Trivia - The Pat Sajak Show (1989)
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The Pat Sajak Show (1989)

Country: USA

Genres: Talk-Show


Writers: Monty Aidem, Andy Cowan, Greg Fields, Tim Kelleher, ...

Stars: Dan Miller, Pat Sajak, Geoff Bolt, Franklin Ruehl, ...

After Pat's other show, "Wheel of Fortune" (1975) enjoyed a surge of popularity in the late 80's, he decided to try his hand at hosting a late-night talk show. The format was similar to "The Tonight Show" (1962), consisting of comedy monologues, celebrity guests and musical numbers. Although many well-known celebrities appeared on his show, in the end, Sajak was unable to compete with Johnny Carson and David Letterman.

Seasons:   Unknown - 1

Werner Klemperer was a guest on this show and Pat Sajak presented him with a monocle, due to the fact that Werner Klemperer had recently had his original monocle stolen from his personal collection.
A relatively unknown (at that time) Rush Limbaugh guest hosted on 30 March 1990 and was so controversial the audience had to be removed for the final segment of the show.
When the show began its run, it was 90 minutes long. After low ratings, CBS reduced it to one hour.
When Sajak changed the set of the show, TV Guide described it as "the bachelor from hell" studio.
Paul Rodriguez was the host for the final episode.
Jazz saxophonist Tom Scott served as the program's band leader, and he wrote the program's theme song.