Season 1 - Fast Times (1986)
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Season 1 Series:

05 Mar 1986
S1, Ep1 - The Last Laugh

Mark and Mike devise a plan to get Stacey to date Mark. Brad is having problems staying awake at work. Some of the guys challenge Spicoli to see if Mr. Hand can actually laugh.
12 Mar 1986
S1, Ep2 - Pilot

Linda, who as a rule doesn't date high-school boys, agrees to go out with Brad, but only if no one finds out. Meanwhile, Mr. Hand is betting Spicoli will screw up his class presentation.
19 Mar 1986
S1, Ep3 - The Engagement

Linda promises that everyone will get to meet her mysterious fiance from Chicago at her birthday party. Meanwhile, Spicoli starts a rumor that Mr. Hand lost an eye fighting in World War II.
26 Mar 1986
S1, Ep4 - What Is Life?

A fast-food entrepreneur dies unexpectedly, leaving one of his employees - Brad - too preoccupied with matters of life and death to perform a lip-sync number in the school talent show.
02 Apr 1986
S1, Ep5 - My Brother the Car

Brad thinks life has dealt him a cruel blow when Linda asks him out and he has no wheels because his driver's license has been suspended. Meanwhile, Ms. Melon wants to analyze one of Stacy's minor personal problems in class.
09 Apr 1986
S1, Ep6 - My New Best Friend

Stacy feels left out when Linda starts spending more time with a new friend. Meanwhile, Mr. Hand accepts a promotion to vice-principal.
23 Apr 1986
S1, Ep7 - Secret Romance

Stacy disappears on a date with "the perfect guy," someone she just met, and doesn't tell anybody where she's going. Meanwhile, Mr. Vargas loses his zest for teaching and resigns.