Season 1 - My Roommate the (2010)
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My Roommate the (2010)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: A show about roommates.

Director: Byrne Owens, Lu Louis, Andrea Ball, Christian Edsall, ...

Writers: Emily Bradstetter, Bill Finger, Lu Louis, Byrne Owens, ...

Stars: Lu Louis, Byrne Owens, Juan Lopez, Chris Mollica, ...

Most of us have had one at one time or another...roommates. And even those of us who haven't had one are familiar with the connotations that that word evokes. Whether you loved them, hated them, or couldn't care less for them, they still impacted your life and helped shape you into the person you are today. They know our most intimate details and have seen us at our highest of highs and lowest of lows. From college to late adulthood we have been paired with roommates, who at times, wear on our patience, take advantage of your kindness, and abuse our trust. If you're lucky enough to have a roommate that respects you and your stuff, and you're able to get along with them, then great. That is not the case for Lu. In his quest for the perfect roommate, Lu has been forced to put up with the wild hijinks of some unsavory characters. But nevertheless, he pushes forward and continues his search. Always ready to give them a chance and introduce you to "my roommate the ..."

Seasons:   3 - 2 - 1

Season 1 Series:

13 Jul 2010
S1, Ep1 - Emo

What once began as an expression of the tragedies of existence, is now a screamo hot topic of self-loathing and black eyeliner. Despite their poetic journal entries on loneliness, or their self-inflicted victim-hood, the Emo is a passionate creature that has helped make crying over your ex an attractive 13 year-olds. So, in honor of those who thought about attempting to think about cutting their wrists to look like they tried to kill themselves, this isn't for you.
15 Jul 2010
S1, Ep2 - Racist

In the 21st Century is it possible that Racism still exists? Where does this racism stem from? Is it ignorance? Hardly, for we live in a world where technology has helped bridge the gap between the known and the unknown. So is it tradition? Possibly. Customary behavior that one has inherited from their family, friends, or other social circles. Ignorance WAS bliss. But if one refuses to grow and change with the times, then they are willingly choosing to ostracize themselves from the rest of us who have chosen to give tolerance a chance.
22 Jul 2010
S1, Ep3 - Pikey

Having been coined the term Pikey by their European counterparts, these roaming herds of gypsy trailer merchants are as ambiguous about their intentions as they are about their language. And to whichever used, broken, stolen, or simply non-existent items being exchanged, no negotiation is too mature for a fight. This episode is for every squatting con-man who broke the rules of common courtesy in the name of foreign principle. Sme' caravan!
S1, Ep4 - Douchebag

Today in the world of roommatism, we observe the unavoidable archetype known as the Douchebag. We've lost many a great women to this creature of instinct, and have watched it's kind invade our most popular clubs and beaches. Serving as a constant in all of human culture, the Douchebag remains unapologetic for his simplicity, and steadfast in his endeavors. So, in honor of those who seek to pleasure themselves above all others, this is for you...
S1, Ep5 - Hipster

Also referred to as the scenester, the indie, the mod, the metrosexual; the title continuing to change as does the definition of it's culture, and it's subcultures, and it's microcultures, and everything that isn't what everything else is; and then is again, because you aren't. So not without a sense of irony, presented here is the authentic, label-free, conformation of noncomformity: The postmodern hipster.
S1, Ep6 - Vampire

The Age of the Vampire is upon us. Now more than ever these ancient relics of a time long forgotten have resurfaced to reclaim the world that has long been theirs...pop culture. Now fueled by the undying love of their tween-aged masses, vampires once again rule the airwaves. But this time, multiple factions have arisen creating conflicting dogma on what is fantasy and what is fact. Sparkling in the sunlight? Fairies? Making sure to Let the Right One In? Ridiculously ripped werewolves? With so many endless possibilities, it's befitting that one has all eternity to ...
S1, Ep7 - Actor

Hypokrites, as the Greeks would term them, all have a particular method of pretending to lie. That is, being truthfully fake about their reactions to another one's... reaction to their action. And in exchange for worship, the actor bravely experiences the agony of dramatic life, all so we don't have to. In dedication to those who fantasize in the third person, who pat themselves on the back for every character they impersonate, but thought they created; and to the most dramatic mirror-lovers of the world, we couldn't have done any of this without you! Enjoy.
08 Jun 2010
S1, Ep8 - Celebrity

