Season 2 - Keyzer & de Boer advocaten (2005)
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Season 2 Series:

13 Nov 2006
S2, Ep1 - De aanslag

Pim worries for his safety while defending a criminal who is suspected of having ordered an assassination. Marius' wife drops by at the firm and, assuming they know already, informs his colleagues that Marius is retiring and moving to Southern France with her. Ricky is frustrated with her job, and Oostwegel offers her a job as an Attorney General.
20 Nov 2006
S2, Ep2 - Pindakaas

Marius helps his last client, the father of a man who committed suicide by eating a peanut batter sandwich despite his peanut allergy after being bullied by co-workers. His father wants the co-workers held responsible, but Oostwegel is not interested in taking the case to court. Meanwhile, Ricky goes out of her way to replace Marius as partner of the firm, presenting to both Nina and Pim separately and asking Marius for his support. A jealous Maarten also gives it a shot. Nina's client, a clothing stylist, claims that celebrity Anita Witzier owes her a dress, but ...
27 Nov 2006
S2, Ep3 - De tweeling

Nina is contacted by the father of two 15 year-old twin girls who have been expelled from school after beating a bully; the father wants the bully and his friends to be expelled instead. In court, Nina is shocked when the reason behind the bullying is revealed. Marius helps a homeless man who gets into trouble after his dog bites a man who kicked him. Ricky, still disappointed from being turned down as Marius's replacement accepts Oostwegel's job offer and announces her departure to her colleagues.
04 Dec 2006
S2, Ep4 - Viaduct

Following Ricky's departure, Marius is delighted to be forced to postpone his retirement indefinitely. Together with Hannah he defends a teenager who is suspected of throwing a street sign off a bridge, causing a fatal car crash. The teenager claims to be innocent, and that the real culprit trying blackmail him to confessing. Pim's former client Hendrik Hulsebos, a pyromaniac, is released from a mental hospital, but the residents of his birth town, where he committed his crimes, protest against his return. Pim helps him when a statement he made about the case in a TV ...
11 Dec 2006
S2, Ep5 - De eed

Nina defends frequent flyer Teddy, a drug addict who is suspected of stabbing his mother, and faces a dilemma when the mother makes a surprising revelation. Maarten deals with an unusual custody dispute between two women, one of which used to be a man and is now afraid of losing her children because her soon-to-be ex-wife is a strict Jehovah's Witness. Sabrina Santos applies for the position left open at the firm after Ricky's departure, and Hannah and Maarten break policy by interviewing her without Nina or Pim present.
18 Dec 2006
S2, Ep6 - Superwong

Hannah defends Eddy Kang, a Chinese shop clerk who attacked and severely injured a presumed shoplifter, but discovers that his confession is not true. She has trouble juggling her work and caring for her daughter Lisette, who is frustrated from not seeing her enough. She also meets former client Jim again. Marius and Nina test their colleagues' conscience with a fake dubious money exchange.
01 Jan 2007
S2, Ep7 - De foute advocaat

The firm celebrates the 40th anniversary of Marius's career. Scheming lawyer Reinier Lafeber is accused of money laundering, and surprisingly chooses the inexperienced Maarten for his defense. Even more surprising, Lafeber tells Maarten that Pim is corrupted, and offers evidence. Tensions rise when police search the firm. Sabrina gets her first big case- a man who murdered the vengeful husband of his Albanian lover and claims to have been hypnotized by her.
08 Jan 2007
S2, Ep8 - Uit het leven

Sabrina and Nina represent the parents of a baby with CHARGE syndrome, a severe multiple birth defect. The parents want to take their suffering child home where it can die peacefully, but the hospital insists there is hope for a meaningful recovery and refuses to stop treatment. Nina defends a 71 year-old suicide counselor who gave a client a plastic 'exit' bag and drugs to kill himself with; the family claims the man seemed to have recovered from his depression. Maarten visits a sick Simone, and is surprised to discover that she isn't really sick, and even more ...
15 Jan 2007
S2, Ep9 - Sekssomnia

