Trivia - Ned and Stacey (1995)
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Ned and Stacey (1995)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: It takes most married couples years before they dislike each other... these two are way ahead of the game!

Director: Rob Schiller, Alan Myerson, Lee Shallat Chemel, Paul Lazarus, ...

Writers: Michael J. Weithorn, David Litt, Jennifer Glickman, Del Shores, ...

Stars: Thomas Haden Church, Debra Messing, Greg Germann, Nadia Dajani, ...

Ned and Stacey get married after one week after meeting each other. He marries her to get a promotion. She marries him because she can't seem to find a place to live and likes his apartment. She hates his self-righteous attitude. He doesn't like her re-decorating his living room. Will their marriage actually result in love? Will Ned finally figure out that those people he talked to at their wedding are Stacey's parents?

Seasons:   2 - 1

Originally, Dori Brenner and Harry Goz (Stacey's parents) were supposed to be regular cast members. They are credited on the opening credits of the first 10 episodes despite only appearing in 3 of them.
The complete season 1 was released on DVD in 2005. Due to poor sales, there are no plans to release season 2.
Hank Azaria was the first choice to play Ned, but he turned down the role.
Leah Remini tested for the role of Amanda.
'Jana Marie Hupp' was originally cast as Stacey, but FOX felt she was a "best friend type," not a lead.
Several changes were made after the pilot, e.g. Ned's apartment number changing from 27F to 17D, the level where his appartment is was redecorated (different positions of doors, walls and most notable the elevator); in the pilot Eric and Amanda have more