Twitter. Facebook. TMZ. These "pushers" give us the fix that we "junkies" so desperately need...Celebrity Gossip. They are our deity, and we worship them at the Temple of Self-Indulgence. But how far will they go to keep our attention? And how long will we look to them to fill the void in our lives. Forever? Nah. Just until we get bored with them and move on to the next celebrity willing to sell their soul to the media in exchange for 15 minutes with us.
15 Jun 2010
S1, Ep9 - Gamer

Rarely visible to the actual world, the gamer plays in a land without consequence. Whatever repressed social inadequacies this being harbors, he makes up for on the digital battlefield. Whether you're getting fragged by a 10-year old sociopath who probably abuses helpless animals, or storming a castle alongside a hypocritical bigot who lacks personal hygiene, only one thing is certain - there is no mercy. So here's to all you haters that hide behind your keyboards and consoles, this is for you.
09 Sep 2010
S1, Ep10 - Guido

It's no surprise that Jersey Shore has taken over our TVs. With their infectious fist bumping, unapologetic partying, and sexual promiscuity, they have shown us a life we all wish we lived. But is their behavior on the show now creating a misrepresentation of all those who hail from the shores of New Jersey? And is their care-free attitude starting to spawn a disdain in our hearts for all those who wear the spray-tanned, muscled, gel'd up hair uniform? It's important to be proud of who you are and where you're from. But when you turn you heritage into a punch-line and...
25 Oct 2010
S1, Ep11 - Desperado

Once the king of action films, 'Robert Rodriguez' has now created a sub-category of this beloved genre that almost seems too self-aware of its own ridiculousness. Intentional or purely coincidental, you be the judge.
06 Dec 2010
S1, Ep12 - Model

It's is said that beauty is skin deep. But what about self confidence? Or appreciation for one's own inner beauty as well as their physical appearance. In this industry, it seems that the most beautiful people are the most ungrateful. So take the time to appreciate what you been given, or else you won't know what you have.
13 Dec 2010
S1, Ep13 - MMA Fighter

Martial Arts encourage self defense and discipline. But what happens when you mix them? The result is a new-aged hybridization known as MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. Fueled by testosterone and adrenaline, this rising art form teaches its practitioners to adapt to whatever style is thrown at them. It also obliges those forced to encounter said practitioners to improvise with whatever aggression and abuse is thrown their way.
20 Dec 2010
S1, Ep14 - Hippie

Ah yes, the Hippies. A counter culture so resilient, so healthy, and so spiritually ambiguous that throughout human history they have withstood the test of time. And as most would associate the Hippie with the iconic 60's flower child, there have always been a group of earth loving, nomadic tribesmen who appear to be tripping out even when they're sober. Whether they're dressed in hand crafted hemp threads while jamming to the cosmos, or geared in Mad Max leather while dancing at the burn, the Hippie thrives on the infinite possibilities of everything happening ...
07 Feb 2011
S1, Ep15 - YouTuber

300,000,000+. With so many profiles it's easy for one to get lost in the "YouTube YouNiverse". But in a world of 6 Billion+, YouTube represents only a fraction of the people we share this planet with. It has allowed a vast majority of people to open up their homes and their minds to us and share with us their most intimate moments and most original ideas. With the continuous increases in technology, a moment that occurs in life can be immediately be captured and shared with the world in a matter of minutes. Over night, people can go from obscurity to infamy. The world...
07 Mar 2011
S1, Ep16 - Time Traveler Part 1

Time Travel, possibly the most impossible probability in a reality that wouldn't normally be possible in the first place if there even was a first place for it to begin with. And whether the subject being transported is traveling by speed or by wormhole, or even speedily through a wormhole, only one thing is for sure: THERE ARE NO RULES. Sure, we try to rationalize the causality of changing the past by knowing the future. But let's face it, there's always going to be a plane of existence where time and space are irrelevant. So in honor of those who like to technically...
15 Mar 2011
S1, Ep17 - Time Traveler Part 2: Black to the Future

What would a roommate episode be if it didn't make completely clear that the universe revolved around Lu? And as if the possibilities of inter-dimensional entanglement weren't enough, we had to go and bring Time Travel into it! The very fairness of Lu's gregarious mission would be ill-matched if it wasn't set in the strangest, most passive aggressive era in human history... THE 80's! And what a better way to appreciate this man's existential crisis than to do so in the very era that made having an existential crisis a rad thing. To all the people that don't need a ...