Season 2 - My Roommate the (2010)
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My Roommate the (2010)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: A show about roommates.

Director: Byrne Owens, Lu Louis, Andrea Ball, Christian Edsall, ...

Writers: Emily Bradstetter, Bill Finger, Lu Louis, Byrne Owens, ...

Stars: Lu Louis, Byrne Owens, Juan Lopez, Chris Mollica, ...

Most of us have had one at one time or another...roommates. And even those of us who haven't had one are familiar with the connotations that that word evokes. Whether you loved them, hated them, or couldn't care less for them, they still impacted your life and helped shape you into the person you are today. They know our most intimate details and have seen us at our highest of highs and lowest of lows. From college to late adulthood we have been paired with roommates, who at times, wear on our patience, take advantage of your kindness, and abuse our trust. If you're lucky enough to have a roommate that respects you and your stuff, and you're able to get along with them, then great. That is not the case for Lu. In his quest for the perfect roommate, Lu has been forced to put up with the wild hijinks of some unsavory characters. But nevertheless, he pushes forward and continues his search. Always ready to give them a chance and introduce you to "my roommate the ..."

Seasons:   3 - 2 - 1

Season 2 Series:

04 Jul 2011
S2, Ep1 - Clown

What is it about clowns?
18 Jul 2011
S2, Ep3 - Dancer

25 Jul 2011
S2, Ep4 - Ex-Con

07 Aug 2011
S2, Ep6 - Inconsiderate Bitch

Some people are just inconsiderate bitches.
15 Aug 2011
S2, Ep7 - Pageant Mom

What ever happened to inner beauty?
15 Aug 2011
S2, Ep8 - Spy

The title of "Spy" is reserved for the military elite who are able to seamlessly slip in and out of the world of espionage, undetected. They are the silent killers who use unrivaled wit and cutting edge technology to aid them in their missions to protect their nation and her citizens. In a world wrought with danger and deception, they are the level-headed gunslingers that get the job done no matter what the cost. So let us raise our glasses to these secret heroes who have always left us shaken, and not stirred.
29 Aug 2011
S2, Ep9 - Athlete

Throughout history, the masses have viewed the Athlete as a God amongst men, worthy of plowing across the lines that mere mortals call ethics. In this episode we dissect the basic and most overrated attributes of the culture surrounding man's most coveted, yet fleeting super-human ego. And perhaps it's only nature that we reward one's enhanced physical superiority (artificial or not) with everything they could possibly want. That is of course, whatever it takes to keep them dedicated to the most important goal of all... the WIN! For this creature, the game exists ...
05 Sep 2011
S2, Ep10 - Sock Gnome

Lu finally figures out why he keeps losing socks.
26 Aug 2011
S2, Ep11 - Producer

Lu gets a Hollywood Producer for a roommate.
19 Sep 2011
S2, Ep12 - Stripper

In this present economy, there is no saying what one will be willing to do to make ends meet. To some the art of stripping is more than just an act of removing their clothes, but rather it is an opportunity to create a fantasy for someone else. Some use it as a device or mechanism to empower them and allow them to obtain whatever it is that their heart desires. While others see it as a means of supplying supplemental income and they promise not to let themselves fall into the lifestyle permanently. "This is only temporary". So whether your do it professionally or ...
26 Sep 2011
S2, Ep13 - Homophobe

Never has there been a more prevalent theme for man than the fear of his own image, and there couldn't be a better example than the ones who work the hardest to define the word natural. Whether they're toting hate signs on behalf of their creator, or abusing the butch and flamboyant to get turned on, the Homophobes' gallant quest to remind everyone how straight they are has taken to an interesting desperation that can't help but beg for it's own roommate episode. And while the rest of the haters carry on about their day, hating hate with hate, these particular haters ...
03 Oct 2011
S2, Ep14 - Queen

What would this show be if it didn't address society's most sparkling practitioner of personal freedom? With the age old debate singing loudly into every orphace that has the freedom to listen, it is essential that we leave no stone unturned. The Queen, known for his loudly dramatic interpretations of the female psyche, reminds us that there's more than one way to let the world know he's fabulous, and that there's no innocent victims when it comes to sexual identity. Whether they're parading past dogmatic bullies, or cat calling at apathetic observers, it should be ...
10 Oct 2011
S2, Ep15 - Girlfriend

