Season 1 - It's Garry Shandling's Show. (1986)
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Season 1 Series:

10 Sep 1986
S1, Ep1 - The Day Garry Moved In

Garry moves into a new house near his friends Pete and Nancy, has his furniture stolen, and endures a grueling date with the beautiful-but-boring woman who installed his cable tv.
17 Sep 1986
S1, Ep2 - Grant Gets Broken

Garry offers to watch Grant when Pete and Nancy take a trip in an attempt to prove that he's responsible, but gets in trouble when Grant accidentally hurts his eye.
24 Sep 1986
S1, Ep3 - Garry Throws a Surprise Party

Garry has a birthday party for his mother who suffers a heart attack when the studio audience yells "surprise" too loudly. Feeling guilty, Garry turns to Father Guido Sarducci for guidance.
01 Oct 1986
S1, Ep4 - Foul Ball

Garry and Pete take Grant's Cub Scout troupe to a Dodgers game, but when Pete is hit in the nose by a foul ball and teased by the other Cub Scouts because of it, Grant loses respect for him.
08 Oct 1986
S1, Ep5 - The Graduate

In an homage to The Graduate (1967), Mrs. Robertson tries to seduce Garry, who's in love with her daughter.
15 Oct 1986
S1, Ep6 - It's Garry Shandling's Problem, But It's Jo-Jo's Show

Garry's attempt to focus the entire episode on contest winner Jodi Jones goes awry when Nancy's sex addicted friend arrives for a visit.
23 Jan 1987
S1, Ep7 - Garry Met a Girl Named Maria

Garry agrees to marry the studio's cleaning woman so she doesn't get deported to Guatemala.
30 Jan 1987
S1, Ep8 - Grant's Date

Garry serves as the chaperon for Grant's first date, but Grant gets upset when the girl ends up having a crush on Garry, instead.
06 Feb 1987
S1, Ep9 - Pete Has an Affair

Pete is full of guilt after having an affair.
13 Feb 1987
S1, Ep10 - Fate

Garry tries to alter fate when a psychic tells him that something bad is going to happen to Nancy on her upcoming date.
20 Feb 1987
S1, Ep11 - The Morning After

Garry hosts a party for Pete's parents' anniversary. No one will talk to him the next day, but he doesn't know why.
06 Mar 1987
S1, Ep12 - Sarah

Garry's ex-girlfriend is back in town, and he's interested again.
13 Mar 1987
S1, Ep13 - Laffie

Garry finds a collie and wants to keep him, but Leonard won't let him.
20 Mar 1987
S1, Ep14 - Dial L for Laundry

Garry meets Sylvia in the condo laundry room, but has to contend with her ex.
03 Apr 1987
S1, Ep15 - Dinner with Garry

Garry sets his mother up on a date with his doctor.
10 Apr 1987
S1, Ep16 - Force Boxman

Garry gets the lead in a new police drama, so Red Buttons takes over the show.