Full Cast & Crew - The Longest Ride (2015)
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The Longest Ride (2015)

Country: USA

Genres: Drama, Romance

Director: George Tillman Jr.

Writers: Nicholas Sparks, Craig Bolotin

Stars: Britt Robertson, Oona Chaplin, Scott Eastwood, Jack Huston, ...

Based on the bestselling novel by master storyteller Nicholas Sparks, THE LONGEST RIDE centers on the star-crossed love affair between Luke, a former champion bull rider looking to make a comeback, and Sophia, a college student who is about to embark upon her dream job in New York City's art world. As conflicting paths and ideals test their relationship, Sophia and Luke make an unexpected and fateful connection with Ira, whose memories of his own decades-long romance with his beloved wife deeply inspire the young couple. Spanning generations and two intertwining love stories, THE LONGEST RIDE explores the challenges and infinite rewards of enduring love.


George Tillman Jr. (in negotiations)


Nicholas Sparks
Craig Bolotin


Marty Bowen producer
Wyck Godfrey producer
Theresa Park producer
Nicholas Sparks producer
Robert Teitel executive producer
H.H. Cooper co-producer
Michele Imperato executive producer
James Paul associate producer
Mitchell Smith associate producer
Tracey Nyberg executive producer


Britt Robertson Sophia Danko
Oona Chaplin Ruth
Scott Eastwood Luke Collins
Jack Huston Ira (Younger)
Alan Alda Ira Levinson
Melissa Benoist Marcia
Lolita Davidovich Kate Collins
Elea Oberon Mrs. Pfeffer
Kate Forbes Ira's Mother
Tiago Riani Luiz
Danny Vinson Larry Till
Hayley Lovitt Rodeo Girl / Dancer
Tracey Bonner Nurse Wilson
Jaret Sears Joe Parks
Hunter Burke David Stein
Evan Taylor Burns Country Band Member
Ben Jarvis Dumas Country Band Member
Joel King Country Band Member
Preston Wimberly Country Band Member
Ricky Young Country Band Member
Ash Taylor Willem De Kooning
Gloria Reuben Adrienne Francis
Matt McHugh Valet
Jon Stafford Older Man
Gina Herron Older Woman
Floyd Herrington Daniel McDonald
Joy Jacobson Luke's Nurse
Michael Lowry Luke's Doctor
Naomi Eckhaus Ruth
Amy Parrish Andrea McDonald
Peter Jurasik Howie Sanders
Karen Labbe Assistant
Barry Ratcliffe Auctioneer
Staley Colvert Buyer 1
Andrea Moore Buyer 2
Shane Callahan Buyer 3
Clint Adkins PBR Announcer 1
Brandon Bates PBR Announcer 2
Zoie Summer Quigley Sorority Sis 1
Alina Lia Sorority Sis 2
Ali Mikles Sorority Sis 3
William Neenan Josef Albers
Brett Edwards Jared Middlelton
Kevin Patrick Murphy ER Doctor
Barry Stoltze Grey-Haired Man
Mark Cabus Mr. Pfeffer
Matt Merritt PBR Entertainer
Bryan Hope PBR Entertainer
Flint Rasmussen PBR Entertainer
Todd Truley Man at Auction
Myke Holmes Daniel's Brother
Amber Chaney Daniel's Brother's Wife
Mark Jeffrey Miller WWII Doctor
Alexander Isaiah Thomas Wounded Solider
Paul Sidlofsky Rabbi
Diana Chiritescu Pat Passlof
Max Brinker Max
Rango The Bull Himself
John Stellar Himself - in What Is Love Interview
Andrea Alcorn Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
James Alcorn Rodeo Fan (Featherd) (uncredited)
Tyler Alverson College Kid (uncredited)
Jennifer Brown Andersen 1950's Mom (uncredited)
Sheri Anderson Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
John C. Anger Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Gabe Asturias Skateboarder (uncredited)
Kayla Austin Family Member Kid (uncredited)
Mary Austin ER Visitor / Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Melissa Austin Family Member Kid (uncredited)
Rochelle Aycoth 1950s Mom (uncredited)
Steve Baldwin Painter (uncredited)
Perry Ball Art Dealer (uncredited)
Katie Barber Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Kurt Barner 1940's Party Waiter (uncredited)
Nina Bartula Nurse (uncredited)
Bill Bennett Art Collection Buyer (uncredited)
Audrey Blackwelder Rodeo Fan, PBR Staff (uncredited)
Cameron Blackwelder Soda Shop Kid / PBR Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Kristi Booher Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Kelly Borgnis University Faculty (uncredited)
Robert Boynton Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Deaven Brooks Rodeo Patron (uncredited)
Michael Anthony Brown Silvano Alves (uncredited)
Stephen Mackenzie Brown Artist (uncredited)
Tommy Brown ER Doctor (uncredited)
Christopher L. Bullock Museum Attendee (uncredited)
Lonnie Burchfield VIP Rodeo Sponsor (uncredited)
Rusty Burrow Synagogue Attendee (uncredited)
Zoe Clarke 1950's 3rd Grade Student (uncredited)
Chevy Lamont Cofield Doctor (uncredited)
Bonnie Cole Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Brian Cole Luke Collin's Father (uncredited)
Blake Comby Rodeo Sponsor / Fan (uncredited)
Joshua Cook 1950's School Kid (uncredited)
Christopher Cozort Cameraman (uncredited)
Amy DiPaola Artist (uncredited)
Aidan Eason 1950s School Kid (uncredited)
Jason Michael Elliott College Student (uncredited)
Amber Dawn Fox 1940's Shopper / Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Christopher Donald Gallagher Rodeo Sponsor (uncredited)
