Take Part Live (2013)
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Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, News, Talk-Show

Director: Genji Keen, Adam Dubowsky, Carrie Havel, Lisa Todd, ...

Writers: Mary H.K. Choi, Amanda Deibert, Adam Dubowsky, Josh Flaum, ...

Stars: Cara Santa Maria, Jacob Soboroff, Tehran Von Ghasri, Jessica Carbino, ...

TakePart Live, airing at 10e/7p, is a nightly, interactive news show with young, forward-thinking hosts who unpack the most important issues of the day from unique perspectives. Every night, our hosts Meghan McCain and Jacob Soboroff address the hottest headlines, ripped right from the twitter feed, in an environment meant to invite the audience to take part, live. They'll debate the nuances, exchange POVs, and sound off on the issues that mean the most to them in a rowdy, intelligent, hour-long conversation. The discussions are not screaming matches or the breaking headlines of cable news, but rather discourse meant to inform and entertain among personalities who don't always agree . Unlike nearly all issue-oriented cable television, TPL isn't black and white - it's about shades of gray... and blonde, and brown, and yellow, and rainbow. There is far more to every issue than Red Vs. Blue and than conventional wisdom allows. Live and unfiltered, it's a discussion you won't see anywhere...

Seasons:   3 - 2 - 1