Hannah defends a student who raped a friend while she was staying at his place and doesn't remember raping her. She suspects he may have a condition called sexsomnia, a sleeping disorder similar to sleepwalking. Also, she is getting serious with Jim, leading to some suspicion from Nina when she finds out. Maarten deals with a custody battle between a man and the mother of his deceased wife, who claims his child is better off with her. Maarten also calls Simone, who is still at home.
22 Jan 2007
S2, Ep10 - Kemphanen

Hannah and Maarten lock horns when defending two Russian women traders with conflicting interests. One wants to confess, the other vehemently denies all accusations. Nina mediates between two men when one complains about the other's noisy roosters, and feels attracted to one of them. Simone returns to the office, still reeling from Maarten's rejection.
29 Jan 2007
S2, Ep11 - Moniek K.

Nina, who is also going through a rough menopause, helps Moniek Koot, a Dutch woman who converted to Islam, after police raid her house following a tip about terrorist activities. Maarten fights to stop Simone's dog from being put down after it bites a teenager who threatened her.
05 Feb 2007
S2, Ep12 - Nekschot

An apathetic Nina and unconscious Sabrina are found in the firm by the police, along with the body of a man who was shot in the neck. Nina is suspected of having shot him, and with Pim, Maarten and Marius all out of the country, Hannah defends her. Nina tells a very incoherent and unlikely story, Sabrina can't remember anything, and then it turns out Nina wasn't telling the truth. Meanwhile, Sabrina aids a beautiful actress who demands a huge sum from her plastic surgeon after a botched nose-job which left her maimed, fearing her ruined looks will ruin her career.
12 Feb 2007
S2, Ep13 - Het losse been

Maarten defends an old man from an retirement home who is accused of murdering his love rival. The man claims it was an accident. The retirement home's janitor comes to the firm feeling cheated after buying a subscription for a magazine which was supposed to earn him 15,000 euros, and asks Sabrina for help. Sabrina is in trouble after it is revealed that her new brother-in-law is a criminal who is a client of Nina's, and that she gave him advice while he was already Nina's client. Nina and Marius disagree about what measures should be taken. Simone is still very ...
19 Feb 2007
S2, Ep14 - Wraking

Sabrina gets one of Marius's cases- an anti-globalist who has been accused of severely injuring a special forces officer. When the judge makes prejudiced remarks to her client, she orders him replaced. Pastor Collée, an old friend and mentor of Pim's, asks him to interrogate a doctor in an abbey court concerning a miraculous healing which could lead to the beatification of one of the church's nuns. Meanwhile, a tumor is found in Pim's stomach, and he anxiously awaits test results which will determine if it is malignant or not.
26 Feb 2007
S2, Ep15 - Loverboy

Sabrina defends lover-boy Nick Mulder who is suspected of abusing one of his girls, and suspects that he wasn't the culprit. Things take a bad turn when Nick's uncle and boss threatens Sabrina. Hannah defends an Argentinian tango teacher who was caught smuggling drugs at Schiphol Airport. She discovers that he was going to use the money to pay for surgery in Argentina, and when Oostwegel gets wind of this he decides to reduce his demanded sentence to prevent the Dutch state from having to pay for the operation. Hannah conjures a trick. Meanwhile, Jim tells Hannah he ...
05 Mar 2007
S2, Ep16 - Overspel

After Pim's client Bert Wiegers is found guilty of murdering his wife, facing a 15 year sentence, Pim appeals. He discovers that vital details are missing from the report on the investigation of the murder. Also, a third party privately confesses the murder to Pim. Sabrina goes to court because she does not accept being fined over her flickering bicycle light. Simone celebrates her birthday, and kisses Maarten again when he talks to her privately. Maarten announces the birth of his second child.