Keith Gallucci 1940's Waiter (uncredited)
Nicole Graziano Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Shane Grissom Manager VIP (uncredited)
Albert Guzman Rodeo Sponsor (uncredited)
Kristopher Hanks Rodeo Cowboy (uncredited)
Cody Mark Hanna Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Chris Harding Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Debbie Hartner Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Brice Anthony Heller Military Officer (uncredited)
Zena Marie Hennen Auction Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Jeff Hill Hunky Cowboy (uncredited)
Darian Hines Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Joseph Milton Hodges Jr. Adult Synagogue Attendee / 1940s Party Attendee / Busin
Joseph Milton Hodges Sr. Adult Synagogue Attendee / 1940s Party Attendee / Busin
Nancy Rouse Hodges Adult Synagogue Attendee / 1940s Party Attendee / Femal
Kimberly Hester Huffstetler VIP Rodeo Sponsor Atlanta Race (uncredited)
Gerald Jackson Sponsor (uncredited)
Maddie Jackson Cowgirl Fan (uncredited)
Ben Joyce 1940's Student on Blanket / in Garden (uncredited)
Caroline Kahn Townsperson (uncredited)
Stephen Kay Faculty (uncredited)
Courtney Lakin Artist (uncredited)
Brett Larkins Trophy Wife (uncredited)
Michael D. Layden Rope Boy (uncredited)
Jimmy Lewis Hospital Visitor (uncredited)
Emily Lievre Soda Shop Patron (uncredited)
Jamie Loafman Trophy Wife (uncredited)
Karen Malina Auction Bidder (uncredited)
Gabriel Manak VIP Rodeo Sponsor (uncredited)
Jimmy Manning Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Joanna Manning Synagogue Attendee (uncredited)
Steve McAleer Valet (uncredited)
Stephanie McIntyre Rodeo Patron (uncredited)
Sandra McMilleon Hotel Party Guest (uncredited)
Brigham McNeely Security Guard (uncredited)
Michael Mercaldi Security Guard (uncredited)
Ernest Mercer Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
John Merical Doctor / VIP (uncredited)
Chelsea Meyer Rodeo Sponsor (uncredited)
Joe Montanti Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Brenda Moss-Clifton Nurse (uncredited)
Andy Mottesheard Ira's Father (uncredited)
James Nass Hospital Visitor (uncredited)
Kevin J. O'Connor Rodeo Sponsor / VIP (uncredited)
Gary N. Paige Rodeo Fan Waving Cowboy Hat (uncredited)
David Pascua Art Collection Buyer (uncredited)
Kevie Penny Doctor (uncredited)
Danecka Peyton Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Darrell Rackley Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Tammy Rackley Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Tina Register Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Sherri Robinson Nurse (uncredited)
Kate Romero Herself - in What Is Love Interview (uncredited)
Bryleigh Saunders 1950's School Kid (uncredited)
Kara Slawter Texas PBR VIP Extra (uncredited)
Wil Smith Hospital Administrator (uncredited)
Charles Soots Crowd (uncredited)
Carlo St. James Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Steve Stamey 1940's Party Attendee / Cowboy (uncredited)
Thomas W. Stewart Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Allison Quinn Swartz Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Avery Swartz Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Dawn Swartz Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Lexi Swartz Groupie (uncredited)
Jenny Sylivant Art Patron (uncredited)
Alex S. Taylor Sidewalk Pedestrian (uncredited)
Mark Guy Thompson 1940s Party Guest (uncredited)
Shelby Townsend Soda Shop Teen (uncredited)
Mary Troutman Nurse (uncredited)
Desirae Walker Waitress (uncredited)
Jason Matthew Walker Country Line Dancer (uncredited)
Millie Wannamaker Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Dallas White Young Military #1 (uncredited)
Jeffry Winkler Appalachian Worker / WW-11 Soldier (uncredited)
Ben Yemba Line Dancing Cowboy (uncredited)
Zoie Quigley Sorority Sis 1
Carol Bruckner Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Melissa Eastwood Hospital Administrator (uncredited)
Tony Markoch Frat Guy (uncredited)
Cole McCabe Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Lori Stamm Rodeo Fan / Bus Staion Patron (uncredited)
Sarah Ellen Wright Buckle Bunny (uncredited)
Rob C. Baldwin Sponsor (uncredited)
Brad Billups WWII Soldier (uncredited)
Aira Marie Brown Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Nicole Dickerson 1950s schoolgirl (uncredited)
Kari Jauch Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Kimi Jauch Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Jimmy Ace Lewis Hospital Visitor (uncredited)
Morgan McCalvin VIP Rodeo Sponsor (uncredited)
Logan O'Neill Hunky Cowboy (uncredited)
Diana Penglase Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Brie Tilton Rodeo Fan (uncredited)
Bryan Payne II Rodeo Stock Producer (uncredited)
Lisa Forrest Auction Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Carrie Anderson-Kincaid Art Auction Buyer (uncredited)
Derik Belcher Rodeo fan / bar patron (uncredited)
Maddie Jay Cowgirl Fan (uncredited)
Zoey Norris Artist (uncredited)