Season Unknown - Comedy Central Canned Ham (1996)
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Season Unknown Series:

Unknown - Bowfinger

30 Jun 2000
Unknown - Scary Movie

05 Nov 2000
Unknown - Canned Ham: Little Nicky

Unknown - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

12 Feb 2001
Unknown - Saving Silverman

20 Mar 2001
Unknown - Say It Isn't So

Unknown - Joe Dirt

Unknown - The Animal

Unknown - Evolution

Unknown - Shallow Hal

Unknown - Super Troopers

A "Reel Comedy" episode of interviews with the cast members of "Super Troopers," a movie about five Vermont state troopers who are trying to avid pranksters with a knack for screwing up, try to save their jobs and out-do the local police department by solving a crime.
Unknown - Death to Smoochy

Unknown - The Sweetest Thing

In this Reel Comedy episode, it shows interviews of the cast of "The Sweetest Thing", a story about a girl who is trying to woo the opposite sex when finds "Mr. Right." Interviews include Christina Applegate, Jason Bateman, Selma Blair, Cameron Diaz and Thomas Jane.
Unknown - Mr. Deeds

Unknown - Austin Powers in Goldmember

In this episode of "Reel Comedy," it shows interviews of the cast members of "Austin Powers in Goldmember", with interviews with Mike myers, who plays the hero Austin Powers and the villains Goldmember, Fat Bastard and Dr. Evil, Beyonce Knowles, who plays Austin's partner, Seth Green, playing Scott Evil is finally getting his father's habits and behavior of being evil and stubborn, Vern Troyer, who reprises his most famous role, Mini-Me, who turns to the side of good after Dr. Evil favors Scott now, and Michael Caine, playing Nigel Powers, Austin's father who reveals ...
Unknown - Stealing Harvard

Unknown - I Spy

Unknown - Analyze That

From the hit movie, Analyze This, This documentary shows interviews of "Analyze That", with Billy Crystal, Robert De Nir, Lisa Kudrow, who are reprising their previous roles in the original movie, along with Cathy Moriarty and Harold Ramis.
Unknown - A Night at the Roxbury

A short comedy with interviews with Will Ferrell and Chris Katten as Steve and Doug Butabi, who want to open their own club in Los Vegas by getting into the best club in Vegas.
Unknown - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

This reel shows the making of the classic blockbuster sleeper, Austing Powers - International Man of Mystery. Interviews include with Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Mimi Rogers and Michael York.
Unknown - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Unknown - Dead Man on Campus

Unknown - Deconstructing Harry

Unknown - Dirty Work

Unknown - High School High

Unknown - Rush Hour

Unknown - Rush Hour 2

Unknown - Senseless

Unknown - Something About Mary

In this Reel Comedy short, it shows interviews of the cast of the romantic comedy sleeper, "There's Something about Mary," a movie about the main male character, Ted, who soon gets back together with his dreamgirl, Mary, who both once dated thirteen years before in high school. Interviews include Cameron Diaz, who plays the title character, Matt Dillon, Chris Elliott, Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly and Ben Stiller.
Unknown - State and Main

Unknown - The Cable Guy

Unknown - The Hot Chick

Unknown - The Waterboy

Unknown - The Wedding Singer

Unknown - Trial and Error

Unknown - Van Wilder