Season 3 - Keyzer & de Boer advocaten (2005)
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Season 3 Series:

24 Feb 2008
S3, Ep1 - Klokkenluider

Pim defends Jesse van Alphen, who is accused of storing 600 kilos of drugs in his hangar. Jesse vehemently denies, and a detective reveals to Pim that the Attorney General is only prosecuting Jesse because they could not get the real culprit. Nina helps an old Jewish man who is about to divorce his wife after 42 years of marriage. His wife demands half of the profits from selling their house, but he does not want to sell as the house is linked to deeply rooted memories of his youth in World War II. Nina is later startled when her boyfriend Carel turns out to be the ...
02 Mar 2008
S3, Ep2 - Campingmoord

Maarten and Hannah defend a man accused of murdering his wife. Maarten is irritated by the fact that a TV crime reporter has been documenting the case. The same reporter later offers a 10,000 euro reward for anyone who provides a vital tip to "bring the killer to justice", and quickly finds an eager candidate- the man's friend. Nina is fed up with Sabrina's spoiled attitude and deliberately gives her a small, "boring" case- an old lady with Alzheimer's who claims to have been robbed by a nurse in her nursing home. New prosecutor Selma Culik shares Sabrina's sentiments.
09 Mar 2008
S3, Ep3 - De laatste halte

Nina defends Max Geurtsen, who is to stand trial for investment fraud. When his wife- a friend of Nina's- commits suicide and Max gets a farewell message on his voice mail, Nina realizes that the Attorney General, who were tapping the Geurtsen's phone, could have prevented the suicide. Marius helps Hannah in a custody dispute with Jasper after Jasper decides he wants to travel around the world for three years, leaving Hannah to take care of Lisette full-time.
16 Mar 2008
S3, Ep4 - In memoriam

After the death of his father, Pim decides to sue the doctors who treated him. Hannah aids him and discovers that the doctors are hiding something. However, Pim may be going after the wrong people. Nina defends a pregnant Russian girl who is about to be deported. The father of the child is black, and Nina discovers that colored people are subjugate to racist violence in the Russian Federation.
23 Mar 2008
S3, Ep5 - Ben's Garage

Sabrina and Nina defend Moroccan physics student Ben Benmoussa, who is accused of preparing a terrorist attack following an explosion in his garage. After his uncle is arrested in Boston, Sabrina and Nina discover that, regardless of the trial's outcome, Ben will be extradited to the USA once the trial is over. Hannah mediates between a divorced couple who are fighting over the ashes of their dead child.
30 Mar 2008
S3, Ep6 - Zebrapad

When Sabrina angrily throws a heavy shopping bag at a speeding car that almost hits her, she is prosecuted for attempted battery and vandalism. Things turn more complicated when her criminal brother-in-law has to testify on her behalf while he is already a client of Nina's, being accused of violent extortion. Marius helps an old friend who has been arrested for driving under the influence. A psychiatrist wants to put her in a psychiatric hold, but Marius feels this measure is too extreme.
06 Apr 2008
S3, Ep7 - Familiedrama

Maarten defends André Sibrandi, whose wife committed suicide after smothering their young daughter. André claims he wanted to die as well, but did not succeed in killing himself. The case may be too personal for Maarten, who has just become a father for the third time. Simone helps a young boy whose mini-horse may have to be taken away due to complaints, and gets into an uncomfortable position when both the family and the lawyer of the public housing company demanding the horse be taken away assume she is a lawyer.
13 Apr 2008
S3, Ep8 - Anonieme getuige

Nina defends Dylan Rafaels, the son of drug dealer Ferry Rafaels, who has been involved in a robbery culminating in three deaths. The two prime witnesses wish to remain anonymous. After one is murdered, Nina accidentally finds out who the other is. Marius is alienated by a client who has been kicked out of his virtual apartment on Second Life and may be a severe Internet addict. Hannah and Lisette fight after Hannah decides she wants to keep a closer eye on Lisette's on-line activities, and is frustrated when Jim picks Lisette's side.
20 Apr 2008
S3, Ep9 - Buitenspel

Famous TV presenter Hilde de Vries wants to sue her relation therapist Moniek because she started a relationship with Hilde's husband after they split. Pim, who has been on a downward slide since his father's death, aids Moniek. Things are complicated when he sleeps with her. Maarten defends a young soccer player who has seriously injured an opposing player, and faces an odd dilemma: the father insists it was an accident, but the boy claims he did it on purpose. Maarten seems jealous when he notices that Simone is dating again.
27 Apr 2008
S3, Ep10 - Fatale fout

Maarten commits a serious error which gets his client a six year jail sentence. The client won't accept this, demanding 1,5 million euros in damages, attempts to extort Maarten by threatening his family. Carel asks Nina to move in with him, and later discovers that his house is much smaller than he was told it was. Sabrina is fed up with Nina and wants an other mentor.
11 May 2008
S3, Ep11 - Stuntvrouw

Now under Marius's wing, Sabrina is still unhappy with her assignments and stumbles upon a case which Marius lost five years ago concerning the widow of a Turkish man who was shot by the police. To Marius's dismay, Sabrina starts investigating this "cold case", and he is furious when she visits the widow. Nina defends a stunt woman who wants to break the national free-fall record after the previous record holder tries to sabotage the attempt. Nina quickly discovers that the previous record holder is her client's father.
18 May 2008
S3, Ep12 - Dood zaad

Pim, who was turned his life around by quitting drinking, going on a diet and jogging, takes on the seemingly hopeless case of Hans Otten. Otten accuses Electron, a company that delivers green energy, of causing his infertility by dumping toxic gases from a nearby facility. Hannah aids an African teenager who is about to be deported but claims he is not a refugee, but a recruited soccer talent who is now being dumped by the club.
25 May 2008
S3, Ep13 - De marinier

Sabrina and Marius defend Major Wijo Hagemans, who is suspected of murdering a civilian in Afghanistan. He claims he only fired warning shots and is supported in this by his unit, but then one of his men tells a different story. Maarten defends a burglar who is suing the owner of the house he was breaking into because she threatened him with a fake pistol, prompting him to jump off the balcony, severely injuring himself. Apparently jealous, Maarten tells Alex that Simone likes parachuting, even though he knows she is afraid of heights.
01 Jun 2008
S3, Ep14 - De waardenfluisteraar

Maarten reluctantly defends a radical environmentalist who is suspected of severely beating a mink breeder and refuses to speak. Nina's relationship with Carel isn't going well, and Nina discovers that he will be the judge on her next trial, where she defends her sister, who owns a fair trade shop and has to remove an advert which says "100 % Slave Free".
08 Jun 2008
S3, Ep15 - Corrigerende tik

Hannah defends a mother who is being sued by her out-of-control son after she hit him, and deals with her own family issues when Lisette is angry with her because she is always working and won't let her go on holiday to Istanbul. Maarten and Simone's boyfriend Alex go head to head in a case concerning a woman who was fired by her boss and former lover, and is now pregnant with his child.
15 Jun 2008
S3, Ep16 - Oude rotten

Marius confronts old friend Samuel Groenteman in a case concerning a med student who was suspended by the hospital she was working at after revealing the hospital's terrible working conditions in a newspaper interview. After talking with Samuel and learning that his wife died, Marius starts to think about his own future. Pim receives a call from a former client who was in jail for two years while innocent and is now holding a family hostage at a farm after being stopped by the police, fearing he will be jailed again. Nina and Carel reconcile. With Pim, Marius and Nina...