Season 1 - Inner Sanctum (1954)
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Season 1 Series:

S1, Ep0 - Dead Level

A hearse driver is drawn into a plot by a beautiful blonde to haul away a man she's murdered, and take the body to a cemetery.
09 Jan 1954
S1, Ep1 - The Stranger

A young man walks into an inn to register for a room and finds himself accused of murdering three people.
16 Jan 1954
S1, Ep2 - Port of Regrets

A distinguished judge who feels that no leniency is deserved in crimes of passion finds himself involved in a crime of passion.
23 Jan 1954
S1, Ep3 - The Hermit

A gang of bank robbers force an old man to conceal them.
30 Jan 1954
S1, Ep4 - Guilty Secret

A young man calls in the police when he begins to suspects his mother of killing her husband , a once famous actor.
06 Feb 1954
S1, Ep5 - The Perfect Kill

A school girl is killed and one of her fellow students is blamed.
13 Feb 1954
S1, Ep6 - The Face of Fear

A man becomes obsessed with fear of the criminals whom he identified during a police investigation.
20 Feb 1954
S1, Ep7 - Never Die Again

A man fails in an attempt to murder his wife but in the process becomes involved in a different murder.
27 Feb 1954
S1, Ep8 - The Yellow Parakeet

A lonely old man is duped into stealing money in the name of true love by a couple of con artists.
06 Mar 1954
S1, Ep9 - A Second Life

A man relishes that he really loves his wife after he nearly murders her.
13 Mar 1954
S1, Ep10 - Lost in the Dark

A wealthy man who is facing impending blindness and a divorce learns that money cannot buy him either vision or his wife.
20 Mar 1954
S1, Ep11 - The Sound of Birds

A mild mannered bird fancier becomes involved with the police investigation into the murders of three people.
27 Mar 1954
S1, Ep12 - Cat Calls

An architect is driven to nightmares by howling cats beneath his bedroom window.
03 Apr 1954
S1, Ep13 - Man of Iron

A murder allows an innocent man to be executed for his crime rather than confess.
10 Apr 1954
S1, Ep14 - The Sisters

Two wealthy teachers learn just in time that they are in the clutches of a conman.
17 Apr 1954
S1, Ep15 - The Good Luck Charm

The luck of a poor cab driver changes when he discovers $20,000 in the back of his cab.
24 Apr 1954
S1, Ep16 - The Hands

A woman lives in fear for her life when she learns that her husband is to be sent home from the insane asylum.
01 May 1954
S1, Ep17 - Killer's Choice

A ghost and a guilty conscience make it possible for a man to avenge his brother's death.
08 May 1954
S1, Ep18 - Watcher by the Dead

Death gets a grim chuckle when a practical joker bets a friend $10,000 that he can spend the night in a haunted house with only a corpse for company.
15 May 1954
S1, Ep19 - Identity Unknown

A model turns to murder in order to avenge the death of her sister.
22 May 1954
S1, Ep20 - Queen of Spades

Stakes in a three man poker game get rather high when one of the players bets his life on his hand.
29 May 1954
S1, Ep21 - Handle with Care

When three gangsters involved in a murder learns that their fourth partner is being released from prison, they decides that he knows too much to live.
05 Jun 1954
S1, Ep22 - The Silent Bride

A young woman is surprised to learn that her new job has involved her with murder.
12 Jun 1954
S1, Ep23 - Ghost Mail

An insurance investigator becomes suspicious when the ghost of an aviator who died in an accident shows up at his own funeral.
19 Jun 1954
S1, Ep24 - Tomorrow Never Comes

A boxcar turns into a coffin when two men who look alike end up being punished for the other's crimes.
26 Jun 1954
S1, Ep25 - Nobody Laughs at Lou

A pair of gunmen threaten to kill a pathetic ex-vaudeville performer unless he gives them the performance of his life.
03 Jul 1954
S1, Ep26 - Family Skeleton

A pair of movers think that they have found a ticket on the gravy train when they discovers a skeleton in the basement of a wealthy family's house.
10 Jul 1954
S1, Ep27 - Dark of the Night

A photographer, believing that his secretary is in love with him, murders his wife so he can be with her.
17 Jul 1954
S1, Ep28 - Burial at High Point

A man ends up regretting having his wealthy wife declared insane so that he could gain control of her fortune.
24 Jul 1954
S1, Ep29 - Hour of Darkness

A gambler arranges to have his wife killed so that can collect the insurance money.
31 Jul 1954
S1, Ep30 - Reward for Janie

A lunch wagon waitress perpetrates a deal to get some money.
07 Aug 1954
S1, Ep31 - Face of the Dead

After a gangster kills an old rival, he has his face altered by a plastic surgeon, whom he in turn murders to silence him. The twist is, after the bandages are removed, he finds he has the face and slowly, the personality of the dead rival.
14 Aug 1954
S1, Ep32 - The Lonely One

A lonely old man confesses to crimes that he didn't commit in order to gain some recognition.
21 Aug 1954
S1, Ep33 - Dream of Murder

A man who has lived the past 20 years of his life obsessed with avenging his father's murder inexplicably changes his mind.
28 Aug 1954
S1, Ep34 - Pattern of Fear

An unattractive spinster murders her attractive sister and her wealthy uncle after she is visited by a phantom lover.
04 Sep 1954
S1, Ep35 - The Third Fate

A young woman is plagued by dreams of a man who tells her that she will soon die whom she later learns is a psychopathic killer who died eight years earlier.
11 Sep 1954
S1, Ep36 - The Landslide

An old woman who is near death shocks her family by revealing that she has $53,000 hidden away.
18 Sep 1954
S1, Ep37 - The Skull Beneath

A man proves that he has the ability to predict a person's death.
25 Sep 1954
S1, Ep38 - The Fatal Hour

Guests at a fancy dinner party are informed that their cocktails have been poisoned and that they will soon die.
02 Oct 1954
S1, Ep39 - Blind Luck

A blind beggar becomes instrumental as an 'eyewitness' in defending a drifter who has been accused of murder.