Season 4 - Man Against Crime (1949)
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Man Against Crime (1949)

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Drama, Crime

Director: Edward Montagne, William Berke, Frank McDonald, Paul Alter, ...

Writers: Lawrence M. Klee, Vin Bogert, Chestley Ellis, Burton Benjamin, ...

Stars: Ralph Bellamy, Nita Talbot, Henry Lascoe, Mildred Natwick, ...

Mike Barnett is the title character, a bright and tough private detective in New York. This very violent show was broadcast live until 1952.

Seasons:   5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 4 Series:

01 Oct 1952
S4, Ep1 - Phobia

08 Oct 1952
S4, Ep2 - Murder in Rhyme

15 Oct 1952
S4, Ep3 - Baker Grandee

22 Oct 1952
S4, Ep4 - Joy Ride

29 Oct 1952
S4, Ep5 - Carpathia

05 Nov 1952
S4, Ep6 - Paradise Lost

Barnett becomes involved when a man is found dead and assumed to be a suicide until it is realized some very odd clues are found in the margin of the man's favorite novel "Paradise Lost".
12 Nov 1952
S4, Ep7 - The Victim Is Venus

19 Nov 1952
S4, Ep8 - Get Out of Town

At gunpoint, Mike is forced to leave town and put on a plane to Mexico.
26 Nov 1952
S4, Ep9 - Fuller's Folly

Barnett is called to a house everyone thought was abandoned for over 30 years. After a number of strange moments they encounter Mr and Mrs Fuller, two people presumed dead for 30 years.
03 Dec 1952
S4, Ep10 - Women's Reformatory

10 Dec 1952
S4, Ep11 - Killer Cat

Barnett accepts a case from the Pacific North West where he discovers a wealthy textile merchant fears for his life. The situation becomes grimmer after a man is found dead from apparent attack by a cougar, but Barnett has his doubts.
17 Dec 1952
S4, Ep12 - Bartholdi

24 Dec 1952
S4, Ep13 - The Day They Kidnapped Santa Claus

31 Dec 1952
S4, Ep14 - Dragon's Blood

07 Jan 1953
S4, Ep15 - The Breaking Point

14 Jan 1953
S4, Ep16 - Ferry Boat

Barnnet gets a strange phone call asking for him to meet at the Staten Island Ferry. The caller explains he has important information about a communist spy ring active in New York.
21 Jan 1953
S4, Ep17 - Murder in the Studio

28 Jan 1953
S4, Ep18 - The Silken Touch

While investigating theft at a trucking company Barnnet is kidnapped when he gets too close to the truth. It takes all his wits and courage to stay alive and get the authorities involved.
04 Feb 1953
S4, Ep19 - Third Rail

Barnnet is on the hunt for a subway carriage he rode the night before. A group of mobsters who also have a vested interest in the train follow him.
11 Feb 1953
S4, Ep20 - Exclusive

18 Feb 1953
S4, Ep21 - The Midnight Express

25 Feb 1953
S4, Ep22 - A Bottle of Death

03 Mar 1953
S4, Ep23 - The Iceman

Mike goes after a pair of thieves who specialize in robbing the rooms of hotel guests.
11 Mar 1953
S4, Ep24 - Death Takes a Partner

Barnet is called in to oversee the running of a 6 day cycle race. For once the Mob has bet legitimately on the race, but other forces are trying to influence the race for their own benefit.
18 Mar 1953
S4, Ep25 - Sic Transit Gloria

Barnet has his life endangered when a girl claims he has information about a murder. He is confused as to why she would do this till she explains she needed the protection from the mob, rather than protection she has now put two lives in danger.
25 Mar 1953
S4, Ep26 - A Family Affair

A bank robbery by a lone gunman results in the murder of two employees. Mike suspects that it wasn't just an ordinary bank holdup--he believes the robber had help from someone on the inside.
01 Apr 1953
S4, Ep27 - The Hitch Heisters

Two seemingly innocent young girls hitchhiking are actually a pair of murderous con artists.
08 Apr 1953
S4, Ep28 - Free Ride

Barnett receives a call from an amusement park maintenance man. By the time he arrives the man has been killed and a surprising number of people seem to be hanging around the park that is currently closed. Barnett realizes diamonds from a recent theft have been hidden somewhere in the park. He not only has to find the killer but the diamonds as well.
15 Apr 1953
S4, Ep29 - Death Below Decks

22 Apr 1953
S4, Ep30 - High Ambush

While visiting his old neighborhood, Barnett inadvertently disrupts the ambush of a local merchant.
06 May 1953
S4, Ep31 - The Cocoanut's Eye

Barnet has an appointment to meet with Professor Lopez, a world expert in coconuts. When Barnet arrives at the botanical research station he finds Lopez in a daze and a huge number of coconuts destroyed. He must work out what happened to Lopez, and what was in the coconuts that made them so important.
13 May 1953
S4, Ep32 - Room 505

Mike becomes involved when a man reports to him that he's seen a murder through the window of a hotel. There are three possible rooms, each with its own story. Barnett has to figure out who the person murdered was and who may have killed them.
20 May 1953
S4, Ep33 - The Day Man

Barrett and his men try to apprehend a clever team of burglars that strike during the daytime.
27 May 1953
S4, Ep34 - Hot Fur

Barnett is called in when the owner of a fur company suspects his security has been compromised. Barnett realizes a major robbery is imminent and sets about trying to stop those involved before they can complete their crime.
10 Jun 1953
S4, Ep35 - Doll Bandit

A chance encounter with a beautiful blonde provides Mike with the clue he needs to capture the glamorous bank robber.
17 Jun 1953
S4, Ep36 - Washington Story

Mike Barnett has been called to testify at a hearing regarding organized illegal gambling operations. The people behind these operations know that Barnett's testimony could be extremely damaging and takes steps to stop him testifying.
24 Jun 1953
S4, Ep37 - Black Leg-White Tie

Wealthy New Yorkers are being ripped off by a "charity" gambling operation.
01 Jul 1953
S4, Ep38 - Fraternity of Five

17 Jul 1953
S4, Ep39 - Death on the Diamond

24 Jul 1953
S4, Ep40 - The Polecat Shakedown

While on a fishing holiday Barnett becomes aware of a local dinner that has been targeted by racketeers for protection money. He agrees to use his experience dealing with such things in New York, and shut the operation down.
07 Aug 1953
S4, Ep41 - Hide and Seek

14 Aug 1953
S4, Ep42 - The Wire Tappers

A group of criminals wire tap an apartment as an experiment to see if they can get some leads to exploit for their operations. After a key is stolen Barnett becomes involved in tracking down who is responsible and the significance of the key.
28 Aug 1953
S4, Ep43 - The Missing Cadet

Barnett is contacted by an organized crime figure who's son is a military cadet. It seems the boy has disappeared from school over concerns he will be called to testify against his father in court.