Nevinné lzi (2013)
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Country: Czech Republic

Genres: Drama

Director: Tereza Vrabelová, Petr Zahrádka, Martin Dolenský, Vojtech Kotek, ...

Writers: Markéta Bidlasová, Martin Dolenský, Tereza Dusová, Jan Hlavác, ...

Stars: Lubos Veselý, Markéta Tanner, Tereza Brodská, Ondrej Malý, ...

Motto: "Everybody has a reason sometimes not to tell the truth". Each of the protagonists of the thirteen episodes of the Innocent Lies series has personal reasons not to tell the truth. And each time we understand them, and what's more - we believe them. Because it's us who's in their shoes. But supposing a small, intimate and seemingly innocent lie swells up, assumes unforeseeable dimensions, and seizes the opportunity for turning our life inside out? Though telling the personal stories of individuals, the episodes concern topical social phenomena, such as new family patterns, the power of the media, economic crisis or false accusation of sexual abuse.

Seasons:   2 - 1