Season 1 - O'Grady (2004)
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Season 1 Series:

30 Jul 2004
S1, Ep1 - Sweats

Abby tries to make O'Grady look normal on video.
06 Aug 2004
S1, Ep2 - Clones

The latest weirdness of O'Grady is a clone appearing after you, say, scream, or become really angry. Beth and Abby's clones bonded right away, Kevin's clone is the newest guitarist in Kevin and Harold's band, and Mr. Lipschitz has, oddly enough, ultimately musters up about 10 clones by the end of the episode [[ seeing as how he has a lot of "withheld anger" issues ]]. Meanwhile, Mr. Lipschitz pairs the class up and assigns a school debate. Kevin and Abby debate Conformity/Communism vs. Individuality, respectively. Everything goes as usual, they bicker back and forth ...
13 Aug 2004
S1, Ep3 - Party Gong

Yet again the Weirdness returns, the latest case being random memory loss. This can be given to anyone, at anytime, no matter what they're doing. Everyone.... except Kevin, that is. [[He's, for some reason, impervious to it and hasn't been affected.]] Of course, Kevin uses everyone's vulnerability to his advantage and arranges a party at Beth's house. Meanwhile, Harold has finally obtained his first number... from a GIRL! Only thing is, the sudden amnesia eventually gets to him, too, causing him to blank out on the name of the gal and where the digits came from. He ...
20 Aug 2004
S1, Ep4 - O'Grady Idol

Kevin and Abby battle to the death (or at least the humiliation) on O'Grady Idol!
03 Sep 2004
S1, Ep5 - Magnets

Beth must face the bleak future of her former refuge: coffee houses.
S1, Ep6 - Signs

Abby learns that ballroom dancing should never include Philip.
S1, Ep7 - Bubbleheads

The Weirdness returns and exposes everyone's real feelings if they tell a lie.
S1, Ep8 - Robo-Babies

Everybody gets a Robo-Baby.
S1, Ep9 - Cop 'Stache

Abby's self-induced makeover is not quite a hit, while Kevin scores the ultimate gig: Mall Cop.
15 Apr 2005
S1, Ep10 - Sugar Hill

Trying to band together to earn expensive "Lingonberries" for the whole school, O'Grady goes sugarless.
22 Apr 2005
S1, Ep11 - Old Cold

Sneezing makes you old... at least it does when you live under the spell of O'Grady's Weirdness. So what do the crews future selves look like?
06 May 2005
S1, Ep12 - No Pain, No Gain

With the Weirdness making everyone invincible to pain, Beth gets a makeover that definitely turns Extreme.
13 May 2005
S1, Ep13 - Remotes

Ever wish you could use the remote control on people?O'Grady residents probably did, too, once ...