina represents Mark de Groot, a father who is about to lose custody because his wife refuses to recognize him as the father. Nina tries to reach a settlement, but Mark seems to be bipolar, which helps the opposing party. Marius defends a group of gangster-rappers who destroyed their neighbor's ghetto-blaster after he turned it on as a payback for their noisy rehearsals.
24 Oct 2005
S1, Ep3 - Schuld en boete

Maarten takes over Pim's case because Pim has to go to the hospital to remove a wart. He represents the father of a young girl who was raped by an patient from a mental hospital, who was on leave. The father is now suing the state, but the daughter doesn't want the publicity of the trial; she just wants to be left alone. Nina tries to reach a settlement between two parents where the mother has a habit of breaking the existing agreements.
31 Oct 2005
S1, Ep4 - Vadertje en moedertje

Maarten tries to stop the baby of two mentally handicapped parents from being sent to foster care after a minor mishap. Hannah's great aunt has died, and she tries to help her arguing cousins to reach an agreement on where she is to be buried.
07 Nov 2005
S1, Ep5 - De zorgleerling

After threatening his teacher with a pistol in order to get a better grade, Moroccan high school student Hamid faces charges of either attempted murder or manslaughter. Initially Pim is defending him, but when he has to drop out the last minute, an unprepared Hannah takes over the case. After the power at Keyzer & De Boer fails, the technician sent to fix the problem turns out to be Maarten's father.
14 Nov 2005
S1, Ep6 - Het bloedbad

After a drug deal went wrong, Luuk de Groot murdered the buyer. Hannah defends him, and Luuk tells her he acted out of self defense and is actually not a real drug dealer at all; he was only doing it to get his criminal brother out of trouble. Maarten is less than pleased to be representing a man who has been trying to get rid of his cable TV for a year, and tries to get his co-workers to handle this boring case.
21 Nov 2005
S1, Ep7 - Amice!

Ricky's suspicious client Herman is being blackmailed by the opposing party- lawyer De Bournonville wants him to pay his fee, threatening to have his own client make a statement that will cause Herman to receive a higher sentence. Pim defends an American mother who wants to take her daughter for a visit to the US; the father claims the girl's uncle in the US sexually abuses her and tries to stop the vacation.
28 Nov 2005
S1, Ep8 - Het gat van Van Gogh

Nina defends Ali and John, who are being accused of stealing paintings from the Van Gogh museum. Maarten deals with Ewald Berger, who has trouble accepting that the man who accidentally killed his young daughter while driving drunk will be released today.
05 Dec 2005
S1, Ep9 - Wrongful Birth

Hannah successfully saves client Jim from conviction, and finds herself attracted to him. Nina reminds her that it is forbidden for a lawyer to get romantically involved with a client. Nina also has her own clients to help; she represents a middle-aged couple who accuse a gynecologist for malpractice after the wife gets pregnant due to a mistake on the doctor's part.
12 Dec 2005
S1, Ep10 - Geuren en kleuren

After accidentally running over and severely injuring a young biker and subsequently driving on, Roel Coolen asks Keyzer & De Boer to defend him, claiming he never noticed he hit the man. Maarten, believing him, accepts the case, to Pim's dismay. Hannah assists him. Ricky represents Walter Maas, who accuses his former perfume shop employer of injustice after he is fired, apparently due to his flatulence.
19 Dec 2005
S1, Ep11 - Kerst

On Christmas Eve Joep Stroop, who has been sent to the police station after attacking and severely injuring a detective and now desperately tries to get to his girlfriend who is delivering twins in the hospital, calls Maarten for help. Maarten has his colleagues help Joep, leaving to go to the hospital where his son has been admitted after drinking perfume. Nina does everything in her power to get Joep out after his first child dies due to birth complications, but cannot find the public prosecutor qualified to release him. Simone, getting lonely during the holiday, ...
02 Jan 2006
S1, Ep12 - In de naam van de vader