What woman doesn't want an ever-lasting, fairy tale relationship? It would seem that for most, the idea of a relationship resembles more of a Disney story than the trials and tribulations of a bickering duo. Whether it's his fault or her fault, there's one universal understanding between both parties - the woman is always right. And it doesn't matter if emotion defies logic, that's the point of defiance. For the sake of harmony and ultimate compatibility, one calls into question not the threshold of crazy with which a person can withstand, but the length at which one ...
17 Oct 2011
S2, Ep16 - Stalker

Unrequited love is one of the most dangerous emotions known to human kind. When a person's feelings towards another are not reciprocated, often times it creates a sense of self-worthlessness that is infectious. And in the most extreme cases, it can cause one to become delusional and obsessed. Time usually cures most people of the feeling they get when their love is not received by the person(s) of their choosing. But to those who stubbornly refuse to let the object of their affection go, we offer this cautionary tale as a reminder that you can never make some one fall...
30 Oct 2011
S2, Ep18 - Ghost

Heaven. Hell. Purgatory. Sheol. Reincarnation. Nirvana. Many cultures and religions have tried to offer answers and explanations for what awaits us in the afterlife. But one thing is for certain, death comes for us all. It is that unifying fact that makes us all cling to life so much. And even after ones flame has been extinguished, the lingering effects of their existence can still be felt by those left behind. So let us remember those who have moved on to wherever or whatever is next. May they rest in peace...
07 Nov 2011
S2, Ep19 - Southern Belle

In life, it is our experiences that help shape us and it is our close friends and family that most often share in those experiences with us. But as we grow older, our lives start to take different paths, and for some the path leads away from what they have grown to know and leads them in another direction, away from what is familiar to them. Few are brave enough to venture out on their own and explore because when uncertainty is the clearest answer as to what lies ahead, often times it is difficult to take the first steps towards your quest. And when the unknown lies ...
14 Nov 2011
S2, Ep20 - Thespian

As descendants of the great Thespis, thespians have inherited their fore father's gift and love for story telling. A gift that at times is a curse for it causes those endowed with it to pursue the craft no matter what the costs. Whether it be life, love, or liberty, these artists are bound by their commitment to the art. They display their emotional-life before us so that we may all learn from their self-sacrifice. One would believe that such selflessness would be rewarded by all with praise, adulation, and monies. Yet that is not always the case in these troubling ...
21 Nov 2011
S2, Ep21 - Bank Robber

Our economy is terrible. And no matter how long we "Occupy" Wall Street, LA, Oakland, etc, the Bad Men will just keep winning. The 1% sit back in their ivory towers untouched and unphased and watch as the other 99% scramble around like headless chickens and drag each other down like crabs in a barrel. And why should they be worried? Like aristocratic blood-sucking vampires they have the rich to protect them, as do lycans... or a FOX. So what hope is there for the rest of us? Anarchy always sounds like a viable option, but it's not. Social destruction benefits no one ...
28 Nov 2011
S2, Ep22 - Party Planner

It would be safe to say that behind every floral frenzied frosting circus of a party is a professional organizer who chose his/her career for the enjoyment of entertaining others. But since most exorbitant parties with a five figure budget are really just about outshining the rest of the community, the Party Planner is as happy to be entertaining people as DJ is to be playing "I Gotta Feelin" for the 54th time that evening. And to whichever vendor, assistant, caterer, or union guy is near when the Party Planner has to solve two or more problems at once, that unlucky ...
30 Dec 2011
S2, Ep23 - Hacker

Knowledge is power. And in the 21st Century the internet has allowed power to be placed in the hands of the people. But in an era where the world has become so small where can one go to hide and enjoy the luxuries of privacy? In a time where at the click of a button you can search a person's background and learn intimate details they once thought safely locked away. Others now have the ability to hack their way into your most private secrets and share them with the cyber world. What can you do to protect your anonymity? As we approach December 21st, 2012, could this ...
01 Feb 2012
S2, Ep24 - Porn Star

Linda Lovelace. Bambi Woods. Jenna Jameson. These are just some of the names of women who have paved the way for porn to become the lucrative industry that it is today. But these women, as well as all the others, are shunned by mainstream society. And are seen as immoral by the religious masses and inferior by the artistic masses. Those who are featured in pornos are never taken serious by the entertainment industry and even though some have been able to parlay their experimentation in the field into a more reputable career, ie. Sasha Grey, most porn stars are doomed ...