Young Ilyas Yilmaz is being tried for murdering his sister for dishonoring the family, but Pim suspects the killer was actually his father. Nina tries to help a sperm donor reach an agreement with his clients.
09 Jan 2006
S1, Ep13 - Kampers

Ruud and Marco de Leeuw are suspected of several robberies and call their lawyer Marius for help. Marius, who is on vacation, hands the case to Maarten. Nina deals with Tewfik Al-Ghitani, who comes to her claiming he feels guilty about committing a murder 15 years ago, wanting to go to jail.
16 Jan 2006
S1, Ep14 - Neukverlof

After crippling a young girl, Vincent van Os is sentenced for 3 years in prison because Hannah forgot to sign for higher trial. When he asks for an unsupervised prostitute visit, she arranges one, feeling she owes him something. When Vincent takes the prostitute hostage using a pen stolen from Hannah as a weapon and manages to escape, the police suspect Hannah of helping Vincent. Worse, Vincent starts stalking Hannah. Maarten deals with a custody battle over a dog.
23 Jan 2006
S1, Ep15 - Vertrouwen

After fatally wounding a Moroccan purse-grabber while chasing him in his car, Johan van der Ban is accused of racist murder. Hannah, who defends him, is not helped by the fact that he used to belong to a radical right-winged party and was once involved in a fight between Dutch and Moroccan gangs. Pim, defending a big Yugoslavian gangster, is stricken by paranoid fears of phone tapping and secret cameras placed by the opposing party. To make matters worse, his laptop, containing e-mail conversations between him and his client, is stolen.
30 Jan 2006
S1, Ep16 - Kind van de rekening

Hannah deals with a custody battle between a former drug addict and her child's foster mom, who wants to keep the little girl because she has become attached to her. Hannah discovers that the birth mother's previous child is now also a drug addict and works as prostitute. Nina defends her cousin Henk, who was arrested for not paying his taxes. She also tries to find a new driver for her newlywed niece, as Henk was supposed to drive them to the town hall.
06 Feb 2006
S1, Ep17 - Lijk in kofferbak

Ricky defends a terrified client who brought her dead (and soon to be ex-) brother-in-law in her car after accidentally killing him while defending her sister, who was being attacked by him. Pim defends a man who is accused of spending money which was collected to build a new children's playground.
13 Feb 2006
S1, Ep18 - Het grote geld

Nina and Ricky defend Antonio and Anja, who have been arrested for stealing money. They discover that the police have stolen some of the cash. Pim deals with a troubled young girl who has been sent to a regular prison because all juvenile group homes are full.
20 Feb 2006
S1, Ep19 - Licht

Ricky, who also has problems 'binding' with her boyfriend, feels intimidated by client Keybeck, who has been charged with statutory rape. Hannah defends an old lady whose neighbors sue her because her pigeons' droppings constantly ruin their drying laundry. Pim gives an interview to a newspaper and is startled when the reporter hits on him.
27 Feb 2006
S1, Ep20 - Het mes snijdt

Hans Hezemens, who is being accused of spousal abuse, tells Hannah things are reversed- he is the victim. He does not want to press charges because he doesn't want his son to loose his mother. Nina finds a knife in the bushes near a murder scene, and is visited by a criminal who is afraid of getting killed or framed.
06 Mar 2006
S1, Ep21 - De afrekening

Pim gives Maarten the case of Paul, the prime suspect of an assassination, who stays quiet besides saying he is innocent. Ricky and Hannah deal with a heritage battle between a brother and sister; the brother says the sister arbitrarily spent their late mother's money and wants to become the sole heir.
13 Mar 2006
S1, Ep22 - De informant

Pim's cousin Erik convinces him to take on the case of Karim Boutella, an immigrant who is in danger of being deported back to his native Algeria, where he is in danger of being murdered, after the Dutch secret service accuses him of links to terrorism. Karim claims he helped the secret service by contacting alleged terrorists for them and they're now trying to get rid of him in order to ensure that the acquired info will remain secret. Nina reluctantly defends a stubborn Holocaust denier and resorts to freedom of speech as the main defense strategy.